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Interview: Zach Peek Excited & Humbled After Trade to O’s

Zach Peek
It’s 2012 in Frederick Maryland and I just traded in my non-camera phone for one that takes pictures and videos so I can film Orioles pitching prospect Dylan Bundy at his Keys debut. The first pictures in my current phone are from that start so many years ago, but now there are new ones. That rebuild of about a decade ago didn’t last so there’s a new movement going forward. Looking full circle, Bundy turned into a fine pitcher but his value to this current recycle is in trade. In […]

What is this New O’s Dominican Academy?

submitted by Braden Kletz As some of you may have seen, the Orioles announced the creation of an Orioles Dominican Academy in the Dominican Republic. As described by the Orioles Senior Director of International Scouting Koby Perez: “This complex will play a vital role in our ability to attract international talent to the organization, but the impact will extend far beyond the field. The young players we recruit and sign will learn valuable life skills off the field, including leadership, civic and community service, English as a second language, and […]

O’s Ready to Surprise in 2021

I’m a bit of a self-described homer when it comes to my sports teams. Every football season I believe the Ravens will win a Super Bowl – and you’re not going to convince me there’s a better front office out there. And that’s what’s made it hard for me over the past couple of seasons as an Orioles fan. I’m out here practically begging for a reason for short-term optimism, and over the last few seasons, I haven’t been able to find it. That’s what makes this Spring a little […]

Nicole Sherry’s Infield a Talent Draw for O’s

Oriole Park at Camden Yards infield
Oriole Park at Camden Yards holds a reputation throughout the league as a favorite for MLB hitters. It’s a reputation with statistical backing. Since 1992 the stadium at 333 W Camden St has also carved out a favorable reputation with fans, both home and away. The stadium repeatedly dominates in fan surveys and social media polls as one of baseball’s premier spots to catch a game. But last Saturday, new Orioles infielder Freddy Galvis shone light on another jewel in the crown at Camden. Aa a guest on MLB network […]

Where are the O’s Traded in 2018 Now?

Manny Machado & Jonathan Schoop.
submitted by Braden Kletz At the start of the 2018 season, I along with many others thought the Orioles had a chance to make – or at least get close to – the playoffs. But instead, the Orioles got out to a miserable start, sitting with an 8-27 record at the start of May. With three losing skids of at least five losses in a row in the first two months of baseball, Dan Duquette and ownership had reason for concern for the team. With that in mind, Duquette felt […]

Five O’s to Add to Your Fantasy Squad

While fantasy owners sit down on draft day with the primary goal of building the best team possible, the inherent bias in most of us leads to trying to work as many of our favorite team’s players into the mix that we can.  I mean sure, Gleyber Torres is an elite fantasy player, but what fun (or shred of morality) accompanies rooting for a Yankee?  The things we do to hit a lick. One small problem that Orioles fans have encountered in recent years is that valuable fantasy players have […]

Counterpoint: Maikel Franco – Here’s Why

Maikel Franco finishes his swing
This morning at ESR, Danny Majerowicz wrote a terrific breakdown of the potential downside for the Orioles when it comes to signing Maikel Franco. The thoughtful and researched conclusion that a defensive downgrade at third base could have potential negative effects on the development of Baltimore’s young pitching staff is one I agree with. I only hope to offer a quick alternative perspective, if for nothing but the sake of optimism. While Danny recognizes the potential offensive upgrades Franco holds over Rio Ruiz, I believe he dismisses them too easily. […]

Do Spring Training Stats Matter?

It’s the same every spring…your favorite player’s success, mediocrity or outright failures are quickly draped in a caveat heard by each MLB fan every single year: “It’s only spring training.” Whether being weaponized by rivals or stockpiled for self-comfort, this swiss-army phrase comes in handy to most of us at one point or another. But the answer to the question of whether spring stats matter, like so many other things in baseball, is extremely contextual. Every player’s approach to the game is his own. Sure, things follow a general pattern […]

Maikel Franco…But Why?

Maikel Franco
submitted by Danny Majerowicz (@dmajer347) Of all the technological and statistical advancements made in Major League baseball over the past decade, measuring defensive performance remains troublesome. While statcast has provided new and exciting information on how a player performs with their glove, predicting future value on defense remains difficult. Perhaps, that is the mentality of the Orioles’ front office in signing Maikel Franco, which they are reportedly very close to doing. At the very least Franco improved from -5 outs above average in 2015 at third base to -1 in […]

Nick Markakis’ Simple Legacy with the O’s

baseball player running after hitting ball
The news that Nick Markakis is retiring from baseball was about as understated and nonchalant as his remarkable career. The 37-year-old announced he’d be calling it quits after 15 seasons in the big leagues, finishing with a .288/.357/.423 line, with 2,388 base hits. It was always a long shot, but last season’s pandemic-shortened season probably tanked his effort at the elusive 3,000-hit mark. Markakis spent his first nine seasons in Baltimore, playing for the team that drafted him seventh overall in 2003. He left after the memorable 2014 campaign in […]

Fangraphs Says 66 Wins – How the O’s Can Beat That

Trey Mancini watches the ball after making contact.
submitted by Michael Vetter In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was not very happy with some of Fangraphs’ projections, especially because they assumed that Chris Davis would be playing more first base for the O’s in 2021 than Trey Mancini. Well, Fangraphs must have read what I said, because they now project Mancini to have more plate appearances at 1B than The Artist Formerly Known as Crush, with Ryan Mountcastle as the main First Baseman. Their projections also now have Mancini as the full-time DH, which would […]

What Could Anthony Santander Fetch in a Trade?

Anthony Santander swings.
Pitchforks down everyone. I’m not openly advocating for Baltimore to trade away the fans’ favorite right fielder since Nick Markakis. I’m a huge Santander guy; I really hope the guy stays here for the rest of his career and wins a ring for every finger along the way. That being said, I’ve seen enough of the Mike Elias playbook to understand that a trade isn’t off the table. If the right team in the right situation presents the club with the right return, I fully trust Elias to do the […]

When Will the Rebuild be “Over?”

dark upper view of seating at camden yards with clouds and sun
When will the rebuild be over? That is the question on the mind of almost every Oriole fan. I think before we answer when it will be over, we have to ask what rebuilding even is. It seems like that is an easily tossed-around word but one that people don’t truly grasp the meaning. When you look at the best franchises in sports, you see a common theme. That theme is that they do a great job of developing from within. It’s a constant conveyor belt of developing young talent […]

What’s Next for Anthony Santander?

Anthony Santander in the Batter's Box.
submitted by Braden Kletz In the 2020 season, every Orioles fan saw the impact Anthony Santander made on the field. He certainly wasn’t a household name around the league though. That could be for a variety of reasons, but his stats were outstanding for only playing 62% of the 60-game season. Let’s start from the beginning. Santander is Venezuelan native who was a Rule V pick for the Orioles in 2016. Making his debut in 2016, Santander didn’t really start rolling until 2019, when he hit .261 with 20 home […]

Matt Harvey Unimpressive in Debut

Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey took the mound for the Orioles Friday for the first time since signing a minor league contract with the club back in February. It did not go well. The 31-year-old right-hander allowed three runs on four hits, walked none and struck out none in two innings of work, tossing 31 total pitches between the two frames, earning himself a 13.50 ERA. Harvey’s standard box score line isn’t great, but the deeper metrics (the fuller story) are worse still. Leaning primarily on his 4-seamer (19/31) Harvey was hit hard, […]

What Are the O’s *Actual* Playoff Chances?

submitted by Michael Vetter 0.0%.  Any O’s fan who went onto Twitter the day of February 16, 2021 knows what that percentage means. For some of us, myself included, it was a brutally honest, somewhat hilarious statement by Fangraphs that there is absolutely no way that the Orioles will make the playoffs in 2021. For other fans, “0.0%” was a totally uncalled-for, direct attack against Baltimore…even though the O’s have been one of the worst five MLB teams for three straight years. Look, I know how infuriating it is that […]

O’s Could be in a Jam Against Lefties

Chris Davis in the batter's box.
With little flexibility on bench, O’s may be limited against southpaws. When putting together a projected Orioles opening day lineup and roster earlier this spring, it was a little easier for me to picture what the Orioles would do for the majority of their games to start this season. That is to say, what they would do in games against right-handed starting pitchers. You may picture things a bit differently, but this is how I have felt things will shake out thus far. Austin Hays – CF – R (or […]

Let’s Not Expect Too Much Too Soon from Trey Mancini

Expectation management has become a bit of a buzzword surrounding the O’s these days. No one expects the O’s to win more games than they lose this year. I don’t think anyone even expects them to squeak their way into fourth place in the division. In fact, if you’re planning on watching the games for the wins alone – it’s going to be a long season. So instead, we focus on the game within the game, and individual player performance is chief among them. Maybe this is the year DJ […]

Give That Fan a Podcast Ep 13 – Kevin Brown

Give that Fan a Podcast
One of the voices of the Orioles, MASN play-by-play announcer Kevin Brown, joins me on the podcast this week as the O’s begin their Spring Training games. We discuss his plans for this season, his relationships with MASN personalities past and present, his back-and-forth with Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley, how he prepares for his broadcasts, and much more including thoughts on the current team. Thanks for listening!

When Will Adley Rutschman Debut in Baltimore?

Adley Rutschman introduced at OPACY
Yesterday, Adley Rutschman made his 2021 Spring Training debut. The question on the mind of all Orioles fans is, when will he debut in Baltimore? 2020 was a tough year for a lot of people but, in the baseball world, 2020 really hurt the development and promotions of young minor league players. Sure, some of them were able to play and develop in their organization’s camps and that has some value to it but obviously not as much value as real game action would’ve had. This year, the minor leagues have […]