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What Could Anthony Santander Fetch in a Trade?

Anthony Santander swings.
Pitchforks down everyone. I’m not openly advocating for Baltimore to trade away the fans’ favorite right fielder since Nick Markakis. I’m a huge Santander guy; I really hope the guy stays here for the rest of his career and wins a ring for every finger along the way. That being said, I’ve seen enough of the Mike Elias playbook to understand that a trade isn’t off the table. If the right team in the right situation presents the club with the right return, I fully trust Elias to do the […]

When Will the Rebuild be “Over?”

dark upper view of seating at camden yards with clouds and sun
When will the rebuild be over? That is the question on the mind of almost every Oriole fan. I think before we answer when it will be over, we have to ask what rebuilding even is. It seems like that is an easily tossed-around word but one that people don’t truly grasp the meaning. When you look at the best franchises in sports, you see a common theme. That theme is that they do a great job of developing from within. It’s a constant conveyor belt of developing young talent […]

What’s Next for Anthony Santander?

Anthony Santander in the Batter's Box.
submitted by Braden Kletz In the 2020 season, every Orioles fan saw the impact Anthony Santander made on the field. He certainly wasn’t a household name around the league though. That could be for a variety of reasons, but his stats were outstanding for only playing 62% of the 60-game season. Let’s start from the beginning. Santander is Venezuelan native who was a Rule V pick for the Orioles in 2016. Making his debut in 2016, Santander didn’t really start rolling until 2019, when he hit .261 with 20 home […]

Matt Harvey Unimpressive in Debut

Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey took the mound for the Orioles Friday for the first time since signing a minor league contract with the club back in February. It did not go well. The 31-year-old right-hander allowed three runs on four hits, walked none and struck out none in two innings of work, tossing 31 total pitches between the two frames, earning himself a 13.50 ERA. Harvey’s standard box score line isn’t great, but the deeper metrics (the fuller story) are worse still. Leaning primarily on his 4-seamer (19/31) Harvey was hit hard, […]

What Are the O’s *Actual* Playoff Chances?

submitted by Michael Vetter 0.0%.  Any O’s fan who went onto Twitter the day of February 16, 2021 knows what that percentage means. For some of us, myself included, it was a brutally honest, somewhat hilarious statement by Fangraphs that there is absolutely no way that the Orioles will make the playoffs in 2021. For other fans, “0.0%” was a totally uncalled-for, direct attack against Baltimore…even though the O’s have been one of the worst five MLB teams for three straight years. Look, I know how infuriating it is that […]

O’s Could be in a Jam Against Lefties

Chris Davis in the batter's box.
With little flexibility on bench, O’s may be limited against southpaws. When putting together a projected Orioles opening day lineup and roster earlier this spring, it was a little easier for me to picture what the Orioles would do for the majority of their games to start this season. That is to say, what they would do in games against right-handed starting pitchers. You may picture things a bit differently, but this is how I have felt things will shake out thus far. Austin Hays – CF – R (or […]

Let’s Not Expect Too Much Too Soon from Trey Mancini

Expectation management has become a bit of a buzzword surrounding the O’s these days. No one expects the O’s to win more games than they lose this year. I don’t think anyone even expects them to squeak their way into fourth place in the division. In fact, if you’re planning on watching the games for the wins alone – it’s going to be a long season. So instead, we focus on the game within the game, and individual player performance is chief among them. Maybe this is the year DJ […]

Give That Fan a Podcast Ep 13 – Kevin Brown

Give that Fan a Podcast
One of the voices of the Orioles, MASN play-by-play announcer Kevin Brown, joins me on the podcast this week as the O’s begin their Spring Training games. We discuss his plans for this season, his relationships with MASN personalities past and present, his back-and-forth with Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley, how he prepares for his broadcasts, and much more including thoughts on the current team. Thanks for listening!

When Will Adley Rutschman Debut in Baltimore?

Adley Rutschman introduced at OPACY
Yesterday, Adley Rutschman made his 2021 Spring Training debut. The question on the mind of all Orioles fans is, when will he debut in Baltimore? 2020 was a tough year for a lot of people but, in the baseball world, 2020 really hurt the development and promotions of young minor league players. Sure, some of them were able to play and develop in their organization’s camps and that has some value to it but obviously not as much value as real game action would’ve had. This year, the minor leagues have […]

Clock’s Tickin’

Yusniel Diaz finishes his swing.
With the rebuild underway, Baltimore fans have mostly settled in and begun to “trust the process.” They know that patience is going to be a theme in the coming seasons, as nobody is going to PowerPlay Sports Betting to lay any money on the O’s to win it all any time soon. However, there are a few clocks in Birdland ticking louder than the rest. DJ Stewart The signs of life for former first-rounder DJ Stewart can best be described as, “conflicting.” Stewart posted a 124 wRC+ in 2020. His […]

John Means to the Moon!

John Means pitches.
Supporting your favorite baseball team in the midst of a rebuilding phase can be a grind, especially when the team does so in the unapologetic, scorched-earth fashion the Orioles have over the course of the past three seasons. It can do funny things to your brain; I recently reminisced about the 2007 summer of Erik Bedard, romanticizing a season during which the Orioles record was *checks notes*…69-93! Yeah, it’s been a little rough; however, one of the best parts of a rebuild, along with the proliferation of the top prospects […]

Give That Fan a Podcast Ep 12 – Matt Blood

Give that Fan a Podcast
The Orioles’ Director of Player Development, Matt Blood, joins this week’s podcast to talk about the progress being made down on the farm. We touch on just about everything, from organizational philosophy to data and analytics to the difficulties associated with returning to a full baseball schedule. Blood drops a few names of prospects that he believes deserve some more love in an episode that will surely get you excited for the future of the O’s.

Give that Fan a Podcast Ep 11 – Keith Law

Give that Fan a Podcast
The Athletic’s Keith Law joins me this week to take me through the thought process that led him to ranking the much-improved Orioles farm system just 18th in baseball, much to the chagrin of many O’s fans. We discuss several current Orioles prospects ranked in Law’s top 20, the importance of trusting your own evaluations, the value in the international scouting market, and much more.

Awaiting Beards & Bellies

empty baseball field with sun rising
**Taps mic** Is this thing on? Can you hear me? Okay, good. Let’s try this. It’s been a while. In looking back at the archives of my musings on this website, I realized I hadn’t written anything since July of last year. That’s right before the abbreviated 60-game season began right in the midst of a pandemic that is still raging throughout the world. And now here we are again, with baseball, like the seasons, coming back into our lives. My absence in writing since then can only be chalked […]

Give that Fan a Podcast Ep. 10 – Danny & Dillon

Give that Fan a Podcast
After the holiday break turned into a life-induced hiatus, I’m back and I brought a couple friends along for this episode. You might know Dillon Atkinson and Danny Majerowicz from their days on the O’s Uncensored podcast; I know them as OK slow-pitch softball players. In episode 10, we discuss some recent transactions, dive into some prospect talk, and share our thoughts on the Orioles’ activity in the international market. I also tease a few of the big guests I’ll have on the show over the next month.

Orioles Sign Felix Hernandez to MiLB Deal

In a bit of a surprise move, the Orioles are reportedly signing former Seattle Mariners Ace “King” Felix Hernandez to a minor league deal. It’s a minor-league deal that will pay King $1 million if he is on the club, according to Roch. Hernandez was a shell of his former self the last time we saw him on an MLB mound, when he went 1-8 with a 6.40 ERA in 15 starts for the 2018 M’s. Last year, after signing a similar deal with Atlanta, Hernandez opted out due to […]

O’s Deal Alex Cobb to Angels

Alex Cobb pitching
Alex Cobb’s disappointing time in Baltimore appears to have come to an end, as Dan Connolly of The Athletic first reported that the Orioles and Angels were in talks to deal the righty out west. Things have crystallized a bit since this morning, as Ken Rosenthal reports that the O’s are getting second baseman Jahmai Jones, LAA’s 2015 second-round pick. The Birds are also on the hook for half of Cobb’s $15M 2021 salary. Cobb almost seems like a relic from another time, for so many reasons. Dan Duquette signed […]

MD Sports Betting – Next to Legalize?

On November 3, 2020, around 67% of Maryland voters said ‘Yes’ to the legalization of sports wagering. However, the bill had to pass in the Senate and House. In theory, sports wagering is legal in the state, but we still need to wait for some time before its final launch. Let’s take a closer look. What’s the Current Situation With Sports Betting in Maryland? Even though Maryland residents voted to legalize sports wagering, bettors will have to wait until the state legislature defines the tax rate and licensing regulations. Knowing […]

Give That Fan a Podcast Ep 9 – Todd Fitz-Gerald

Give that Fan a Podcast
In the third and final episode featuring interviews with the former coaches of recent Orioles’ draft picks, Stoneman Douglas High School’s Todd Fitz-Gerald joins me to discuss 2020 4th round pick, Coby Mayo. We talk about the strengths and weaknesses in Coby’s game and what makes him a special talent. In the preceding minutes, I reminisce on the Frederick Keys and discuss how the Orioles were impacted by last week’s Rule 5 Draft. Thanks for listening!

Give that Fan a Podcast Ep 8 – Mark Roering

Give that Fan a Podcast
Coach Mark Roering of Dowling Catholic High School joins this week’s podcast to discuss Orioles 2020 5th round draft pick, RHP Carter Baumler. We discuss his progress from freshman to senior year of high school and what he should bring to the table in the future, as well as his recent Tommy John surgery and how that will impact him moving forward. But first, I give my thoughts on the Rule 5 draft and throw out some names I’d like to see the Orioles consider. Fanimal Radio · Give that […]