About Us

Eutaw Street Report is a baseball site dedicated to the fans of the Baltimore Orioles. Its mission, our mission unlike mainstream media is to deliver fun, intelligence, insight and opinion for fans by fans. We’ll feel your pain and we’ll share your joys as they relate to the O’s.

Some, knowing that our parent company 24×7 Networks, LLC has operated Russell Street Report (fka Ravens24x7.com) for nearly a decade, wonder why it has taken us this long to “dress” in orange and black. 24×7’s founder Tony Lombardi explains.

“We’ve spent nearly 10 years refining RussellStreetReport.com and while the temptation has been there for quite awhile to jump into baseball, we never wanted to take that plunge until we were certain that we could deliver a product that could approach the quality of our award winning Ravens fan site.

“Now is the time!”

Lombardi is also quick to point out how 24×7 as a company has embraced social media and how the new age informational pipelines have helped to deepen their branding and their image.

“We view social media as an extension of our assets and we’re very proud of our efforts and progress there. Those tools have helped to define our niche and the value we provide. We aren’t looking to be mainstream. We don’t seek to be a breaking news entity. Besides with the instant access of social media is there any sustained value in breaking the news?

“Not for us. We’d rather digest it, opine on it, analyze it and deliver it from the vantage point of a fan. And at the end of the day we hope to have delivered enjoyment to our site visitors and value to our customers. That’s who we are and that’s what we do.”

Welcome to EutawStreetReport.com!