Tuesday’s O’s Links: Chicago Swarms Manny

Cubs fans with a sign saying they want Manny Machado.
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After another disappointing series in Boston (where they’re now 1-6 this season), the Birds flew to Chicago for a matchup of teams that look to be vying for the number one pick in next year’s draft. The O’s got the better of the ChiSox in game one, but all eyes were on Manny Machado, who is rumored to be headed to The Windy City in a trade – though not to the Sox.

To the links.

Teammates Play Along as Machado is Greeted as Potential Cubs Savior in Chicago

Like I said above, Manny was greeted by a gaggle of Chicago reporters who wanted to ask him about potentially playing for the Cubs. His teammates had some fun at his expense, giving him mock hugs as if he was already gone. Ha ha…(sobbing quietly)

Also, I had no idea Manny & Cub Albert Almora Jr. were cousins. Neat.

Bird’s Eye View Episode 238: Either/Or

Jake & Scott debut a new segment, #TheMannyMachadoWatch. Also, what’s up with Dylan Bundy, why did Caleb Joseph get demoted, and what’s different about cheering for a bad team?

How High Will Chris Davis Climb on the Career Strikeouts List?

Mark Brown of Camden Chat presents a “fun” little thought exercise about Chris Davis, because there is literally nothing fun about watching “Crush” (HA!) swing the bat right now.

Could O’s Learn from the Rays’ New Pitching Strategy?

Over in his weekly MASN guest column, our own Andrew Stetka wonders if the Birds should start #bullpenning early in games as the Rays did with Sergio Romo over the weekend. Right here at ESR, Riley Blake had some thoughts on this as well.

2021 is a Fair Target, So Tear Down That Club!

Camden Depot’s Jon Shepherd turns an eye toward making the O’s competitive again in 2021 (sigh), and says that trading not only Machado, but Jonathan Schoop, AND Kevin Gausman (all players who will be free agents after 2020 or sooner) to restock the farm. Short of just saying “get some prospects!,” Jon uses his industry knowledge and connections to aim for specific players from specific teams.

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One Cheer about “Tuesday’s O’s Links: Chicago Swarms Manny

  1. avatarJT on said:

    Derek, hope things are well in Pasadena. Been a long time since I hung in that part of the world.

    I miss my O’s badly and really feel for the fans this year. Machado is everything that is wrong with O’s baseball. What do I mean?

    Of course, Manny is a monster of a player and everything we wish all of the players could be. Plus, he’s a great guy. But, if the owners of the O’s cannot, or will not, spend the money on keeping the best player in baseball, what is there in a future for Orioles baseball?

    The luxury tax was supposed to “fix” baseball, along with getting rid of steroids, etc. It did not.

    We continue with the haves and the have nots. The smart owners and the stupid owners. The owners who allow their front office to run the club and those who interfere.

    You can’t fix all of that and many of these issues I didn’t care a crap about, so long as they didn’t affect my Orioles. But when they do, you see, glaringly, what’s wrong with baseball.


    Ego: must be satisfied and nothing satisfies the ego like getting the big bucks contract. That has nothing to do with loyalty and leaves the fans in last place.

    Money: see ego

    No Loyalty: I am old enough to recall the days of Brooks, Frank and Boog, along with an average cast of other players but also some good upstart pitchers. Back then, we knew it was “wait til next year”, because we’d likely have the same cast of characters with maybe a few good additions from the minors or through trades. Now, who knows who the O’s are one year to the next.

    All of this puts the fans last.

    And everyone wants to know why attendance in baseball in down.

    As long as the sport continues to put the fans last, and the results suck, and the players resembling more of a spinning roulette board than a defined cast of characters, its hasta la vista, baseball.

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