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The Media Watchdog has been lurking, observing the local and national sports media for quite some time. He’s connected, in it and clandestine. Like Batman is to Bruce Wayne, the Media Watchdog is to Michael O’Nair.

Orioles Season Winding Down

sunset view of oriole park at camden yards
We’re officially into September which means the MLB season is drawing to a close. There’s still plenty of ball left to play with baseball’s biggest prize still up for grabs. The World Series kicks off in October. Brandon Hyde will take his men to Boston at the end of the month where their campaign will finish against the Red Sox. It’s been a season of ups and downs for the Orioles. They’ve experienced the joy of huge wins and the despair of crushing defeats. The team has learned plenty of […]

Draft Spots on the Line When O’s Meet Royals

Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium.
Tonight, your Baltimore Orioles will begin a three-game set in Kansas City. On a grand scale, it may be the most important series the Orioles have left this season. In full-on rebuild mode, the 2019 Orioles are rubbing some fans the wrong way with their play of late. Ironically, it’s been a little too good. Despite Wednesday’s demolition at the hands of Max Scherzer and the Nationals, the O’s have won five of eight, including a recent three-game win streak against playoff-caliber teams Washington and Tampa Bay. They also took […]

Why Online Gambling Gains Popularity

  Like any trend, it starts off slow and quiet before it reaches the masses, and then it grows day by day until it’s too popular to be contained. Online gambling has grown to be such a lucrative business that everyone around the world knows about it now. Take a look below at why everyone loves it so much.   The money gained is too good to ignore It’s true that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, it’s just the way of life. But when it comes to online […]

2019 Orioles Now Shooting for 54.5 Wins

2019 Orioles
The writing was on the wall long ago. Every Orioles fan knew that 2019 was going to be a trying season as the club enters a long, arduous rebuild. But as the All-Star break comes and goes, Baltimore’s position in the standings is even bleaker than most expected. Before accentuating the positives, let’s recap the bad. At roughly the midway point of the year, the Orioles own a league-worst 27-62 record (.303 win percentage) and a -165 run differential. The updated win total projection for Baltimore has been set at […]

Strategies For Betting The O’s

The Baltimore Orioles may not be one of the surest bets in baseball right now, given that they are in one of the league’s toughest divisions and in a bit of a rebuilding phase. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities throughout the season to bet on the Orioles in positions that could be advantageous to a bettor. Utilizing these strategies to back the O’s in certain spots could help Orioles fans win their wagers on the team more frequently throughout the 2019 season. Betting against the public One […]

Davis Crossed the Boundaries of Baseball & the U.S.

Chris Davis holds his bat.
Nobody probably would have bet, not even on any of the games on the table of an online golden casino, on the fact that Chris Davis would make the headlines even outside the circle of baseball fans and even in Europe, but that’s what’s really going on. The Baltimore Orioles player has articles dedicated everywhere, although perhaps not for reasons of which he’d be proud. Every professional player would like to be remembered for the records he broke, but Chris, when he retires, will hope that everyone will have forgotten […]

Reasons for O’s Fans to be Optimistic in 2019

view of brick building directly behind camden yards with scoreboard
The Baltimore Orioles are heading into an important season in franchise history, even if they aren’t expecting to become competitive in the American League East right away. The team is undergoing an overhaul to where they are hoping that they can get back to the top of the American League in the near future, meaning that the most important thing for the Baltimore Orioles is finding out exactly what they have going forward. As is expected when going through a rebuild like the one that the Orioles are currently on, […]

Sportsbooks Hold Out Little Hope for the Orioles

sunset view of oriole park at camden yards
The forlorn-looking Orioles are praying for a brighter 2019. The 2018 season was not a fun one for Orioles fans. They suffered an eye-watering 115 losses and recorded the worst win percentage in the league. It was a long, hard season, and there seems little hope of 2019 being any brighter. Unsurprisingly, the Orioles underwent a significant spring cleaning of their hierarchy in the offseason, letting manager Buck Showalter walk, along with general manager Dan Duquette. The team’s new management team involves Mike Elias and head coach Brandon Hyde, formerly […]

Age-27 Rule is a Baseball Myth

Chris Davis trots around the bases.
For a long time, it was said that baseball players reach their prime at the age of 27. It has, of course, been debunked as a myth – there is no rule that can ever state when an individual athlete reaches his or her peak age in sports. Besides, there is the new peak age for athletes in every generation, considering the ever newer and more efficient training techniques and nutrition regimens becoming increasingly widespread. This might be the reason why the peak performance of athletes in various sports has […]

Did You Know These Celebrities are O’s Fans?

Photo by Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil / CC BY 3.0 BR We like celebrities. We love Orioles fans. These are two fine groups of people who usually have nothing in common. So, it’s something special when famous celebs and Orioles fans overlap as one and the same. Get it? We’re talking about well-known showbiz types and athletes who happen to have exquisite baseball tastes of the Baltimore variety. And we especially love seeing famous fans repping the team when they step out in O’s swag. It might be Edward Norton plugging healthy veggie juice on […]

Can Anything Help the 2019 Orioles?

partial view of brick building and entrance to camden yards
Baltimore finished the season laying on the floor of the AL East. The 2018 season was close to as bad as it gets; less than 50 wins. But the bright side about all of this bad, is there is no where to go but up! Top betting websites such as 5Dimes don’t expect the Os to even be near contention for playing in the Fall Classic. But, with some trades and big moves they can pick themselves up from the bottom of the dredges and wipe the mud off. What […]

Should O’s Consider Buying These Free Agents?

Jeremy Hellickson stands on the mound as an Indians player rounds the bases behind him.
The Orioles have a lot of depth in the squad. So many of you might be thinking, do we even need to make additions to the squad in the offseason? But the Orioles rotation has been a problem for some time now and it looks as though none of the current players can offer a solution. A possible solution could be to sign an experienced player who can offer consistency throughout the year. It does not need to be a high profile athlete who will cost us dearly. There are […]

Will the Orioles Draft Bobby Witt Jr. First Overall?

Bobby Witt Jr. prepares to swing.
For just the second time in franchise history, the Baltimore Orioles hold the first overall pick ahead of the 2019 Major League Baseball draft. The Orioles laboured to a 47-115 record in 2018, crawling past the Detroit Tigers’ 43 regular season wins from 2003. Baltimore snapped a six-year run of selecting in the top five back in 2013 but the Orioles have unfortunately slipped back down the MLB pecking order. The three-time World Series winners have reached the playoffs five times since their most recent success in baseball’s showpiece series […]

How Do the O’s Approach the Offseason and 2019?

maryland orioles player holding metal bar on shoulder
It was a dismal season from the Baltimore Orioles, with the only real solace being that they met the record of the appalling 2003 Detroit Tigers of 43-108 with games in hand. Regardless of the record, the baseball played by the Orioles over the course of the 2018 season was on par, if not worse than that of the ’03 Tigers. Thankfully, in the MLB, there are rewards for enduring a season of hardship, which comes in the form of getting the first overall pick in the amateur draft. It’s […]

MEDIA WATCHDOG: A Vote For 105.7 The Fan

metal baseball honoring player in stone work of side of building
Baltimore is crazy about the World Cup Did anyone work yesterday? It sure didn’t seem like it. I’m not complaining, I was one of many at a local watering hole on Thursday afternoon watching the U.S. take on Germany in their final match of the group stage in the FIFA World Cup. Based on what I saw, Baltimore does indeed have World Cup fever. I guess the local television ratings were right, though I’m still struggling to figure out why there’s such an avid soccer fan base in Charm City. […]

MEDIA WATCHDOG: Manfra Set to Return

orioles player talking to man while leaning on fence
Fred Manfra Aiming For July 1 Return Amidst his amazing call of Nelson Cruz’s home run, Joe Angel revealed that his broadcast partner Fred Manfra is targeting a return to the Orioles radio booth on July 1. Manfra underwent hip replacement surgery in April and suffered a setback in his recovery in May that required a second surgery. “Everything’s going well,” Manfra told the Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck in June. “A pin slipped, and I had a second surgery two weeks ago. Hopefully, this one will take.” The second surgery […]

MEDIA WATCHDOG: MASN’s Machado Exclusive – Fair or Foul?

baltimore orioles player being interviewed
After Sunday’s game, an emotional Manny Machado initially denied chucking his bat toward the Oakland A’s infield intentionally. There wasn’t a person in the world who believed him — not after seeing the downward spiral of events that began on Friday night and eventually led to his outburst two days later. In response to the PR crap storm that was brewing over Charm City, Machado (and likely the Orioles) decided to apologize in an exclusive interview with MASNSports.com’s Roch Kubatko. Essentially, this was the video version of Machado issuing an […]

MEDIA WATCHDOG: Washington, D.C. – Birdland

map showing nationals park and orioles camden yards
If you’ve been watching Orioles games on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network this season, you’ve likely seen the nightly “This Is Birdland” feature after a commercial break. Essentially, the Orioles broadcasts show a few scenic highlights of a place where O’s fans are located. Some of the places include Annapolis, Towson, Westminster and recently, Washington D.C. As you can imagine, that last one has rubbed some people the wrong way. The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg wrote this week that MASN was trolling Nats fans with such a bold proclamation during their […]

MEDIA WATCHDOG: In Defense of “Cakes”

man in suit with hand up waving standing next to statue
There are a lot of stupid opinions among Baltimore sports fans. Just turn on 105.7 right now, you’re bound to hear one in about ten seconds. I shouldn’t just single out our city though. If I were to be entirely honest, it’s not just Baltimore. Fans are stupid everywhere; it’s just showcased in local sports talk radio. Each fanbase has it’s own unique stupidity. As we rapidly approach the start of the Major League Baseball season (well, the North American start of the Major League Baseball season), I’m reminded of […]

MEDIA WATCHDOG: New Technology Coming to MASN

baseball field showing players and stats
That whole “baseball is dying” narrative is an annoying, lazy and (not surprisingly) false story line about America’s past time. Yet you still see it, read it and hear it everywhere, usually around this time of year. Just last week, ESPN ran a poll that claimed that Major League Soccer was more popular among kids than Major League Baseball. Deadspin quickly debunked that story. Baseball has a rich history and will always have its place in our country. As Terrance Mann famously says in Field of Dreams, “America has rolled […]
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