Which of the flO’s Gets the Best Hair BEVy?

Longtime followers of Eutaw Street Report will remember that we always participate in the midseason show put on by our friends over at Bird’s Eye View, The BEVy Awards. Of course, since 2020 was such a crazy season, things are a bit different with the event this year, but, as they say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Jake and Scott are still putting on the BEVy awards, but they are doing it as an end-of-year show this year, instead of the usual midseason version. We thank them for trying to restore any sense of normalcy to the hell that is 2020 – thanks, guys!

Here at ESR, we used the same two categories from 2013-2018, before retiring them last year: The Forgotten Man, and the “Why Are You Breaking My Heart Like This, Just Let Me Love You” award.

Last year, we had a bit of fun with our introduction of “The Rebuild Era” awards, which were Best Football Score, and Bullpen Bum.

2020’s version of The Birds wasn’t nearly as hard on the eyes as 2019’s (though, if they were given 162 games, who knows?), so I don’t think either of those Rebuild Era awards really fit. This was a fun team, that deserves a fun BEVy.

One of the most fun parts of the squad?


The Birds had some players sporting some amazing hair. As an aging bald dude (who has been sporting the Mr. Clean look since my early 30’s), I am quite jealous of several Orioles.

I mean, you could have just have easily called this team the flO’s.

The Orioles social media account took notice, putting together these hilarious MLB The Show mock covers:

But which one had the locks to earn the 2020 BEVy for Best Hair?

The nominees…

Hunter “Haircut” Harvey

photo: Joy R. Absalon

The obvious favorite, Harvey channels his dad, Brian, and the mullets of the 80’s and 90’s. As a late-inning reliever, he also reminds many of Kenny Powers. Throw in that crust-ache, and the other contenders have their work cut out for them.

Rio “Ri-FLOW” Ruiz

An unexpected entrant after having a clean-cut look throughout the early years of his career, Rio displayed some amazing luscious locks this year.

Asher Flow-ciechowski

Reinhold Matay – USA Today Sports

That’s just…a lotta hair, man. Cousin it would be jealous.

Mean Dean Kremer

An up-and-comer in both the pitching and the hair games.

So which flO had the best hair game in 2020? Voting will be on Twitter (because apparently the latest WordPress update broke our poll widget, fun…) and I’ll put the link RIGHT HERE once the poll is live.

Results on the BEVys show coming up soon!

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