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Paul Valle is a Baltimore native who has always had a passion for baseball. But his passion goes beyond the average spectator. Paul has been studying baseball--specifically the Orioles--since his youth. He not only appreciates the on field play, but the strategy and statistics behind it. Paul obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and New Media from Towson University to go along with his Associate of Arts Degree in English from Harford Community College. Paul is a regular contributor to Eutaw Street Report, and also hosts an Orioles YouTube show called "The Payoff Pitch," which you can also find at Eutaw Street Report.

2017 American League East Preview & Prediction

Buck Showalter and Manny Machado celebrate in the Orioles clubhouse.
As chaotic as last Spring Training was for the Orioles, the only real drama to come out of this Grapefruit season for the Birds was Chris Tillman‘s ailing shoulder. And despite the loss of Tillman, the lack of drama is probably a good thing considering how much work the Orioles have cut out for themselves in 2017. The Orioles take on the Blue Jays to start the season, looking for redemption after losing a heart-breaking 11-inning Wild Card game to Toronto to end the 2016 season. With Boston looking to […]

2017 National League Preview

Jake Arrieta of the Cubs screams and gets pumped up.
Last season, my National League Predictions were way off. I correctly predicted the NL East standings and the Rookie of the Year, and that’s about it. But, if PECOTA, FanGraphs, and meteorologists can be wrong every year and get paid for it, then I think I’m okay. This year, for the fifth year in a row I take another crack at it. So here you go, my National League and World Series predictions. [Related: 2017 American League & World Series Predictions]   National League East Washington Nationals (94-68) – Bryce […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Manager

buck showalter staring off into distance with hat and sunglasses on
In the conclusion of our positional rankings, we here at Eutaw Street Report take a look at the managers in the AL East. For some teams, the talent on the field is enough to make the manager’s job easy, while for others, the manager is the driving force that takes that team from good, to great. AL East Positional Rankings: Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Left Field Centerfield Right Field Designated Hitter Bullpens Starting Rotations Perhaps two of the best managers in all of baseball reside in […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Starting Rotations

Kevin Gausman delivers the pitch.
In this installment of our positional rankings here at Eutaw Street Report, we look at the starting rotations in the AL East. For most teams, the starting rotation has a direct impact on their standing in the division. For example, since 2012, each division winner in the AL East has finished in the top six in ERA in the American League. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. The Tampa Bay Rays’ rotation has sported a top-three ERA four times since 2012, ranking as high as first twice, while […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Bullpens

Zach Britton pitches.
With the position players and designated hitters in the rearview, it’s time to focus on the pitching staffs within the American League East. In the latest installment of my positional rankings, I take a look at the bullpens in the AL East as I lead up to my annual predictions for the upcoming season. Having a strong starting rotation and solid offense are essential in building a lead and winning ballgames. But that’s only part of it. With complete games becoming a rarity, the bullpen is essentially the backbone of […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Designated Hitter

Mark Trumbo finishes his swing.
In the next part of my positional rankings, I rank the designated hitters in the American League East. Only seven players in 2016 accrued more than 400 AB as the DH, so this is an ever changing “position,” as it were. However, those seven players averaged 31 HR and 92 RBI for the season, so there is definitely an emphasis placed on the role of the DH. With the fluidity of the position being what it is, it would normally be hard to define a true DH for each team. […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Right Field

Seth Smith swings.
As my series of positional rankings continues, I take a look at the right fielders in the AL East. For the Baltimore Orioles, it has been a tough road trying to find a suitable replacement for Nick Markakis. Even with Mark Trumbo leading the league in home runs in 2016, his defense left much to be desired, leaving Buck Showalter–a defensive-minded manager–searching for another candidate to take the reins while moving Trumbo to the full-time DH role. Other Positions: Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Left Field Centerfield […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Centerfield

Adam Jones follows through on his swing.
In part seven of my positional rankings, I look at the centerfielders in the American League East. Center field in the division is a fairly loaded position, composed of defensive stalwarts, speedsters, and offensive powerhouses. Other Positions: Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Left Field The general of the outfield, the centerfielder of a team is usually one of the best athletes on the team, and the AL East is no exception, featuring seven Gold Gloves, seven All-Star selections, and two Silver Sluggers. But who can claim the […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Left Field

Hyun Soo Kim watches after contact.
With three weeks to go before Opening Day, my positional rankings continue here at Eutaw Street Report as we move out of the infield and into the outfield. First up for the outfield rankings are the left fielders of the American League East. Other Positions: Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Left field has proven to be a more difficult task than anticipated as there are platoons, inexperience, and declining veterans manning the position within the division. For example, in Toronto, Melvin Upton Jr. and Ezequiel Carrera are […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Shortstop

J.J. Hardy prepares to defend.
In part five of my positional rankings, I round out the infield by previewing the shortstops in the American League East. As is always the case, this list is subject to change should an injury occur, or should the incumbent player(s) be unseated. Other Positions: Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base The position of shortstop has always been a strong one in the AL East. From Cal Ripken, Jr., Nomar Garciaparra, and Derek Jeter in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s to Xander Bogaerts, Troy Tulowitzki, and J.J. Hardy […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Third Base

Manny Machado in front of sign at spring training 2015.
In part four of my positional rankings, I look at arguably the most talented position in the division: third base. Third basemen in the American League East have combined for 11 All-Star appearances, nine 30-homer seasons, five Gold Gloves, four Silver Slugger awards, two league leaders in RBI, a league leader in doubles, a Platinum Glove, an AL MVP, and a World Series MVP. In a word, third base in the AL East is stacked. The top two on this list should be pretty obvious, the only mystery being who […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Second Base

Jonathan Schoop prepares to catch the ball.
In parts one and two of my series of positional rankings, I focused on catchers and first basemen in the American League East. Today, I’ll look at the second basemen within the division. As was the case with the two previous installments, this list will be based on depth charts from multiple platforms as of today. The players, and therefore the rankings, are subject to change. But until then, here we go: the starting second basemen, ranked from best to worst, in the AL East.   Second Base 1. Dustin […]

AL East Positional Rankings – First Base

Chris Davis prepares to field.
In an effort to more thoroughly predict the AL East this season, I have decided to rank each team, position-by-position. Last time, I ranked the catchers. In today’s piece, I rank the starting first basemen within the division. Before we get started, a disclaimer: a lot can change between now and the start of the regular season. For example, Greg Bird is expected to be the everyday first basemen for the Yankees, but the team will try to find at-bats for newly signed Chris Carter, which means there could be […]

AL East Positional Rankings – Catcher

Francisco Pena in Spring Training.
With Opening Day a mere five weeks away, it’s time to take a look at how things could shape up in the American League East for the 2017 season. And what better way to “predict” the standings in the division than to go position by position to figure out which team is the best of the best? Now, we all know that predictions are just that; predictions. Look no further than PECOTA and FanGraphs to see what they really amount to. The Orioles, for example, have been picked to finish […]

Another Swing at 25 O’s for 25 Seasons

partial view of brick building and entrance to camden yards
Last week, Eutaw Street Report writer Andrew Stetka accepted @pizzacutter4’s challenge to pick one player from each roster of the last 25 seasons of Orioles Baseball to complete a “Super Roster,” so to speak. Without reading Mr. Stetka’s choices, I decided it would be a fun idea to do the very same thing, and then have you, the readers, compare the two rosters. In addition to the 25-man rosters, I also figured out how this team would fare in a 162-game season using some of my own calculations and the […]

2016 National League Predictions

cubs jake arrieta with clenched fists and fans in background celebrating no-hitter
With the start of a new season comes new expectations. Every team starts the year tied for first, and every team thinks this could be their year. As we all know, only one team is left standing in the end, but which team will it be? Predicting the American League and National League playoff teams can be a chore at times, especially in the NL where there are so many loaded teams. But I’m going to give it my best shot. Here are my National League predictions. [Related: 2016 American […]

2016 American League Predictions

Dallas Keuchel of the Astros yells.
With the start of a new season comes new expectations. Every team starts the year tied for first, and every team thinks this could be their year. As we all know, only one team is left standing in the end, but which team will it be? Predicting the American League and National League playoff teams can be a chore at times, especially in the NL where there are so many loaded teams. But I’m going to give it my best shot. First, here are my American League predictions [Related: 2016 […]

2016 AL East Predictions: Orioles Defy the Haters Once Again

orioles player walking by fans in stand holding champion flag
Spring Training is over. And what a spring it was. Dexter Fowler was an Oriole. And then he wasn’t. Miguel Gonzalez was an Oriole. And then he wasn’t; but he might be again? Hyun-Soo Kim was the starting left fielder. And then he wasn’t. Joey Rickard was a long-shot Rule V pick. Now he’s the starting left fielder. Tumultuous to say the least. But with everything that happened in what felt like the longest–and strangest–offseason in recent memory, excitement still looms as the Baltimore Orioles get set to open their […]

Pedro Alvarez Gives the O’s More of the Same

Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates does his home run trot.
Late Monday evening, the Orioles agreed to terms with slugger Pedro Alvarez on a one-year deal, pending a physical. Should the former 2008 second overall pick pass the Orioles’ always rigorous physical, Alvarez will make $5.75 million in 2016, with the potential for an additional $1.25 million in incentives, per reports from Jon Heyman and others. After being spurned by Dexter Fowler last week, and missing out on Austin Jackson to the Chicago White Sox (the Orioles reportedly offered more money but Jackson wanted to play center field), the Orioles […]

O’s Shouldn’t Hesitate to Give Up Pick for Gallardo

men sitting at draft tables in large open room decorated with sports stuff
When the 2015 MLB season ended, the Orioles found themselves on the outside looking in, finishing 81-81, needing a five-game winning streak to finish the year to reach .500. While the offense actually scored more runs than the 2014 96-win club, it was the starting pitching that let the team down in 2015. Baltimore Orioles starters went 68-45 while pitching to a 3.61 ERA in 2014, good for fifth in the American League. In 2015, the starters took more than a step back, going 51-62 with a 4.53 ERA. Only […]
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