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Mahomes’ Record Contract

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Understanding The Revolutionary New Contract Of Patrick Mahomes

An impeccable sportsman:

Patrick Mahomes is known to everyone. A legend in the field, he has several noteworthy achievements to boast of. But now he is not only making history in the field but is also creating ripples in the world of sports by signing a historic contract.

A contract like never before:

All the glass ceilings of previous sporting events have been shattered by the recent contract extension of Super Bowl MVP with the Kansas City Chiefs to a tune of over four hundred and fifty dollars. It is a career turning move for Mahomes who will now earn an average of forty-five million dollars per year which can even cross five hundred million if he manages to secure all the incentives and bonuses. It is supposed to begin officially from 2022.

History hasn’t seen any such contract before both in terms of the monetary amount as well as the concerned length of the agreement.

Matt Ryan’s 2018 extension with the Atlanta Falcons held the previous record which was merely one hundred and fifty million dollars over a period of five years.

In case of average yearly salary, the highest in NFL history has been scored till date by Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson in his last year extension of four years.

Quite naturally the above-mentioned contracts now seem to be a drop in the ocean and fade in comparison with Patrick’s new deal. In fact, he is such a favourite that he has been named the league MVP in the upcoming season.

Interesting is the fact that this is the only third contract in league history to last more than six years.

Breaking the record of previous contracts:

Mahomes’ contract not only made history in his own league but has created a ripple effect in the entire domain of sports. He is now earning way more than several mainstream sporting celebrities. Baseball has seen many historic contracts over the years but it can be asserted that a contract of such magnitude is very new and has shattered all previous records like the one signed by Mike Trout in 2019 who was promised a seasonal average of thirty-five and a half million dollars over a period of twelve years.

A Brief History of Mahomes:

There are absolutely zero frownings over the capability of Mahomes. He has shown exemplary performance over the years especially in the last couple of seasons. He was given the title of league MVP in 2018 while leading the league with fifty passing touchdowns.

In a span of forty years, Kansas City got to taste victory at Super Bowl last year primarily due to Mahomes’ performance. He started living up to his reputation from way back in 2017. Due to injuries of severe nature, he missed a major part of the game in the 2018 MVP campaign but was still given the fifth rank among quarterbacks. This speaks volumes about his sheer dedication, hard work and integrity.

Mahomes has earned $13.72m to date at an average of $4.6m per season, $443k per game and $181k per touchdown.

Mahomes is in fact on his way to create history due to this contract which might soon make him the highest-earning sportsman in America. This will have ripple effects and will not only create a huge name for himself but generate positive impact for his team and the sport in general.

Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has earned more money than any other player in NFL history, having made a total of $252.3m over the course of his 16-year career.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has made $306.9m in 17 years in the NBA, while former MLB first baseman Albert Pujols tops the charts with a total of $309.2m across 21 seasons.

By the time Mahomes reaches the age of thirty-six his deal has the potential to take him a hundred million dollars ahead of those mentioned above even if his incentives are not taken into account.

No team would dare even to leave him so there is a mighty possibility that the historical contract might actually see the light of the day in the way of completion. Only if God forbid, there is some unforeseen injury which may turn out to be catastrophic, only then it may spell a gloomy cast on Mahomes or else nothing can stop him from creating history and tasting the sweet taste of success.


Therefore to sum up if Mahomes manages to stay injury-free, he will most certainly be fairly compensated for being the brightest star in NFL. Also, if he continues to ensure that championship winnings are incessantly delivered by him then it can be said with absolute certainty that he will be worth every dollar spent on him.

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