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Tyler has followed Baltimore sports his entire life. He spends much of his free time watching Ravens tape and/or Orioles games, hanging out with his girlfriend, and beating people he doesn't know in Madden.

Just Enjoy It, Ya Silly Cynics

Chris Davis (19) rounds third base after hitting a monster home run in the top of the ninth inning of Craig Kimbrel.
If you listened to ESR’s hour during Section 336’s Birdland Radio, then you would have known that I have plenty of concerns about this team. My prediction for the team (78 wins) was closer to the PECOTA projections than those of Orioles fans excited about Chris Davis’ return. My concerns haven’t materialized. During this Orioles winning streak, they’ve won both with the bats and with the arms. There have been exciting wins like Opening Day’s Matt Wieters walk-off single and Monday’s ninth inning Chris Davis go-ahead 3-run home run. There […]

A Day For Baseball

Fans watch the game against the visiting Minnesota Twins at the Baltimore Orioles’ home opener at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.
Today is a day for baseball. All that we know about our team is all that we saw through the murky lens of Spring Training. Some players are known for getting off to poor starts. Pitchers are experimenting with different pitches to perfect them. They aren’t as judicious with their selection. The experiments of March will cause some fans to completely discount all of the bad they saw throughout Spring Training. The optimist will say, “He was working on his breaking ball,” or “he always gets off to a poor […]

Friday Links: Rodriguez Blues & The Expanded Zone

photos side by side of eduardo rodriguez in orioles and red sox jerseys
Yesterday was a change from what we’ve come to expect from the Orioles. They usually do a good job of attacking good pitchers and let the bad and inexperienced ones get the best of them. This certainly wasn’t the case yesterday. After getting mowed down by Chris Sale in the early game, the Orioles turned it around and took the second leg of yesterday’s single admission double header. While Sale made the O’s bats look silly, at least they took care of business against the rookie, Chris Beck. If you […]

GIF: Adam Jones Is Not Happy

orioles player holding arm out speaking with cameras behind him
In the bottom of the 7th inning during tonight’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, tempers began to really flare. Jason Garcia threw behind Jose Bautista. Bautista thought that it was intentional, and stared down the relief pitcher. Then, he crushed a home run. via @MLBGIFs Then, he proceeded to hot dog it around the bases. The Orioles, particularly Adam Jones and Ryan Flaherty, weren’t too happy about it. via @masnOrioles I’m not sure if Garcia meant to throw at Bautista, but one this is certain: Jose Bautista thought that […]
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