Time to Trade Manny … and Davis

Baltimore Oriole Manny Machado laughs as he rounds the bases.

The baseball gods bestowed a miracle upon the Orioles yesterday, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Old Testament. The scenario revolved around the Orioles’ 8-20 record, Manny Machado on a walk year and a World Series contender — the Los Angeles Dodgers — with more money than the Vatican and in desperate need of a shortstop.



I read an article this morning by an Orioles beat reporter postulating whether the Orioles would be willing to begin trade talks with Machado. Why is this a question at this juncture? There is no reason to not begin this process immediately with the Dodgers, who served up this possibility on a silver platter to Baltimore.

The Dodgers sit at 12-16, already 8 games back of the Diamondbacks and 4.5 back of the Wild Card. There will never be a better suitor for Machado that checks all of the boxes (financially gifted, deep farm system, not in the American League) and there is nothing to gain by waiting.

What if the Dodgers continue to struggle, and find themselves 10+ back of the division/wild card by the end of the month?

Hope springs eternal on May 1, 2018, and it’s time for the Orioles to strike while the iron is hot. However, I have a significantly more grandiose plan than simply trading Machado to the Dodgers.

There is another layer to this trade that would not only provide the O’s with a return on investment from Machado, but also remove one of the worst contracts in the history of professional sports from their books.

I suggest the O’s trade Manny to the Dodgers with the stipulation they take Chris Davis along with him! It sounds like folly, but hear me out.

The problems facing the Orioles over the next several years (15+) are numerous, and trading Manny obviously helps the rebuild process. However, dumping Davis’ salary would be an equally important step and the Dodgers are just the team to do it.

Remember 2012?

The Dodgers took on over a quarter billion dollars in salary from the Red Sox in a deal that involved the acquisitions of Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett. Gonzalez was the prize in that deal, and they were willing to pay big to get him.

Who knows, maybe Davis gets out to a sunny and warm climate and has a bit of a renaissance.

Quite frankly, I don’t care.

The Dodgers not only want Manny, they now NEED him. The O’s would have to take less in return for Manny (clearly), but it doesn’t matter. Trading Davis and his .167/.257/.256 line and $120 million that the O’s will be paying him until the year 3010 is as valuable as the prospects they would receive in return for Machado.

Truthfully, it will likely never happen.

No one could possibly be dumb enough to pay Davis again, and if the Orioles can make the layup and facilitate a trade for Machado that’d be the first positive thing to happen this season.

But, I can always dream.

5 Cheers on “Time to Trade Manny … and Davis

  1. avatarSellTheOsToCal on said:

    Trading Davis’ contract is a pipe dream and people need to stop even trying. There isn’t that much of a need for first basemen around the league, let alone on the Dodgers. If you’re trying to improve for the playoffs, you don’t make a downgrade in one area to upgrade another. I still like Chris Davis. I still think he can get back to being a productive middle of the order bat. He can prove me wrong, but I will take the optimist route and let him prove me right. He’s worth more to the Orioles than anyone else. Take the prospects for Machado and don’t try to structure the deal around something like Davis’ contract.

  2. avatarManny's 3rd love after mom & wife on said:

    NO!!!! Please explain why you would trade the best player you have?!?!?
    He should be a lifer!
    Period end of story!

    • avatarJames on said:

      Because he’s already going to be gone after this season even if they don’t move him. They won’t be able to afford what he’s going to get on the open market this winter.

  3. avatarCharmtastic Guy on said:

    The O’s are stuck with Chris Davis. He can no longer hit balls to the Charm’tastic Mile on a regular basis. There are no other teams in MLB that will pay a guy 32 going on 33 that just dose not have it any more. He’s to me just like Jose Canseco when he declined it was quick and bad. Far as the Manny situation trade him now and get the best deal available and turn to the next page. It’s sad 30 years ago (1988) we traded Eddie Murray and we have not seen the World Series since he left. I hope that the franchise can make a turn-around in the next 10 years or so. 1983 seems like more than 35 years ago. Reagan was in his 1st term as President, Michael Jordan was a college superstar at UNC, LeBron James wasn’t born yet and the Colts were still in town.

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