Michael Phelps Cracks Up at “O!” During Olympic National Anthem

Michael Phelps in an Orioles hat and sunglasses.

On Tuesday night, just as the Birds were about to begin their game in Oakland against the A’s, Baltimore’s Michael Phelps won his 20th Olympic gold medal, this time in the 200 butterfly in Rio. Just moments prior, Bethesda’s Katie Ledecky won Gold as well.

Ledecky was on the medal podium as the Star Spangled banner played, and I wondered…

As it turned out, my prediction was a tad premature. While it wasn’t Phelps who yelled “O!” it certainly seemed that SOMEBODY did while Michael was getting his turn on the podium, and it caused the swimmer to crack up laughing.

From Birdland to Rio, you know Baltimore is gonna “O!” that anthem. Now hopefully the Birds can be like Mike and rack up some victories as well.

Phelps later explained to NBC’s Michelle Tafoya just what happened.

“My boys from Baltimore were down at the other end,” Phelps said. “And back in Maryland, we all say ‘Oh!’ for the Orioles during that part of the National Anthem. All of a sudden I hear them ROAR ‘Oh!,’ and I knew exactly where it came from, and I just lost it. Because those guys came down from Baltimore and New York City to be here, and it’s just special to see those guys in the stands.”

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11 Cheers on “Michael Phelps Cracks Up at “O!” During Olympic National Anthem

  1. avatarLorie Moses on said:

    Juri Groenland, I can respect your thoughts and in return I hope you can respect ours. It just our way we honor our Orioles, (now) our Ravens, and our hometown heros. No disrespect to you or anyone else and thank you for you service and your opinion. You’re what makes our world go around.

  2. avatarKathleen Tibbs on said:

    It is really impossible not to yell it. ALL ORIOLES FANS YELL IT. I yell it at the Washington Capitals games. A true fan always yells Oh

  3. avatarMarcus Williams on said:

    I’m proud of what Phelps and Team USA did. That said as a 20 year army special forces vet this always makes me cringe. I’d never confront or get mad at those who do it as I fought for freedom but I’ve always found it very disrespectful. It makes it hard to get to the Orioles games in time for the anthem for me!

  4. avatarSallie Taylor on said:

    If you are a true Baltimorean you would never confuse what the brave men at Ft. McHenry did to keep our country free with a for fun for profit sports team. –I’m with Marcus.

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