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Megan Schaufert

Megan grew up & lived in Pennsylvania until 2012, when she decided to be a permanent Maryland resident to match her love of Maryland sports. While she loves the Ravens, her life pretty much revolves around the Orioles & baseball. She tend to make slightly inappropriate jokes while tweeting about sports & in the words of Tom Hanks, "there's no crying in baseball"....unless you saw her at Camden Yards when the Orioles became the 2014 AL East champions. Follow Megan on Twitter @asianmegan.

An O’s Fan’s Guide to Spring Training

people standing by entrance to stadium with large potted plants
Spring Training means baseball is finally here. An additional perk? It gives us a fantastic reason to leave this bipolar Maryland weather & head down south for some sunshine & palm trees. This was my second Spring Training trip, but my first time staying in Sarasota. If you’ve never been to Spring Training, I highly suggest making the trek! This is a vacation every baseball fan simply must take at some point in their life. I attended the first three O’s Spring Training games of the Grapefruit League season. If […]

Some Fans Need an Orange Chill Pill

man standing up in stands with arms out to side yelling
The Orioles just lost their 4th game in a row, getting swept by Kansas City. Trust me, I get that losing four games in a row sucks. Yes, every single game matters BUT there’s a fine line between getting upset over a loss & acting like it’s the end of the world. I’m not a fan of comparing football and baseball, but let’s humor ourselves a little. Football has 16 regular-season games, which is I guess more of a reason to throw your remote at your TV or punch a hole […]

Boston Red Sox Plan Pre-Game Party for Fans June 3 at OPACY

Boston in Baltimore t-shirt.
On the Red Sox website, there is an entire page dedicated to “Red Sox DestiNATIONS,” wherein they sell tickets to fly their obnoxious fans all over the country to invade unsuspecting stadiums. Awful, but sure, whatever. They have packages for a bunch of cities, including Toronto, New York, Chicago, and others. Of course, Baltimore is on the list. However, we get special treatment. Lucky us! Before the Red Sox-Orioles game on June 3rd at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, they are having a pre-game party at the Warehouse. Look at […]

We Were Prepared for Nonsense, but Somehow We’re Still Shocked

Orioles Adam Jones argues with umpire Sam Holbrook.
Prior to Wednesday’s game, the MLB commissioner’s office held a conference call with both Buck Showalter & John Farrell, and the GMs of both teams, to issue a warning to both. So basically, saying both the Orioles & Red Sox need to cut the crap or suspensions and/or fines will be levied. I told y’all to hold onto your butts, didn’t I? So fast forward to the top of the 2nd inning. Kevin Gausman hasn’t allowed a hit yet & Xander Bogaerts gets hit on the hip. HE WAS HIT […]

I’m Over this O’s-Red Sox BS, & Hope the Teams are Too

Manny Machado stares back at the Red Sox dugout after hitting a home run as catcher Sandy Leon watches.
Alright, I’ve vented on the twitter but I feel like being limited to 140 characters clearly doesn’t do this issue justice, so here goes nothing. Obviously, I’m an Orioles fan. Obviously, I’m going to stick up for my team & my players BUT I also know right from wrong and have no problem admitting when one of our players do wrong (i.e. Manny Machado throwing his bat at Josh Donaldson a few years ago was WRONG). Let’s be honest: this “bad blood” between the Red Sox & Orioles is getting […]

Inaugural “Wood O’ the Month” Award

Welington Castillo of the Orioles follows through on his swing.
Well friends, we got through the first month of the season. The last series of the month against the Yankees was pretty ugly, but we still ended the month in first place. Well, tied for first place with the Yankees, but we don’t need to mention that tiny little detail. This season at ESR, I’ll be handing out a monthly best-hitter award, which we’ll call “The Wood O’ the Month.” Let’s get to our inaugural winner(s)…   Runner Up: Welington Castillo Looking back on April, there were a couple of […]

Wait, the Orioles Can…Pitch?

Dylan Bundy of the Baltimore Orioles pitches.
Your Baltimore Orioles currently have the best record in MLB. Yes, I know, it’s only April 23 and we’re only 16 games in, but we’re O’s fans! We get very excited over every little good thing this team does and also get very angry over every little bad thing they do. The only other times in team history that the O’s have started 12-4 or better were in 1966 and 1997. If you just hopped on the bandwagon after the 2012 season or have lived in an underground bunker & […]

Trey Mancini Shares His Record-Tying Bat with Teammates

Trey Mancini high fives Ubaldo Jimenez.
After a painful walk-off loss to the Blue Jays Saturday afternoon (which, let me remind you was only Toronto’s second win of the season), our Birds came back on Sunday with what they do best: a whole lot of dongs. But let’s focus on Trey Mancini. Maybe you know him better as Boom Boom Mancini. As you remember, Mancini hit double dongs against the Red Sox, including an Earl Weaver Special, to help the Orioles whoop some Boston tail in a 12-5 win Wednesday night. Well, he went boom boom […]

GIF: Manny & Schoop Didn’t Look Too Worried About Britton

Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop horse around as Zach Britton warms up.
Let’s be honest: we all want the Bromance that Manny Machado & Jonathan Schoop have with each other. During last night’s game against the New York Yankees, Zach Britton was taking warm-up pitches after rolling his ankle fielding a ground ball for the second out in the ninth inning. Birdland was holding our collective breath at that moment, but it seemed that Manny & Jon weren’t very worried. In fact, they were adding another item to their entertaining Bromance list: ball tapping. See, they’re just like us! Only one is […]

Another O’pening Day, Another O’s Win

Oriole Park at Camden Yards from the right field corner.
Another Orioles Opening Day is in the books, and more importantly, another Opening Day in the win column is in the books. Were you one of the 45,667 fans there or were you one of the many who took pregaming to extreme lengths & can barely remember watching the game? I’m thinking there were definitely some folks with hangovers in the stands by the time the 11th inning rolled around. Either way, the “O” during the National Anthem was loud & proud and the boos for Jose Bautista were quite […]
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