Friday’s O’s Links – Not Great!

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It was quite a rough road trip for the Birds, as they weren’t able to cobble together even a single win in six tries in Boston and Detroit. Getting swept in Fenway by the red-hot Red Sox? Ok, sure – not ideal, but we’ll accept it. However, losing three straight in Detroit to the rebuilding (some would say “tanking”) Tigers? Simply unacceptable. That must have been one miserable ride home from The Motor City.

A super-sized version of O’s links today, since I missed Wednesday’s edition.

What Do You Do About A Problem Like Chris Davis?

Matt Kremnitzer of Camden Depot joined Justin McGuire on the Locked On Orioles podcast to discuss the disaster that is Chris Davis. After they recorded this, Davis hit one off the top of the wall on Wednesday, and followed with a home run on Thursday, so hopefully he’s remembering how to use that large piece of lumber in his hands.

There is No Cavalry

Speaking of the Depot, Jon Shepherd says that the Orioles have no calvary of young starting pitching on the way, as they did at the close of the last set of dark years. They’ve ignored some of the fringe starters they could have brought in, and as a result they’re now stuck with the likes of Mike Wright and Chris Tillman. Joy.

The Chris Tillman Reclamation Project Needs to End

And, speaking of Tillman, you know he’s been bad, but I don’t think you realize just HOW bad. Camden Chat’s George Battersby has the gory details.

Bird’s Eye View Episode 233: Ghosts of Sadness Present

Jake & Scott were very positive in Episode 232, and of course the O’s rewarded them by putting together a terrible week of baseball. They’re joined by Brett Hollander this week.

Orioles Introduce Theme Nights for 2018

You guys, the Orioles ARE FINALLY HAVING A BARK AT THE PARK NIGHT! It’s September 12, and when I looked at my season plan, I saw that I already have tickets for that game.

There’s also a Yoga at the Park night, Star Wars night, LGBT pride night, and more, but BARK AT THE PARK!!

No word on if they plan on having any “Win the Game” themed nights any time soon.

Firing Someone Might Send a Message, but it Won’t Make Orioles Any Better

Dan Connolly runs down the list of potential position coaches who could be on the hot seat after this dismal start, but concludes that it probably won’t matter anyway, even if one of them is ultimately canned.

Kevin Gausman Changes Delivery On the Fly, Posts Quality Start

Notice anything different about Gausman the other day? Apparently he changed his windup between starts. Neat.

Cold Start Illuminates Path Forward for Orioles

Chris Stoner of Baltimore Sports and Life tackles some big-picture questions for the O’s after their awful start. It’s nice to think that somebody in the (Una)Warehouse is doing the same, but who can really be confident that that’s the case?


Happy weekend, Birdland. Here’s to a win or two on this homestand. Tonight is UMBC Pride Night at the Yard, which is fitting – the O’s vs. Anybody right now feels like a 16 taking on a 1.

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