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Stephen Adams

Stephen was born and raised in Baltimore (Dundalk, Middle River). He currently lives in Baltimore City with his wife and son. While he loves Baltimore sports, baseball is his true passion. An O's season ticket holder since 2009, he's been through the dark days as well as the golden days. Professionally he's a software developer with a Computer Science degree from Towson University. He loves statistics and constantly finds himself battling his knee-jerk emotional side with his cold, fact based statistical side. You can follow him on Twitter @StephenPAdams.

The Orioles Pitching Development Roller Coaster: Part 1 – Jake Arrieta

pitcher for orioles looking forward about to throw pitch
They say you can’t ruin the great ones. But the Orioles seem like the only team that could ruin a current Cy Young Award winner and two fourth-overall draft picks. In case you haven’t filled in the blanks, I’m speaking about Jake Arrieta, Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman, respectively.   Jake Arrieta We’ll start with Arrieta here in part one of this series. I’ll talk about the others in future installments. Jake was drafted in the 5th round out of Weatherford College in Texas in the 2007 draft by the […]

O’s Crystal Ball: Looking to 2016 & Beyond

Manny Machado in front of sign at spring training 2015.
I’m a big fan of Billy Beane. And I have a tendency to over quote the following, but I want to set the tone for the remainder of the article: “You’re either building for something special, or you’re on the verge of something special. To be in between is foolish.” The goofy thing is that prior to the 2015 season, the Orioles were on the verge of something special. They dominated the AL East and won it handsomely. They dominated the Tigers in the ALDS, but they were swept in […]

Dan Duquette is No Andy MacPhail

dan duquette speaking at orioles press conference
Dan Duquette is no Andy MacPhail. This might elicit a knee-jerk “Thank goodness!” After all, under MacPhail (2007-2011) the O’s not only did not make the playoffs, but they did not have a single winning season…or even come close to one. So why is the title hinting that Dan Duquette not being Andy MacPhail is a bad thing? I want to make one thing clear: my issue with Dan Duquette is not the win-loss record. Not by a long shot. My issue is not even with Duquette’s major league roster. […]
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