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O’s Take Jones in This Full-First Mock Draft

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Reading Time: 12 minutes

Welcome to my first round MLB Mock Draft. While I am an Orioles writer, I thought it would be fun to see how I would draft the other teams. This Mock Draft is based upon what I feel will happen/what these organizations value while also mixing in what I would do if this board was given to this team.

Alright, enough talking, let’s get into this Mock Draft

  1. Baltimore Orioles – Druw Jones, OF, Wesleyan, HS, (GA)


We are four days away from the Draft at this point, and we are no closer to finding out who the pick is. The same report of the five players on the Orioles board remains the only evidence of what they will do Sunday. This pick could go in five different ways, and I could see any of them, which makes doing one final Mock Draft difficult. I did go with the best player available in the end, though, Druw Jones. Jones is special in nearly every aspect of his game. He has elite defense, speed, and great power that will improve as he grows into his slender frame. His hit tool is a bit of a concern but not big enough for me to say he isn’t the best player in this Draft. Druw Jones is special, and if the Orioles want the best talent without worrying about money, he will be their guy.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks – Jackson Holliday, SS, Stillwater, HS, (OK)


Arizona wants Jones, but he doesn’t fall to them in this mock. If this happens in real life, they will go with the best athlete available, which has served them well in other drafts. Holliday is a top-four talent in this draft and has been the highest riser out of all the prospects. He has a sweet left-handed swing that he uses to make a ton of contact, and he has started to add more power with a slight adjustment in his swing. The question is, does he stick at Short? Honestly, I am not sure because as he fills out, he might need to move to Third, but he would still be a great defender at Third. Jackson Holliday is awesome, and it might save the D-backs a little bit of money.

  1. Texas Rangers – Brooks Lee, SS, Cal Polly


The Rangers love to get productive College players that have been proven against competition. While Brooks Lee might not play in an elite division in small school Cal Polly, he has been one of the top performers at the Cape Cod league and has hit everywhere he has gone. He can put barrels on baseballs at an elite level and improved his plate discipline last year, which is just an elite combination. Lee’s power is good enough, but my main thing is that he isn’t the best athlete and will probably be moved off Shortstop. Brooks Lee still fits the rangers like a glove and is perfect for what they want.

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cam Collier, 3B, Chipola JC


Hold up before you stop reading; let me explain. Cam Collier is a 17-year-old who reclassified and went to Juco to reclassify in the 2022 class. Collier is a great hitter with good power that has risen because he has performed so well against competition that is four years older than him. The Pirates want to spread their money around, and Collier is the perfect way to do that. I would love Termarr, but the pirates love to spread their money around, so Collier just fits better because he will be a big discount.

  1. Washington Nationals – Elijah Green, OF, IMG Academy, (FL)


The Nats have taken a simple strategy in their Drafts, sit back and take the best player available. The strategy continues with this pick of Elijah Greene. Greene probably has the highest ceiling in this draft and will be a steal if he falls this far. Greene has elite power and has an Aaron Judge-type swing that launches baseballs with bat speed and launch angels. Greene is also a good athlete in the outfield with a good arm that could also stick in Center Field. My only gripe is that he has already filled out his body and has hit tool concerns. His plate discipline also needs improvement, but outside of that, he is great. Elijah Greene would be an excellent pick for the Nats.

  1. Miami Marlins – Termarr Johnson, 2B, Mays, HS, (GA)


This is probably Termarr’s floor if I am being honest. Termarr is one of the best High School hitters scouts have ever seen, and he backs that up. He has a beyond great hit tool and a great power tool that makes the most exciting offensive profiles in this Draft. The issue is he doesn’t have good speed or athleticism, and he has average range and will have to play Second. The Marlins already love this profile with Jazz Chisolm, and Kallih Watson might be gone soon from the marlins, so they would need someone to replace him. I would love this pick for the marlins.

  1. Chicago Cubs – Brock Porter, RHP, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, HS, (MI)


The cubs have been pretty hard to figure out in the Draft, but they could use a good pitcher. Brock porter is the best High School pitcher in this draft now that Dylan Lesko got Tommy John. Porter’s fastball sits around 94 – 97 mph while being able to top 100, with good movement. The other pitch he uses is his changeup, which he can hide because of its deception. This makes Porter the best overall Pitcher in this Draft which the Cubs need desperately. Porter also has a great delivery and a slider that continues to get better. Porter would be great with the Cubs that need young pitching.

  1. Minnesota TwinsKevin Parada, C, Georgia Tech


Twins need to add an impact bat, so they get one here. Outside of his abnormal load, Kevin Parada is one of the best hitters in this draft. He routinely makes a ton of contact and elevates the ball. Along with consistently hitting the ball hard, it makes one of the safest profiles in this class. The issue is that Parada is not a good Catcher and needs development with his receiving. Unfortunately, even if he improves his receiving, his arm lacks big time for a Catcher, and he might need to move. Parada has an excellent bat, but his lack of defense at catcher limits his upside of being in this class’s upper tier of prospects.

  1. Kansas City RoyalsGavin Cross, OF, Virginia Tech


Royals went under – slot last year, so they will take the best player available this year. Cross is a good athlete in center with projectible tools at the plate. Cross has good power and can get under the ball well. He can also square up when he needs to, but the thing holding back Cross is his contact rate. He doesn’t make much contact, but he makes it count when he does. Cross also might need to move from center field if he slows down, but he can be good defensively in a corner either way. I like Cross, and if he had better contact rates, he would be an upper-tier prospect, but for now, he settles in as a top ten pick.

  1. Colorado RockiesJace Jung, 2B, Texas Tech


The Rockies have recently valued hitters and continue that trend with Jace Jung. Jace Jung is one of the better hitters in this class. His swing is unorthodox, but he makes it work and can also make a ton of contact with good power. Jace Jung is a second baseman who does lower his value and isn’t the best athlete either. Jung still deserves to be a top ten pick despite his concerns.

  1. New York Mets – Dylan Lesko, RHP, Buford, HS, (GA)


Let’s get one thing out of the way; if Lesko were healthy, he would be an easy top ten pick. Lesko was the best pitcher in this draft before he got hit with Tommy John Surgery. Lesko had a good sinking fastball in the low 90s with an unfair changeup. What makes Lesko so intriguing is that he could add velocity to the already good pitches he can control. If he does this, then watch out, but it is something we don’t know yet. The Mets have shown the ability to take risks, and Lesko fits perfectly here.

  1. Detroit TigersChase DeLauter, OF, James Madison


The Tigers need any hitter they can get their hands on, and DeLauter fits that mold. Chase DeLauter has some serious upside. He has a huge uppercut swing that he can control oddly well. He is so big and strong that he can just launch baseballs into oblivion. His defense is fin in Center, but I feel like he will have to move to a corner pretty quickly because of his speed. DeLauter could be taken higher, but he hasn’t performed against higher competition because of his college and his broken foot in April. He still performed well in the Cape, so I feel better about taking him as a top 15 pick.  DeLauter adds so much of what the Tiger need right now.

  1. Los Angeles AngelsDaniel Susac, C, Arizona


The Angels have to go with the best player available at this point, which is what they will do. Susac has impressive highs with some weird lows in his game. Susac is a great catcher with a cannon of an arm and sneaky athleticism. His bat produces some of the highest exit velocities with his fast hands, and he can also get under the ball. He has two main issues for me, his receiving is sloppy right now, and he didn’t make enough contact for me. These two issues aside Susac fits the build of a top 15 pick, and the Angels fit him well.

  1. New York Mets – Jacob Berry, 1B/DH, LSU


Berry might be a bit low for some, but don’t worry, I have my reasons. I have a lot of negatives, so let’s stick to the positive side here. Berry has great power and can switch hit. He has fast hands and good discipline. This leads to a productive hitter, which he is; he can hit for average and power at the next level. My main issue is everything else. Berry is a horrible athlete who lacks speed and has to play either First or has to move to DH, where the bat can thrive. I don’t like taking an undersized First Baseman/DH as a top 20 pick, but I will make an exception because the Mets already have a First Round pick and spent it on an elite potential pitcher. Berry would be a fine fit for the Mets.

  1. San Diego Padres – Brandon Barriera, LHP, American Heritage, HS, (FL)


I already talked about why I like Barriera in another article, but he is a pitcher with reasonable control of all his pitches. He uses his fastball, changeup, and slider very nicely and has a feel for pitching. Padres already took a pitcher like this in Ryan Weathers, so they value pitchers like this. While Barriera doesn’t have elite velocity, he overcomes that with his overall profile and control. He could also add velocity as he gets older and fills his body. Barreria and the padres are a good fit.

  1. Cleveland Guardians – Justin Crawford, Bishop Norman, HS, (NV)


The Guardians have done well with athletic outfielders, so they continue that trend here. Crawford is the son of Carl Crawford, so he inherited a lot of his tools. He has elite speed and defense and looks to stick in Center. He has a good hit tool, but he does need to learn to tap into his power and learn that he doesn’t have to rely on his speed 24/7 and can use more of his raw tools and height to get under the ball and improve his bat bath and speed. Crawford is a weird evaluation, but because the Guardians are so good at developing raw talent, Crawford is the perfect fit for them.

  1. Philadelphia Phillies – Robby Snelling. LHP, McQueen, (NV)


The Phillies have gone High School pitchers in two Drafts back to back; Snelling is the best player. Snelling is a former Quarterback commit to Arizona before he switched to LSU. Snelling has two pitches he uses mainly, his fastball and his curveball. His curveball is his best pitch, and it has some nasty break. Snelling isn’t afraid to attach the strike zone either and has good control. Snelling is a projectible arm that will help the Phillies going forward.

  1. Cincinnati Reds – Jackson Ferris, LHP, IMG Academy, (FL)


Ferris is one of the most projectable arms in this Draft. Ferris has a good fastball that can get some good ride on it. His breaking ball can get loopy, but it almost works like a 12 – 6 curve. He also mixes in his change-up well. The issue with Ferris is that he seems to tire out as he goes on in the game, which can lead to inconsistencies. The talent is there, though, and the eds are a great fit for him.

  1. Oakland AthleticsDylan Beavers, OF, California


Dylan Beavers is one of the most underrated prospects in this Draft. Beavers has great size and athleticism, and he could stick in center. Beavers has a long left-handed swing that he uses to launch baseballs as well. The issue with beavers is that he struggled in the Cape and has trouble reaching his power early in games. His hit tool also isn’t the greatest, but if he can shorten his swing, the potential is elite. Beavers fits the A’s well, giving them more projectability in their outfield.

  1. Atlanta BravesZach Neto, SS, Campbell


Zach Neto is also one of the more underrated prospects in this class. Neto can flat-out hit, despite his huge leg kick. He constantly contacts the ball and proves himself against the higher competition in the Cape. He also knows how to barrel up and get balls in the air, which is exciting. Neto isn’t the best defender and probably will have to move to second base, but I see a lot of Marcus Semien in Neto. Neto is a great hitter and should be a top 20 pick.

  1. Seattle MarinersCole Young, SS, North Allegheny, HS, (PA)


Cole young is an interesting prospect. He makes a ton of contact and has a feel for hitting, but he doesn’t have great power and is more a contact hitter right now. His defense is okay at Short, but he might have to move to second and isn’t the best runner. While his tools don’t jump off the page, he balances it well and is worthy of a First Round pick. He reminds me of the current Mariner, Adam Frazier. Mariners could use more hitters, and Cole Young is one of the best prep hitters.

  1. St. Louis CardinalsJordan Beck, OF, Tennessee


Beck is one of the most solid power hitters in this class. Beck can launch baseballs, and he can drive baseballs with consistency. Beck also has the bat speed to back up the upper-cut swing. My issue with him is his lack of pure hitting, and I think his swing can get too long and needs to shorten up. He does run well and has good defense in Right, which does make him a decent choice for the Cardinals here. They usually value these types of hitters, and Beck fits the Cardinals.

  1. Toronto Blue JaysKumar Rocker, RHP


Look at that, a familiar name. Kumar Rocker’s story is so odd. He was picked in the First Round in last year’s draft and didn’t sign due to medical reasons. He has spent the past year training until he went into the Frontier league and showed off his development. Rocker showed velocity dips last year as the season went on, which bothered me. Rocker still has the wipe-out slider and has shown no velocity dips; he is the biggest question in the Draft. With Rocker showing no drops in his velocity, I think he is worthy of a mid to late First Round pick.

  1. Boston Red SoxCooper Hjerpe, LHP, Organ State


Hjerpe needs more love from the scouting community. He has such a good feel for pitching despite his lack of velocity. Hjerpe can pitch and mix his fastball and curveball well with his other breaking pitches. I understand his lack of velocity will lower his value, but he has great control and attacks the strike zone. He is valuable to the Red Sox because he can give them a high ceiling and will develop quickly.

  1. New York YankeesConnor Prielipp, LHP, Alabama


Prielipp could have been a top 15 pick if he wasn’t recovering from Tommy John. Prielipp showed so much potential at Alabama in his Freshman year before he got hurt. He showed that he had retained all of his stuff from recovering from Tommy John, which is huge for him. Prielipp has a good fastball that can get up to 95 mph, but his real weapon is his devastating slider. He also has a quick release, and the pitches come in much faster than the radar gun might say because of his delivery. Prielipp is awesome and is a steal for the Yankees here.

  1. Chicago White Sox – Jett Williams, Rockwall – Health, HS, (TX)


Jett Williams is small, fast, and scrappy. He is short but has a ton of speed and hits line drives for days. He has more power than you think for someone so small, but it isn’t a strength. He has quick hands and will probably need to stick a Second, but man, can he hit, and he is so fast. Jett is a fun player to watch and reminds me of Dustin Pedroia. Williams is a good fit for the White Sox.

  1. Milwaukee BrewersJud Fabian, OF, Florida


Jud Fabian was a prospect I couldn’t stand last year. He had horrible contact and strike-out rates that showed a profile that wasn’t sustainable. Fabian improved this year as he returned to Florida after not getting the money he wanted from the Red Sox in the Second Round. Fabian improved his contact and strike-out rate and showed more power because of his improvements. Fabian also still has good defense in center and established a strong throwing arm. Going back to school for Fabian seemed smart because I see him as a First Round lock at this point.

  1. Houston Astros – Carson Wisenhunt, LHP, East Carolina University


Wisenhunt was on track to be a top – 20 pick until he got suspended from ECU for testing positive for a PED. Apparently, Wisenhunt got it from an over-the-counter prescription, but he was suspended either way. He has been pitching in the Cape this summer and showing off that he isn’t letting the suspension get in the way. He still has a good fastball and one of the best changeups in the class, and the Astors could use a starter like Wisenhunt. Wisenhunt is showing he deserves to be a First-round pick.

  1. Tampa Bay RaysCade Horton, RHP, Oklahoma


Cade Horton is an interesting case. Horton was bad in his first couple of starts; however, after he got his velocity back and developed a slider, he immediately got better and showed the pitcher he is. Horton has a good fastball that he needs to command more as he gets older. His new slider was his best pitch, and he mixes it well with his curveball. Horton is projectable, and the Rays would love a pitcher like this who still has his best baseball in front of him and needs a little guidance, which the Rays can give.

  1. San Francisco Giants – Owen Murhpy, RHP, Riverside – Brookfield, HS, (IL)


Owen Murphy is raw and needs development as a pitcher. He is currently a two-way pitcher but will eventually transfer to a pitcher. Murphy took a big jump in his fastball this Summer showing increased velocity and run on it. He has a slider that acts like a wipe-out pitch, but he is still developing his curveball and a changeup. Murphy is nowhere near ready yet and needs a lot of development, but the Giants can give him that, and I think they can make him into a good pitcher.

Thank you for reading, and come back next time when I review the Orioles Draft class.

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