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Harvey Regaining form for AAA Norfolk

Hunter Harvey pitching.
In this episode of The Payoff Pitch Prospect Report, I update Birdland on a guy tearing it up for the Aberdeen IronBirds (and no, it’s not THAT guy). Another infielder just got a promotion, and a former top pick is rounding into form in AAA. Check out this week’s full episode of The Payoff Pitch, where I was joined by Toby Welk!

Hot Take Tuesday: Kremer Most Important Piece From ’18 Fire Sale

Dean Kremer prepares to pitch.
Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@Kool_A1D_Jammer) knows that I’m a proud Stanser, or Hanser Alberto stan. Trust me, he’s one of my favorite Orioles since the rebuild began, I hope he sticks around for a while, at least in the MLB if not on the O’s. That being said, you might be surprised to know that my favorite player in the organization actually isn’t Alberto, and isn’t even on the big league squad. Instead, it’s a minor league arm that Dan Duquette acquired at last year’s deadline: Dean Kremer. […]

Warehouse Pod Ep. 40 – Grading Elias’ First Trade Deadline

The trade deadline came and went with little action from the Orioles who were thought to be having a fire sale. At the end of it, Givens, Villar all remain with the club. How did the Orioles hold onto their most valuable assets when they have a minor league system that needs to be bolstered? Did the Orioles let a golden opportunity pass them by? Did Mike Elias hold onto Mychal Givens just so that “The Warehouse Podcast” could continue to talk about him relentlessly? On this episode of “The […]

Dugout Blowup Should be Last Straw for Davis

Griesser’s Suggested Change of the Week The Orioles highlight of this week, while a disappointing one, is undoubtedly the exchange between manager Brandon Hyde and first baseman Chris Davis on Wednesday night. Though it easily could have been nothing, having that sort of scuffle caught on camera in a 14-2 blowout loss to the Yankees is downright embarrassing. Chris Davis has to be held back from going after Orioles' manager Brandon Hyde #mlb pic.twitter.com/Kn6wEfNcZb — Sports Gifs & Videos (@Supreme_gifs) August 8, 2019 In the aftermath, most of the discussion […]

The Payoff Pitch Prospect Report: Who Won the Gausman Trade?

A little over a year ago, the Orioles dealt former fourth-overall pick Kevin Gausman and beloved reliever Darren O’Day to the Atlanta Braves in a move many saw as a salary dump. A year later, Gausman is a Cincinnati Red and O’Day has yet to throw a pitch for the Braves. So, who won the trade? We check in on the guys the Birds got in return below. Thanks for watching, and be sure to check out this week’s full episode of The Payoff Pitch with special guest Dan Turner […]

Hot Take Tuesday: Orioles Better Positioned than Sox for Future

Mike Elias on his laptop.
When you’re writing about a sub-.500 club with little to be excited about, it’s often difficult to find fiery ideas for your weekly Hot Take Tuesday segment. This past week, I was really going through the struggle – I honestly had no idea what I’d be writing about. That is, until I came across a fascinating tweet from the MLB Pipeline’s page that really got the gears turning. According to their newest top-100 prospect list, the Orioles have the 10th most “prospect points” of the entire league’s system, not a […]

Jay Flaa Should Get the Next Crack at Opener

Jay Flaa pitching.
Griesser’s Suggested Change of the Week In an unexpectedly quiet trade deadline, Mike Elias surprised me by not dealing one of either Jonathan Villar or Mychal Givens. Had he done so, I would have centered this Change of the Week around replacing either player. When the dust had officially settled, I figured I’d have to dig real deep to make any sort of recommendation to the O’s GM for the upcoming week. However, I think I do have a little change he could make to help this team in the […]

The Payoff Pitch Prospect Report: Adley Debuts!

Adley Rutschman on TV.
On this episode of The Payoff Pitch Prospect Report, I update Birdland on the Bowie Baysox, who have rocketed to the top of the standings after a slow start. Plus, I was lucky enough to see #1 overall pick Adley Rutschman make one of his first appearances for the Aberdeen Ironbirds last weekend. For more on the O’s and Baysox, don’t miss this week’s full episode of The Payoff Pitch, where I was joined by voice of Bowie Adam Pohl.

The Payoff Pitch: Rants & Raves & Adam Pohl

The Payoff Pitch logo.
This week, I take aim at both Steve Phillips and The Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell, who each had some terrible takes this week. The former’s was about Stevie Coop and his save, the latter’s about rebuilding baseball teams in general, and the Orioles in particular. Later in the show, I’m joined by the voice of the Bowie Baysox at Prince George’s Stadium, Adam Pohl (@PohlAdam). Adam fills us in on how some of the Baby Birds who are currently playing in Bowie are doing lately. The Baysox have been on […]

Hot Take Tuesday: O’s Won’t Have a Top 3 Pick in 2020

As I write this before the first pitch is thrown in the series opener between the Orioles and Padres on Monday night, the Birds have enjoyed a decent stretch of baseball. Since their last series with San Diego, in which the Friars secured a two-game sweep at Camden Yards, the O’s are 13-12, and in search of their first winning month since August of 2017. In the process of winning those games, they’ve actually forfeited their hold on the worst record in baseball, which for those closely following the rebuild, […]

Renato Núñez: Building Block or Trade Chip?

Renato Nunez plays the field.
In a lost season for the Orioles in 2019, the organization has certainly had some bright spots about which fans can be excited… John Means shocked the organization and fanbase by becoming the best starter on the club and making the American League All-Star team. Trey Mancini is rebounding from his rough 2018 campaign, having the best season of his career and is the leader of the youngest ballclub in baseball. Anthony Santander, a 2017 Rule 5 selection by former executive vice president and general manager Dan Duquette, is excelling […]

Potential Partners & Returns for Givens & Villar

Mychal Givens on the mound looking in.
Griesser’s Suggested Change of the Week With the MLB Trade Deadline approaching, it’s no surprise that my Suggested Change of the Week will revolve around the departure of a player or two. I don’t really think I need to go into much more detail about that, but I’ll remind everyone that as one of the worst teams in the league, the Orioles have no need for players with current value, and should ship them off to bring in younger talents who could make the club better when it becomes relevant […]

The Payoff Pitch – Asher Woeja-whonow w/Todd Karpovich

The Payoff Pitch logo.
In this week’s episode of The Payoff Pitch, we are joined by Todd Karpovich, who writes for several sites including PressBox, Russell Street Report, Forbes, and others. (Note: We apologize for the feedback during the call with Todd. We’ll do our damndest to make sure it doesn’t happen again!) We talk about Asher Wojciechowski, the potential next Orioles to be traded, Mark Trumbo‘s potential return, and more.   Stay tuned for this week’s 5-minute Baby Bird update in The Payoff Pitch Prospect Report!

Hot Take Tuesday: “Woj” Claims His Spot as O’s #2 Starter

Asher Wojciechowski pitches.
In such an awful year for Orioles pitching, a great deal of my articles – especially the Suggested Change of the Week variety – have revolved around the rotation. This installment of Hot Take Tuesday will be no different. A few weeks ago, I argued that John Means’ season may be the best since Erik Bedard graced the Yard. I stand by that statement, but the person I’d believed would jump to second-best has been far from trustworthy in 2019. With that in mind, I see the rotation pecking order […]

Miguel Castro as an Opener?

Miguel Castro throws in Sarasota.
Griesser’s Suggested Change of the Week I’d say if there is anything at which the Orioles are worst, it’s pitching. Most of you would likely agree. Simply put, they have the worst ERA in the majors. That should be all you need to know. As a product of that, Mike Elias has been scrounging for scraps to place on the bump, and after trading one of the team’s more consistent starters in Andrew Cashner, the search is only going to be heightened. Now don’t get me wrong. There’s no way […]

Thursday Thoughts: Orioles Right to Extend Netting at OPACY

stadium at camen yards during practice with mostly empty seats
1. I was only mildly surprised by Saturday’s Andrew Cashner trade, and really only for a second. It makes total sense that the O’s would deal Cashner, who had put up some decent numbers this season prior to his Boston debut the other night. What shocked me more than the trade, however, was the reaction to it. I guess I haven’t adjusted my brain to be able to deal with Orioles fans who expect anything other than misery for at least the next five years. This is year one of that, […]

The Payoff Pitch – We’re Still Here with Glenn Clark

The Payoff Pitch logo.
The All-Star break is over, and so is my vacation! On this week’s show, I’m once again happy to be joined by Glenn Clark of GlennClarkRadio.com and PressBoxOnline.com. Paul and I talk about the upcoming sellouts at Aberdeen, the Andrew Cashner trade, whether or not it makes sense to trade Trey Mancini, and what fans can do going forward to stay sane during the early stages of this rebuild. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned to ESR for this week’s Payoff Pitch Prospect Report!