About Tommy Kyle

Tommy Kyle

Raised in Elkridge, Maryland, Tommy has been a life-long Orioles and Ravens fan ever since he was a young kid. His first love however was the Orioles. He would play with an inflatable plate and ball with his dad in his living room and pretend to run around the house like he hit a home run, and would also sleep with his bat, glove and his first Orioles hat. Fast forward to 2011, where he was given the opportunity to work on the Orioles Tarp Crew, where he continued to work until August 2013. He is currently a student at Mount Saint Mary's University in Emmitsburg, MD with his goal of obtaining his Sports Management degree. You can follow him on Twitter @BuckledUpTK.

Adam Jones’ Ugly Experience at Fenway Mars O’s Win

Adam Jones sunglasses.
O’s centerfielder Adam Jones was harassed by Boston fans, who threw racial slurs and had a bag of peanuts his way during Monday’s 5-2 win over the Red Sox. Baltimore Orioles All-Star center fielder Adam Jones was berated by racist taunts at Fenway Park while a bag of peanuts was thrown at him Monday night, calling it one of the worst cases of fan abuse he has heard in his career. “A disrespectful fan threw a bag of peanuts at me,’’ Jones said, “I was called the N-word a handful […]

Spurned by Fowler, Where do O’s Turn for OF Help Now?

David Murphy holds a bat.
Well, not even 24 hours into the debacle that was “Dexter Fowler’s Flip”  you probably still feel pretty mad or frustrated about the situation. That’s fine, I feel your pain and frustration as well, over this “horrible,” “indecisive,” or “(insert any awful adjective)” move by Fowler and his agent Casey Close. For the past two days, you assumed that Mr. Fowler had agreed to deal of three years and $33 million and all was well in Birdland. That wasn’t the case apparently, as Fowler said today unfortunately that he passed […]

So Begins a Nervous Offseason in Birdland

orioles player hunched waiting to catch baseball
The 2015 Baltimore Orioles has ended, and we ask ourselves “where do we go now?” It is tough to swallow that the Orioles failed to reach the postseason after a great 2014 season and their first AL East title since 1997. It is tough to swallow that the Orioles have free agency decisions looming with 2015 Most Valuable Oriole, first baseman Chris Davis, 2015 All-Star reliever Darren O’Day, long-time catcher Matt Wieters, and starting pitcher Wei-Yen Chen. Not to mention, the reportedly heated relationship between Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette. […]

Top 10 Baltimore Orioles All Star Memories

camden yards entrance with patriotic decorations and empty stadium
The 2015 All-Star Game festivities have started, beginning Monday night as always with the Home Run Derby, which is one of my favorite sporting events. It made me think of the best Orioles All-Star moments, from Cal Ripken’s signature final All-Star Game home-run to Miguel Tejada’s Derby performance in Houston to other great All-Star moments. Baltimore has no shortage of great moments, which is pretty good for being an Orioles fan, but lets look back at the best Top 10 Baltimore Orioles All-Star Moments.   10. 1958 MLB All-Star Game […]

TARP CREW PERSPECTIVE: The Great Call-Ups of 2012

manny machado after throwing ball with stadium behind him
Today’s Tarp Crew Perspective looks back at the notable call-ups of Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and our own young star Manny Machado. It was an interesting summer of 2012, as these three young stars started the season in the minors, and would eventually burst onto the scene as superstars who put the entire MLB on notice. Harper and Trout were called up on April 27-28 respectively, and got an earlier start than Machado, who came up on August 9 of the 2012 season. I was fortunate enough that season to witness all three of […]

“ReOpening Day” – May 11

Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore
The past week has been one of change, reflection and rebuilding in Baltimore City.  It has given people a lot of time to focus on their own lives, and how the actions of others have affected a city of great people.  However, there is one man that wants to bring a little sense of normalcy back into the lives of Orioles fans for one special day. His name is Sam Angell, and he has brought forth an idea with the help of his friends Andrew Ellington, Mike Finazzo, Jonathan Helfman […]

Hope Amidst the Ashes in Baltimore

man sweeping street with police force behind him
Baltimore has been impacted these past few days by protests and anger, which has resulted in the unforeseen future of the Orioles’ series and the destruction of large parts of this city.  Many people are lost in their emotions, and concern for the great city of Baltimore. However, I say that through the darkness, there will be a better future for Baltimore. I was born in Baltimore and and spent a small part of my life here, so I consider it “my city.”  This city has brought promise and hope […]

Tarp Crew: Yankees-Orioles – It All Changed on 9/6/12

orioles fans about to catch yankees ball in stands
The Orioles have just concluded playing the Yankees in a three game series here at OPACY.  It brings back memories of my days on the Tarp Crew, when every Yankees series would mean something regardless of the Orioles’ record. The Yankees have always been a baseball dynasty, with now players from Derek Jeter to CC Sabathia to the infamous Alex Rodriguez with their ridiculously huge contracts, who would play on our home turf.  I was fortunate enough to watch some great games in the series. I remember growing up, hearing […]

Wrestlemania – O’s Edition

lit up sign of wrestle mania thirty
Wrestlemania, WWE’s largest annual event, was last night. For millions of wrestling fans, it brings back great memories from their youth in addition to creating new ones. This event made me think about the Baltimore Orioles in terms of wrestling characters… Who would be the Orioles World Heavyweight champion?  The Tag Team champions? The People’s Champion?  The Undertaker or Triple H of the Orioles?  The Vince McMahon of the Orioles?  There are so many interesting and fun questions to answer, so let’s dig in: the Baltimore Orioles Edition of the […]

Tarp Crew: The Bullpen Perspective

baltimore orioles baseball team in a huddle at game
For the last several years, when the Orioles are leading in the late innings, we fans have felt pretty good. The bullpen has, for the most part, been rock-solid, and done their part to secure an O’s W more often than not. I got to know some of those guys in the bullpen during my days on the Tarp Crew. As I said previously, the bullpen job was my favorite, and that was because of all of the fun and laughs that I had during my time there. I remember […]

Tarp Crew: March is Prep Time for Us as Well

three guys with orioles jackets rolling out tarp on field
Author’s note: First, I wanted to thank everyone for reading my past two stories, and sharing these stories on Twitter and Facebook.  I’m happy I can share the great experiences I had on the Tarp Crew with you, and let you get a glimpse of how life was during the season. It was an honor to work on a field like Camden Yards, and see the happy roaring O’s fans cheer for us every single night. Today’s story goes into my first real experience at Camden Yards as an employee, […]

Tarp Crew: Nothing but Great Things to Say About Adam Jones

orioles player at home plate after just batting
We all know Adam Jones as the Gold Glove All-Star, the face of the Orioles franchise. Some may see him as a selfish, uncensored player that only cares about himself, based on various stories or his tweets. However, I’m here to tell a story of the man known as @SimplyAJ10, from my perspective a great man who I respected and admired during my days with the OPACY Tarp Crew. I also hope to convince these other people of the great charisma and character of this man with the number ten […]

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Game 162 – Tarp Crew Perspective

orioles players huddling after game with red sox
It was September 28, 2011, a day better known as Game 162 in the MLB. While there were several “Game 162s” of importance that night, this one was between the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles.  This would be the last game for the last place Orioles and the last game of my first season with the team as a member of the Orioles Tarp Crew.  It was a long season where I really learned the skills and tasks of being on the Tarp Crew and experienced some memorable […]
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