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Matt Sroka

Matt Sroka is a lifelong Baltimore Sports fan, growing up with a father that took his passion for the Orioles to a level some might say went too far. However, Matt was able to take that passion even further, joining up with his brother Josh and Brother-in-law Bert to create Section 336, Baltimore's Best Sports Talk.

Counterpoint: Chris Davis is Right Move at the Right Price

orioles players davis and flaherty high fiving in dugout
If a baseball team wants to upset a fan base, then all they have to do is spend the offseason sitting on their hands, not making any moves. But if they really want to tick off their fan base then all they have to do is re-sign the best power hitter in baseball… On Saturday, the Orioles signed Chris Davis, baseball’s home run king two out of the last three years, to a seven-year $161M deal. Heated debates immediately began as to whether or not Davis was worth this amount […]

No Wrong Answer for Wieters – or O’s – On Q.O.

Matt Wieters in his catcher's gear.
Last Friday, the Orioles extended the qualifying offer of $15.8 million to Matt Wieters. Wieters, as well as the other MLB free agents to whom the offer was extended, has until tomorrow to decide whether or not he will accept it. With a Wieters decision looming, Oriole fans find themselves having mixed feelings about what they would like to see happen. If Wieters accepts the deal, he would be the first player to accept the qualifying offer. Much has been written about what would be best for Wieters: a well-paid […]

The Orioles’ 10 Most Valuable Potential Trade Chips

gausman after throwing pitch from mound with crowd behind
The inspiration for this article is twofold. First and foremost, Fangraphs has recently posted their annual Trade Value Rankings where they rank the top fifty most valuable trade candidates for the entire MLB. Secondly, I was inspired to write this article by silly fans. There appears to be some misunderstanding in fandom about how valuable certain players are, and the result of these misunderstandings is that you have people proposing ridiculous trade scenarios like “Chris Davis for Cole Hamels!” Below are my personal, subjective rankings of the top ten most valuable […]

Cabrera Another Deft Duquette Signing

ball player holding helmet in one hand and palm up with the other
One usually does not last till the end of February as a free agent without a little bit of baggage, and Everth Cabrera is no exception.  In 2013 Cabrera was suspended 50 games for his connection with the Biogenesis report. This raises a couple issues: 1. How much of his elite performance in 2013 was due to his use of PEDs?; and 2. Does this raise more significant questions about his character and his qualities as a teammate? For the Orioles, this is familiar territory as they were asking the […]

Who’s Gonna DH for the Baltimore Orioles?

steve pearce after just hitting homerum at plate bat behind head
So if you go to Orioles.com, select ‘Roster’, and then choose ‘Depth Chart’, you’ll notice a slight problem. Steve Pearce is projected to start both at designated hitter and at first base. Now, Pearce was great last year and I wouldn’t put it past him to be really effective starting at both of these positions, but unfortunately rules would not allow for it.  Moreover, to complicate things further, Buck Showalter said during the Winter Meetings that Pearce would be the starting right fielder if the season started today. So which […]

In Duquette We Trust?

dan duquette speaking at orioles press conference
From the moment the Orioles signed Nelson Cruz last offseason, it was very clear that it was just a one-year rental; therefore it was no surprise when he left.  From the moment the Orioles traded for Andrew Miller in July, it was clear he was just a rental for the playoff run; therefore, it was no surprise when he left.  From the moment the Orioles chose to not pick up Nick Markakis’ 17.5 million dollar option, it just seemed like a matter time before the Orioles would sign him to […]

Five O’s Offseason Myths

batter for baltimore orioles
From the moment the Orioles were ousted from the playoffs, Baltimore Oriole fans have been debating what the club needs to do to get to the next level and win a World Series. I love this discussion; it’s a lot better than those discussions we used to have about many more years the Orioles would be rebuilding. Yet, with all this great Orioles discussion, there have also been some people talking (and writing) recklessly. Below I’ve debunked five myths that I have heard people talk and write about this offseason. […]

What Can the O’s Learn from KC’s Improbable Run?

empty baseball field with postseason 2014 written on field
I don’t want to watch the World Series.  I have no rooting interest.  I’m still getting over my depression about the Orioles’ exit, and while I comfort myself with the knowledge of all the Orioles accomplished this year (96 wins, AL East title, beating out the Detroit Tigers for a trip to the ALCS), I’m still left wanting more.  Yet despite all these feelings, I still find myself watching the World Series.  It’s like watching the last season of Lost.  No one enjoyed the last season of Lost or really […]

Re-Signing Miller Should Top O’s List of Priorities This Offseason

orioles pitcher arm back glove in front about to throw pitch
It is not a coincidence, nor should it be a surprise to anyone that the two teams in the World Series, the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, had the two lowest bullpen ERA’s in the playoffs.  The game of baseball is evolving.  And in this evolutionary process only those teams with great relief pitching will survive. For example, in the ALCS against the Baltimore Orioles, the Kansas City Royals had great pithing; however, Yordano Ventura had the longest outing of any Royals starting pitcher going a mere […]

Playoff Roster Decisions – Who Would You Keep?

batter for baltimore orioles
With the AL East wrapped up, the possibility of catching the Los Angeles Angels, watching Alejandro De Aza hit triples and watching Christian Walker hit home runs are all reasons to continue to watch the last regular season week of Orioles baseball. As if you didn’t need another reason to watch your AL East Champions (that’s not going to get old quick) here are some playoff roster battles to keep your eye on.   Jimmy Paredes vs Kelly Johnson Paredes vs Johnson | FindTheBest Of the playoff roster battles this […]

Despite Plans Going Awry, Orioles Have Built a Winner

dan duquette and buck showalter side by side talking
Much has been made of all the Orioles have had to overcome this year.  The Orioles have faced countless obstacles – for example, the injuries to Machado and Wieters, Jimenez’s and Davis’ mindboggling ineptitude, Hunter’s failed closer experience, yada yada yada.  Yet, all of these are setbacks that have taken place just this past year.  What’s possibly more amazing is how the Orioles went from a traditionally pathetic ball club to all of a sudden (and quite unexpectedly) a well-respected, winning organization. There’s more than one way to build a […]

Section 336 Episode 76 – Percents

manny machado up to bat waiting for pitch
Today is an exciting day. This week has been Section 336’s first week with 24×7 Networks (Eutaw Street Report and Russell Street Report).  As our first show at 24×7 is Episode 76, Matt looks back at our first 75, offering thanks, appreciation and love to some great guys. Over the past year, Section 336 was a member of the Baltimore Sports Report Network.  Section 336 values our relationships with Bird’s Eye View, Baltimorons, Orioles Spastics, and the BSR Podcast and it’s only fitting to start this new chapter with a […]

Machado’s Surgery Decision Leaves O’s Fans Confused – Again

machado waiting for ball holding glove
Manny Machado injured his knee on August 11th, 2014. A knee injury that – though on the opposite knee – was almost identical to the knee injury he suffered last year.  Interestingly, the Orioles wanted Machado to just rest the knee and try to make a return for the playoffs.  Machado, however, elected to have surgery…wait a minute…this is all sounding familiar. On September 23, 2013 Manny Machado experienced a gruesome knee injury while running to first base.  Though the injury initially looked devastating, the reports coming right after the […]
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