About Rob Shields

Rob was born and raised in Baltimore. He is a life long Baltimore sports fan who has written about the Os locally, as well as co-hosted multiple podcasts where he was able to interview local and National writers. Rob has also appeared on the radio for 105.7, WNST and 1370. He currently lives in the Baltimore area with his wife and two sons.

Keegan Akin Should be in Opening Day Rotation

Keegan Akin throws a pitch
Every year, baseball fans across the country discuss the merits of their teams’ Opening Day roster. The reality is that the Opening Day roster matters very little to teams that aren’t really contenders. The roster that you really look forward to as a non-contending team is the post-trading deadline roster. Who has been traded? Who has been brought up from the minors? Who is playing every day? Are you starting to see glimpses of the future that can carry into the next season? Those are the important questions, not “who […]

When Will the Rebuild be “Over?”

dark upper view of seating at camden yards with clouds and sun
When will the rebuild be over? That is the question on the mind of almost every Oriole fan. I think before we answer when it will be over, we have to ask what rebuilding even is. It seems like that is an easily tossed-around word but one that people don’t truly grasp the meaning. When you look at the best franchises in sports, you see a common theme. That theme is that they do a great job of developing from within. It’s a constant conveyor belt of developing young talent […]

When Will Adley Rutschman Debut in Baltimore?

Adley Rutschman introduced at OPACY
Yesterday, Adley Rutschman made his 2021 Spring Training debut. The question on the mind of all Orioles fans is, when will he debut in Baltimore? 2020 was a tough year for a lot of people but, in the baseball world, 2020 really hurt the development and promotions of young minor league players. Sure, some of them were able to play and develop in their organization’s camps and that has some value to it but obviously not as much value as real game action would’ve had. This year, the minor leagues have […]
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