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Kevin George was a sports writer for daily newspaper in Easton, Md., The Star Democrat. Besides local high school action, he also made the occasional trek across the bridge to cover Orioles, Ravens and Terrapins games. He wrote for 12 years at The Star Democrat, and was on the sports staff for three years (including one as sports editor) for The Daily Athenaueum, the student newspaper of West Virginia University. He still religiously watches sports on TV and sits on the Easton Little League Board. He lives in Easton, Md., with his wife Kristine, and their sons, Noah and Nathan.

O’s Fans Dare to Dream with 2131 Eutaw Street

Austin Hays & Cedric Mullins
Almost 10 years ago, one of the Baltimore Orioles’ marketing department’s most successful campaigns tapped Nick Markakis’s and Adam Jones’s popularity with the home fans as they carried the team back to prominence over the last decade. Using their respective uniform numbers, 21 and 10, and that they played neighboring positions in the outfield in front of Eutaw St., the marketing department came up with the slogan “2110 Eutaw Street” to form a side identity of Buck Showater’s Orioles. This season there are two new Orioles outfielders who are catching […]

Gregg Olson Writes Down Baseball’s “Unwritten Rules”

Gregg Olson baseball card.
The Otter’s Dozen One of the earliest controversies of this baseball season involved the Orioles, when Twins second baseman Brian Dozier accused Baltimore’s Chance Sisco of breaking one of baseball’s unwritten rules by bunting in the ninth inning of an April 1 game that was seemingly already decided, with the Twins holding a 7-0 lead. Never mind that, fittingly on April Fool’s Day, there was no no-htter or perfect game on the line, and the Twins had employed a defensive shift that afforded the rookie catcher a wide-open left side […]

Ain’t That a “B?” – Thanks to Terps, Dumb Boston Shirt has New Meaning

Boston in Baltimore t-shirt.
If you see some Boston fans wearing a tee-shirt with a big “B” in the familiar Red Sox old English-style font colored with the pattern and colors of the Maryland flag this weekend, don’t get angry. Congratulate them on their graciousness and willingness to publicly accept defeat. Seriously. I think the original idea was for the shirts to become a badge to identify to each other as a show of solidarity that there are Red Sox fans in Maryland. The garments would be a nonverbal rallying cry for the visiting […]

Welington Castillo Catching On or Catching Up?

Welington Castillo
Orioles fans, and to some extent, the media members who cover them, are up in arms over new catcher Welington Castillo’s decision to play for his native Dominican Republic’s team in this month’s World Baseball Classic. He’ll leave camp this weekend to report to his country’s squad. The international tournament blows a huge crater into his first spring training session with the Orioles – his first real opportunity to become acclimated with a new-to-him pitching staff, fellow catchers on the team, coaches and especially manager Buck Showalter. Minus the appearance […]

No Offense, No Britton Was the Right Non-Move

Buck Showalter sits at the press meeting desk at the wild card game.
If there is one personality trait Orioles manager Buck Showalter is known for it’s his loyalty to his players. He’s never going to throw them under the bus to the media. If there’s a major league manager who understands the media, it’s Buck Showalter. He was a featured analyst for ESPN for several years before landing in Baltimore in 2010. TV cameras and sound bites into microphones do not have an expiration date. He certainly was not going to call out his overmatched hitters during his postgame press conference after […]

It’s Time to Face The Music

Hyun Soo Kim and Wayne Kirby bump fists.
For weeks, all I’ve heard from Orioles fans during the team’s two-steps-forward, two-steps-back momentum centers on one central question: “Think the O’s can make the playoffs?” I’ve got news for you: For all intents and purposes, the playoffs have been going on for weeks already. Teams have been treading water and trying to outlast their competitors for a month or so. What are the playoffs, basically? Win or be eliminated, right? This is it. We’re there. Sure, these are still regular-season games — no one will ever convince you that […]

Joan Jett’s 1988 Song is Perfect for 2016 Orioles Fans

Joan Jett on an Orioles Fantasy Camp baseball card.
One of the more heralded Orioles fans in the rock and roll world is Rockville native Joan Jett. She made no secret of her loyalty a few years ago when she revealed how she would check her iPhone for scores while performing a concert during an Orioles’ playoff push. She’s performed the National Anthem and proudly cheered from the stands during games — in the regular season and playoffs, alike — in the 1980s and ’90s. One of her big hits “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” could also double […]

Just When You Think You Know It All…

Ubaldo Jimenez throws in a Spring Training game.
One of the most fundamental truths about watching baseball is that once you think you have it all figured out, the diamond gods will always find a way to surprise you. Let’s look at a few “indisputable facts” about the Orioles — many ripped right out of the mouths of sportstalk radio callers — and how these beliefs have gotten totally destroyed this month: “Ubaldo Jimenez has no business being on the Orioles, and they should release/demote/banish him to the bullpen.” This has been the biggest surprise of them all […]

High-Fives for the Rule 5s – Official & Unofficial

Joey Rickard in a home run trot.
The Baltimore Orioles are routinely dismissed to make any headline-grabbing moves every year at the annual Winter Meetings. Sure, they are always in many rumors for newly-minted free agents or trade talk with other teams who might be looking to move a veteran to make room for a stud prospect at that position — but the end result almost always seems to involve other teams by the time the transaction is announced. There in an exception, though…not exactly known as the sexiest roster move, but the Orioles always seem to […]

Can I Get a Witness?

view behind three fans in stands looking out to players in field
There’s a lot of concern coming from Oriole Park at Camden Yards lately — and it really has nothing to do with the home team’s slumping play, which saw them win just 13 of 29 games in August. It doesn’t even have to do with what many consider to be an underwhelming effort from the front office to try to improve the roster. No, the concern is at no one, in particular. That’s right: No one. … As in no one in the stands. See, the Orioles — who, despite […]
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