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Even though I'm not from Baltimore, OPACY will always be my home. I love writing about the Orioles while combining analytics with my baseball intuition. Check out the new Orioles postgame show: twitch.tv/birdlandsports

Who is the gOat of the 2010s O’s?

four all star players posed together with stadium crowd in background
submitted by Michael Vetter We all know by now that Nick Markakis has officially retired from baseball, and as my fellow ESR blogger Andrew Stetka eloquently stated, Markakis had an immeasurable impact on the franchise and is surely a top 25 Oriole of all time. He was one of the most recognizable O’s during the 2010s, an era bookended by irrelevancy, yet still full of great accomplishments. After all, the O’s won the most games of any team in the AL from 2012-2016, while becoming AL East champions for the […]

Fangraphs Says 66 Wins – How the O’s Can Beat That

Trey Mancini watches the ball after making contact.
submitted by Michael Vetter In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was not very happy with some of Fangraphs’ projections, especially because they assumed that Chris Davis would be playing more first base for the O’s in 2021 than Trey Mancini. Well, Fangraphs must have read what I said, because they now project Mancini to have more plate appearances at 1B than The Artist Formerly Known as Crush, with Ryan Mountcastle as the main First Baseman. Their projections also now have Mancini as the full-time DH, which would […]

What Are the O’s *Actual* Playoff Chances?

submitted by Michael Vetter 0.0%.  Any O’s fan who went onto Twitter the day of February 16, 2021 knows what that percentage means. For some of us, myself included, it was a brutally honest, somewhat hilarious statement by Fangraphs that there is absolutely no way that the Orioles will make the playoffs in 2021. For other fans, “0.0%” was a totally uncalled-for, direct attack against Baltimore…even though the O’s have been one of the worst five MLB teams for three straight years. Look, I know how infuriating it is that […]
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