Orioles Can’t Afford to Let Chris Davis Walk

Chris Davis will make a lot of money this offseason.

It’s safe to say that Chris Davis has been the most talked about Oriole, as he attempts to lead the team in a late playoff push.

The first baseman had a rough start to the season, batting around .200 and with his home run totals lacking. It also didn’t help that his strikeout rate was through the roof, which had fans calling for Davis to be traded.

However, the Orioles held onto Davis and it’s been one of the best decisions the team has made all season.

Since the All-Star break, Davis is batting .333 with 15 home runs and 36 RBI, according to ESPN.com. He’s raised his once abysmal average to a respectable .261, leads the majors with 89 RBI and is second in home runs at 34.

It’s been a fantastic stretch for Davis, who is in a contract season and has forced the Orioles’ front office to come up with a big offer in order to keep him in Baltimore. It used to be an easy decision to think it would just be best to let the first baseman walk. However, Davis has proven that he deserves big money and the Orioles need to do everything in their power to keep him on the team.

One of the biggest things that weighs into the decision is seeing Nelson Cruz thrive in Seattle. The Orioles didn’t want to give Cruz four years, but so far the outfielder has proved his worth, leading the majors in home runs and is also batting .321. It’s safe to assume that the Orioles would be in first place had Cruz put up those numbers in Baltimore, as the team could have really used his bat this year.

Dan Duquette can’t afford to have that type of situation happen again, as Davis has been an essential part to a lineup that had holes in it. His production isn’t something that can’t be replaced internally, meaning the Orioles need to show Davis the money.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of offers Davis will field in the offseason, but the Orioles will have to counter any offer that another team makes. Davis’ bat will definitely be coveted on the open market and he could see offers around $100 million.

It’s funny how baseball works, as it seemed Davis would barely see offers around $40 million before the All-Star break. However, his hot-bat has turned the first baseman into a rare commodity, as he shows off ridiculous power in almost every at-bat.

So here’s an early plea to the front office: sign Davis no matter what it takes. Make him the biggest re-signing priority give him the money he deserves. Keep “the big fella'” in an Orioles’ uniform.

One Cheer about “Orioles Can’t Afford to Let Chris Davis Walk

  1. avatarjack isenberg on said:

    I was hoping the orioles could sign davis, parra and o,day is that asking to much. also wieters may not get big offers maybe a one year deal from the orioles?

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