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Tony is 24x7 Networks, LLC's founder (the parent of EutawStreetReport.com and RussellStreetReport.com) His work has been featured on various sports websites and he is a regular guest on 105.7 The Fan. A diehard Fab Four fan, Tony is a frustrated musician who thinks beating on the steering wheel is akin to being John Bonham. Follow Tony on Twitter @RussellStReport.

The 10 Best Baseball Movies

scene from movie of baseball player talking to catcher
America has always had a romance with baseball and that affection for years has manifested itself in many ways, especially on the silver screen. Hollywood has often told tales of baseball with vivid imagery, a comic flair and even in poignant, heartfelt ways. Baseball is Americana at its finest. It’s no coincidence that the old Madison Avenue tag line went like this: “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.” If the heartbeat of America was a sport it would be baseball. The legendary names alone can send a tingle down […]

Here Come The Boys of Summer

Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore
Baseball. Once America’s pastime, baseball is now a distant second to the NFL. That said there’s a tradition and a sense of history in baseball that football can’t match – at least not yet. Perhaps never. Baseball season also marks a time of year for new beginnings. We emerge from the doldrums of winter, new life abounds, hope springs eternal and expectations, along with the outdoor temperatures rise. Here come the boys of summer! When I was a kid, a baseball and your bike were constant companions. Wherever you pedaled […]
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