About Rob Shields

Rob was born and raised in Baltimore. He is a life long Baltimore sports fan who has written about the Os locally, as well as co-hosted multiple podcasts where he was able to interview local and National writers. Rob has also appeared on the radio for 105.7, WNST and 1370. He currently lives in the Baltimore area with his wife and two sons.

O’s Should Look to San Diego for Rebuilding Blueprint

You could argue that the Orioles are at a bit of a crossroads right now. By that I mean, they need to decide when to bring young prospects up, when do they make key trades, key FA signings, etc.…Do they start this year?  Do they wait another year?  Can they allow 2022 to be another poor year because of a dwindling and disgruntled fan base? Orioles GM Mike Elias came from Houston and everyone likes to point to Houston as some kind of proof that losing 100+ games for several […]

Fact/Opinion: Get Adley Up Here Now

Adley Rutschman swings in the batter's box
When I was growing up, back when we still read newspapers, one of my favorite columns to read was John Eisenberg’s Fact and Opinion column. So, with apologies/thanks to the former Sun writer and current Ravens.com writer, as well as author of multiple books, I present my version of facts and opinions on the Orioles Fact: On May 5, John Means threw a no hitter and the Orioles record at that time was 15-16. They were in 5th place in the division but only three games out of first. They […]

Let the Kids Play!

Keegan Akin throws a pitch
The Orioles just completed one of the worst months in franchise history and are currently in the race for the first pick to get Elijah Green in next year’s draft. We will see if that sustains (hey, they’ve won two series to start June!) as this season goes on.  For me, this season was always going to be about development, and we are seeing a lot of great things happen in the minors so far.  On the MLB side of things, the development has been inconsistent at best.  The young pitchers […]

The Trey Mancini Dilemma

After what was certainly the hardest year of his life, Trey Mancini has come back to the Orioles and looks like the guy we saw in 2019.  During that season, Trey was one of the best 30 or so offensive players in the sport by nearly every metric.  The idea that he could even play in 2021 was far from everyone’s mind this time last year.  We were hoping that he would survive and continue to live his life, much less if he could continue to play the game. Instead, […]

Means a Part of the Future, or Best Trade Chip?

John Means pitches.
Yesterday, John Means entered the baseball record books when he threw a no hitter.  In addition to this being a no hitter, it was the first ever non-perfect game where a batter reached base without a walk. HBP or error.  He threw 70% of his pitches for strikes, had a swinging strike % of 33% and threw 26 out of 27 first pitch strikes.  It was truly one of the best pitching performances we have ever seen. While you never expect a no hitter, Orioles fans have grown accustomed to […]

How Can Birds Put the “O’s” Back in Offense?

Austin Hays takes a spring training AB
The early returns on the Orioles offense are pretty dreadful. They are currently 12th in the AL in runs scored, 10th in BA, last in OBP, 13th in slugging, last in wOBA and last in wRC+. They also have the AL’s worst walk rate and 3rd highest K rate. Even with offenses down around the league, those numbers are U-G-L-Y! However, does that mean Orioles nation should be in a panic? Well, not really. First of all, you have to remember that the sample size is still small. A few […]

Is Cedric Mullins Here to Stay?

Cedric Mullins in spring training
The Orioles started the season 3-0, but since then, they have only won one out of their last six.  Right now, as is always the case when a team is slumping, the offense and pitching look terrible.  However, there has been one consistent bright spot through the first nine games of the season and that is Cedric Mullins.  Mullins’ slash line is .459/.512/.676/.1188.  He has a 0.8 WAR, which is good for 5th amongst all MLB position players.  He has played good defense to go along with that great hitting.  […]

Keegan Akin Should be in Opening Day Rotation

Keegan Akin throws a pitch
Every year, baseball fans across the country discuss the merits of their teams’ Opening Day roster. The reality is that the Opening Day roster matters very little to teams that aren’t really contenders. The roster that you really look forward to as a non-contending team is the post-trading deadline roster. Who has been traded? Who has been brought up from the minors? Who is playing every day? Are you starting to see glimpses of the future that can carry into the next season? Those are the important questions, not “who […]

When Will the Rebuild be “Over?”

dark upper view of seating at camden yards with clouds and sun
When will the rebuild be over? That is the question on the mind of almost every Oriole fan. I think before we answer when it will be over, we have to ask what rebuilding even is. It seems like that is an easily tossed-around word but one that people don’t truly grasp the meaning. When you look at the best franchises in sports, you see a common theme. That theme is that they do a great job of developing from within. It’s a constant conveyor belt of developing young talent […]

When Will Adley Rutschman Debut in Baltimore?

Adley Rutschman introduced at OPACY
Yesterday, Adley Rutschman made his 2021 Spring Training debut. The question on the mind of all Orioles fans is, when will he debut in Baltimore? 2020 was a tough year for a lot of people but, in the baseball world, 2020 really hurt the development and promotions of young minor league players. Sure, some of them were able to play and develop in their organization’s camps and that has some value to it but obviously not as much value as real game action would’ve had. This year, the minor leagues have […]
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