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Just Enjoy It, Ya Silly Cynics

Chris Davis (19) rounds third base after hitting a monster home run in the top of the ninth inning of Craig Kimbrel.
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America
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If you listened to ESR’s hour during Section 336’s Birdland Radio, then you would have known that I have plenty of concerns about this team. My prediction for the team (78 wins) was closer to the PECOTA projections than those of Orioles fans excited about Chris Davis’ return.

My concerns haven’t materialized. During this Orioles winning streak, they’ve won both with the bats and with the arms. There have been exciting wins like Opening Day’s Matt Wieters walk-off single and Monday’s ninth inning Chris Davis go-ahead 3-run home run. There have been large margins of victory like Sunday’s game against Tampa and last night’s victory over the Red Sox, which have been just as satisfying.

They’ve exceeded expectations in every way possible.

I can’t believe I even have to say this, but I will, since some have constantly pointed it out.

The Orioles are not going 162-0.

I know. Shocking, right?

Still, we can still enjoy what’s happened so far this season. We can keep enjoying it as long as it continues. Don’t tell that to the silly cynics among us, though.

Here is a graphic we posted yesterday on our Facebook page.

Standings after 6 games for Orioles

You’ll see that it was before last night’s seventh win, but that’s not why we’re looking at it. Here are some of the comments:

“If they don’t have a mid-summer slump.”

“It’s 6 games in. Relax.”

“Every year probably since 02 we always started off great only to finish in the basement. We’ve gotten lucky the last few seasons.”

And from other posts.

“It won’t last forever, let’s keep it real.”

Cersei Lannister eye roll GIF

Being skeptical is one thing. Being a Debbie Downer is another. It won’t last forever. That’s the point of enjoying it. After a week of baseball, the Orioles are undefeated. This winning streak is longer than any they’ve mustered since the Orioles started winning again.

What’s not to enjoy?

Other than the cynical voices on our social feeds…and in some of our heads.

One Response

  1. You know what I’m an Oriole fan no matter what (win, lose or draw). I just love watching them play always have and always will. Like I tell my husband it doesn’t matter where they end up I will always love those O’s. Glad they are winning but it won’t change how I feel about my team. All I can say now is how about them O’s.

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