About Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is an aspiring journalist currently studying Mass Communications at Towson University. He may best be known for catching home runs at Camden Yards. He was featured in the Baltimore Sun in 2011 for catching home runs in three consecutive games. Also, he has been featured twice on SportsCenter's Top Plays. He currently resides in Parkville, Maryland.

COUNTERPOINT: Just Let Delmon Know When it’s Time to Hit

batter holding bat behind back after hitting baseball
Arguably, there is no other position player currently on the Orioles’ roster that has more questions surrounding their 2015 role than Delmon Young. We all can just about guarantee that Young with be on the active roster when the Orioles begin the season in Tampa Bay. Some say he should be the everyday designated hitter, but “everyday designated hitter” does not sound like a position that Buck and Co. would use for a player not named Nelson Cruz. So, what do we do with Delmon Young? The question originates partly […]

Dave Edlund: King of McCovey Cove

two men in front of baseball drawing holding signs
Dave Edlund has been training all of his life. He is not a military man who has sweated his way through boot camps and morning runs. Nor is he a fighter who has run marathons of stadium steps and is well-versed in the ways of the octagon or the squared circle. Dave Edlund is a San Francisco Giants fan. Since becoming an AT&T Park regular in 2005, Edlund has attended more than 300 Giants games, all of which he has spent outside the actual confines of the park. While tens-of-thousands […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 6/23 & 6/24 v. White Sox

front entrance of camden yards stadium lit up
For multiple reasons, I always love when the White Sox visit Camden Yards. A mid-week series against the White Sox means sparse crowd and, even though I do enjoy winning baseball (which comes with large crowds), it is sometimes nice to have a sub-20,000 attendance. Plus, it is good for the ball hawking. Another reason I love when the White Sox visit is because, well, we have a history. When I had my streak of catching a home run in three consecutive games, it was in the middle of a […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 6/9 v. Red Sox – The Adam Jones Incident

four guys walking down hallway
Even though I have been to a few games since the last one I recapped, what happened on Monday against the Red Sox must be addressed immediately. That will come at the end. Let’s start where my day started: Work. With classes over for the year, I’m now working full time with my dad doing general warehouse work. Since I don’t get off until 5, I don’t make it to the stadium until around 5:30, meaning I miss all of Orioles’ batting practice, and all but a couple minutes of […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 5/23 v. Indians

flags and partial view of orioles stadium
After the day I had on the first game of the series, I was excited to get back to the Yard for game two, possibly the last day of batting practice of the four game series. My girlfriend Kelly and I took the light rail to the stadium, met Grant Edrington outside Gate H, enjoyed the beautiful day and waited for 5:00. When the gates opened, I was not one of the first ones to get into the seats in left field, so all the balls on the ground were already […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 5/22 v. Indians

view of brick building directly behind camden yards with scoreboard
With the six-day road trip giving me enough time to relax my legs and forget about the unfortunate (ball hawk-wise and otherwise) Tigers series, I was excited to get back to the Yards and conquer the four-game Indians series. Since the time of the game on Saturday was changed from the usual 7:05 start to a 12:35, I knew there was a good chance that there would only be two nights of batting practice in this series: Thursday and Friday. But, during the commute to the ballpark, the prospects for […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 5/13 & 5/14 v. Tigers

60 years baseball for orioles sitting in glove
After having a burst of rain that cut short batting practice and caused the game to be delayed by a half-hour the night before, it was nice to arrive outside Gate H with the sun overhead and a beautiful forecast in front of me. Also in front of me: It was “Cruuuuuz” t-shirt giveaway day, which meant that I got a cool new shirt, but also that there would be a solid group of people arriving early for the game. When the gates opened, I was slow getting to left […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 5/12 v. Tigers

orioles players running back infield during night game
It is always fun when the Tigers come to town, even if it is only for one reason: Miguel Cabrera. Watching one of the best players to ever play the game is something you may not appreciate now, but will be a story you tell your children and grandchildren. With the Astros out of town and the Tigers in (what a drastic shift in talent, eh?), I went through my normal routine: board the light rail at about 3:30, get to the stadium about 45 minutes before the gates open, […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 5/9 & 5/11 v. Astros

view of baseball diamond and field from behind home plate
There is always something special about the first home game after a stint on the road: my legs are fresh — all those aches that come from running into cup holders and seats have had time to heal, I’m not dragging my feet after a long night (or week) at the Yards the night before, and it’s honestly just nice to be at a baseball game again. And that’s exactly where I was on Friday: a baseball game. When I got outside Gate H, I met Grant Edrington in line. […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 5/1 v. Pirates

camden yards at night with dusk sky view
In a sense, Mother Nature decided at the last minute to give me a birthday present. You see, by turning Baltimore into the Old Testament and sending Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s contests two-by-two onto Thursday (my birthday), she forced a doubleheader with the Pirates. With the highest hourly chance of rain hovering around 20-30%, I happily headed down to the Yards, ready to take in two. The first game was slated to start at 4:05, meaning that gates would open at 2. However, the Orioles announced that the gates would not […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/26 and 4/27 v. Royals

tshirt hanging over the railing at orioles stadium
Even though Friday’s weather was pretty miserable, the forecast for the rest of the weekend looked pretty good. So I followed my normal routine and hopped onto a light rail with my girlfriend Kelly and made it to the stadium just before 4:00. First thing I did was get in line to buy tickets for the Cook family who were going to be meeting us outside the gates. Good thing I’m a season ticket holder and was able to get in an express line. Check out the amount of walk-ups […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/25 v. Royals

players and referees on field getting ready before game starts
I’ll give you a little tip about April in Baltimore: it rains. And it was going to do just that on this Friday night. To be completely honest, I was not even going to make the effort to go down to the stadium. But, after intolerable peer pressure from both Grant Edrington and Alex Kopp, and a reaffirming forecast by Weather.com that showed a 0-5% chance of rain during the batting practice hours, I got to the Lutherville light rail station just before 3:30. The sky didn’t look too promising: […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk Visits Nats Park: 4/18 v. Cardinals

cardinals national park entrance
I swear, Baltimore, it was nothing personal. You didn’t have baseball that day, that’s all. I wasn’t cheating on you, Orioles. Or you, Camden Yards. You see, there was baseball to be seen in the area, and it was just in D.C. Forgive me? With Grant driving, he, Kelly and I went to the Metro station in Greenbelt and boarded yet another dreadful method of public transportation. At about 4, we arrived outside the ugly Nationals Park. Maybe I’m just spoiled by Camden Yards, but Nats Park is really bland. NFL […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/14 and 4/16 v. Rays

baseball players in field practicing
There was something about this Monday night game against the Rays that brought all the ball hawks out to Camden Yards. Of course, there were the regulars of me and Alex Kopp. Also outside Gate H with us was Rick Gold — a ball hawk who cleaned up back in the Bash Brother days in Oakland, and continues to be one of the best in the country. And there was also Zack Hample, often cited as the face of ball hawking today since he has caught more than 7,000 baseballs in […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/13 vs. Blue Jays

two fans holding up two baseballs side by side
In the world of ball hawking, day games usually mean bad things. For one, there usually is not batting practice. Since most day games come directly after night games, teams usually give their players partial days off from some of their pregame workouts. On this particular 1:35 Sunday game, the Orioles and Blue Jays had just played a 3-hour-39-minute 12-inning game thanks in part to rookie umpire Jeff Gosney and Orioles’ closer Tommy Hunter. So, the hopes of having batting practice before the game seemed futile. You can imagine why […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/12 v. Blue Jays

sun setting on brick building and camden yards
Instead of taking the light rail to the game, my girlfriend Kelly and I decided to drive down to Camden Yards. I can not stress how glorious it is to drive instead of take the dreadful Maryland public transportation. The only downside is that instead of paying $3.20 for a round trip on the light rail, it is $10 to park in one of the Orioles’ lots, plus the price of gas. But sometimes, it is just worth it. We got to our usual spot outside Gate H just after […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/11 v. Blue Jays

bag check area before walking into camden yards
Even though Kelly and I did not hop on the light rail until about 3:30, we still made it down to the stadium at 4:00. When we got to Gate H, Grant Edrington was the first in line. Grant is also a ball hawk, but he goes to school at Villanova, making it a little tough for him to attend most of the games during the semester at Oriole Park. But, last time he was at Oriole Park for a game, he snagged a game home run — his first […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/3 v. Red Sox

baseball field from stands during game
I love when April rolls around. It brings warm weather and baseball, and who can argue against either of those two things? But, April is also bittersweet. With that warm weather comes rain, often times a lot of it. That is not good for baseball, and it is not good for me. With the forecast changing, showing a 0% chance of rain during the 4 and 5 o’clock hours at the stadium, batting practice looked to be a guarantee. However, with rain percentages ranging from 40-60% during the game, I […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 4/2 v. Red Sox

fans in stands at camden yards with view of game in distance
I was not sure what to expect for this second game of the season at Camden Yards. Opening Night often draws a decent crowd, bringing in the fans who were unable to secure tickets for the first game. Last season, Opening Night was against the Twins, a team that does not draw a big crowd in Baltimore. Thus, last year’s game-number-two looked much like any mid-season, mid-week game. This year, though, the Boston Red Sox were in town, fresh off a World Series victory. Boston fans travel well, and I […]

Camden Yards Ball Hawk: 3/31 (and 4/1) vs. Red Sox

two fans being pointed out in still shot image on tv
While Baltimoreans were starting to fill the pubs on the morning of Opening Day, I was standing in line at 11 AM, one of only a few people outside of Gate H on Eutaw Street. Me, my girlfriend Kelly, and a good friend of mine, Ben, left Towson University at about 10 and headed downtown. With help from fellow ball hawk Alex Kopp (who attends every game except Opening Day), we were able to snag free parking in his driveway just blocks away from the stadium, making the process painless. […]
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