About Karl Magenhofer

Born in Baltimore, proud Mt. St. Joe grad and a baseball purist. Director of News and Programming for WSVA Radio in Harrisonburg, Virginia where he also has been with the JMU nTelos Wireless Sports Network since 2000. Previous stops at the old WJFK in Baltimore and WNAV in Annapolis.

So Long, Fred Manfra

Fred Manfra in the Orioles broadcast booth.
Fred Manfra stepped away from the Orioles broadcast booth for a final time yesterday and I hope you’ll join me in a toast for the man behind the mic. Say what you want about digital media, but you’ll never have a relationship with a tweet like you’ll have with that guy or gal on the radio. I have been fortunate in my life to work with several people who have been called the “Voice Of” the team that they have called games for. These folks (and the ones on TV) […]

Statcast Info Bogging Down MASN Broadcasts Already

A Manny Machado home run with Statcast data.
I tweeted a tweet that wasn’t met with the love I thought it would be, so I’m going to write about it. My simple social media post: The "stat-cast era" is the worst era. — Karl Magenhofer (@KarlMagenhofer) April 5, 2017 The comment was panned a bit by the folks here at ESR, despite the fact they already knew I am a 90-year-old man when it comes to baseball. I despise SABRmetrics and the novelty of “Statcast” hasn’t worn off for me because it never wore on. Wouldn't go that […]

Counterpoint: Good Riddance, Matt Wieters

close up of baltimore orioles Matt Wieters scowling
With news today that Matt Wieters has signed with the Nationals, I sense that Orioles fans (and some writers) may need therapy. Matt Wieters is not coming back to Baltimore. Throw the love letters out, burn the pictures and take his leather jacket to Goodwill. He isn’t coming back. I’ll start by admitting that I have never liked Wieters as a player. I’m more of a fan of guys who meet or exceed their potential. The hype train that rolled into Baltimore ahead of Wieters was incredible, but unfortunately the […]

Flashback Friday: Celebrate Buck, but Don’t Forget Ned Hanlon

Ned Hanlon's Baseball Hall of Fame plaque.
There’s a Baltimore Orioles team that apparently never existed. The other day, you may have been read a lot about Buck Showalter now having won the second-most games as manager of the Baltimore Orioles. I contend that that’s not 100% true. It is true that he would be number two on the current franchise list, but not on a list that included all of the “Baltimore Orioles.” You see, there was a Baltimore Orioles team that played in the National League in the late 1800’s. The team was chock-full of […]

The Silver Lining of the O’s Losses in New York

buck showalter staring off into distance with hat and sunglasses on
Thank God the Orioles just lost three games in New York. John Madden famously said “one knee equals two feet.” Similarly, I’m saying of the Orioles latest effort in New York “three losses equal a long term win.” I’m going to go ahead and assume that the Yankees will move from undecided to buyers in the upcoming trade deadline excitement. That’s a very good thing for the Orioles and the rest of the AL East. Why? Just the other day I was watching MLB Network and they were doing a […]

Thursday Thoughts: Starting to Worry About Gausman

Orioles P Kevin Gausman rubs his eyes after giving up a 3-run home run to Hanley Ramirez and the Boston Red Sox.
Andrew is out this week on vacation, so Karl Magenhofer decided to fill in for Thursday Thoughts. He doesn’t have quite as many thoughts as Andrew usually does – he has four. So instead of a nod to Cal Ripken Jr., let’s call this a nod to Earl Weaver, but with fewer obscenities and less yelling than Earl would have liked. – Tyler 1. I work with a lifelong Orioles fan who is Kevin Gausman’s number 19,0000,000,081st fan. He hates the guy. He’s been saying for the last year and […]

What’s With These Boneheaded Birds?

orioles player sliding into base getting tagged out
“I like our guys.” A now infamous quote and rallying cry for Orioles fans, but would Buck Showalter say that about this year’s edition of the birds? The more I watch this team, the more I just don’t see the fundamentally sound squads that Buck had in the past. The team thrived because it did the little things right and that made up for a slight to moderate lack of talent compared to some other clubs. Boneheaded base running has been an issue, most recently Jimmy Paredes and Everth Cabrera. […]

O’s Early-Season Pace Mirrors 2014’s Slow Start

baltimore orioles batter about to hit ball at home plate
I was pretty down on the Orioles after the Toronto series and started to pen a post on how perhaps the prognosticators who had picked the Birds last might have been right.  Like about 10 other posts I have written recently, it went into the trash can before I could submit it.  I’m writing this one super-fast before I change my mind again. Seriously, some recent events have me convinced that the Orioles will be just fine.  Just when you’re ready to heave a guy overboard on this team, they […]

“Drought Bracket” is Fun, but the “Dark Years” are Over

baseball batter waiting for pitch with crowd behind
The “dark years” tournament has been fun, but should also be an eye-opener for some of us. Think about the “problems” we have this year in Spring Training compared to years past. The O’s are honestly trying now to fit what looks like seven starters into five slots. The guys vying for the spots in the rotation are legitimate starters! I can’t recount how many times heading into those 12+ losing seasons that we had two legit starters and needed three other reclamation projects to step up. I think about […]

Davis in RF Would Have Trickle-Down Effect

batter for baltimore orioles
Whether it’s an early Spring Training charade or not, Chris Davis is getting re-acclimated with being an outfielder.  There are potential winners and losers in this scenario if “Davis the part time outfielder” becomes reality. The Losers The outfield is already crowded, but there are certainly two guys who jump out to me as big losers in this.  Delmon Young comes into this season with a bit of a promise he’ll get more “playing” time.  I say it that way because it’s hard to call being the DH playing. The […]

Matt Wieters Should Give Up Switch Hitting

orioles player with bat behind body looking up for ball
Pitchers and catchers are getting ready to report to Spring Training and there’s one catcher I don’t want to see…or at least half of one. Think of right-handed hitting Matt Wieters as the Rob Lowe with DirecTV and the left-handed hitting Matt Wieters as the one with cable.  The guy needs to give up on switch hitting. Why do I bring this up now? Shane Victorino recently gave up switch hitting and other players have talked about doing the same.  MLB Network did a piece on it last week and […]

O’s Lack of Steals is No Big Deal

orioles player machado caught stealing bases
The (un)need for speed Maverick and Goose had it, but I’m not certain the Orioles have “the need for speed.” I understand why you might think that they do.  Heck, we were repeatedly told during the ALCS telecasts how we were watching the team with the fewest steals against the team with the most. Being a traditionalist, I expect each team would want a leadoff man that can steal 30+ bases and more speed sprinkled throughout the lineup in the appropriate places. So I set out to write a post […]

O’s Bring Nolan Reimold Back on Minor League Deal

player after hitting baseball with catcher behind him
A little surprised probably best describes my thoughts when I heard the Orioles were bringing back Nolan Reimold.  The question is which Nolan Reimold is Baltimore bringing back? If you haunt Baseball-Reference like I do, you know they have some interesting comparisons that they do.  If you check out Reimold’s page you’ll see a short list of players of similar ages.  Two guys on that short list show us who the Orioles thought Reimold was going to be…and the guy he turned out to be. High Hopes I have no […]

Handicapping the 2016 Race…For Orioles Catcher

orioles player with bat behind body looking up for ball
If you follow politics, you know that the pundits have begun to line up the potential 2016 presidential candidates and rate their chances of getting their respective party’s nomination.  That might actually be easier than figuring out who will be behind the plate for the Orioles in 2016. The Incumbent Unlike many political races, the incumbent here is far from a shoo-in. Matt Wieters has held the job since 2009 and despite not nearly living up to his offensive expectations, Orioles fans love him. Because the Orioles have become notoriously […]

Snider Trade Fuels This Fan’s Offseason Obsession

pittsburg pirates player running bases during game
Obsession is more than an outdated cologne, it’s a problem I have with the Orioles this offseason. In years past the Travis Snider trade would have grabbed my attention for a quick second and then I could drift back to avoiding whatever house work the wife thinks I should be doing.  This year is apparently not years past…except for that pile of dishes. The Snider deal is the first real life we have seen from the Orioles front office since the trade deadline.  Is that why I care?  Is it […]
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