About Josh Linn

Josh is a northeast Pennsylvania native who has been a die hard Orioles fan since his first visit to Camden Yards in the summer of 2004. Josh is also an accomplished fantasy baseball GM, leading his team to a 6th place finish in his keeper league last season. Perpetually scouring Fangraphs and Baseball Reference, Josh is excited to bring his perspective on all things Orioles to ESR.

Elias Just Cleaning Up Dan & Buck’s Mess

buck showalter standing by fence talking to dan duquette
It’s been REAL spicy out in these Orioles Twitter streets the last few days.  The John Means no-hitter honeymoon is officially over. It’s easy to see why.  The team is fresh off of a fourteen game losing streak with a myriad of poor at-bats, defensive miscues, and bullpen breakdowns.  Our major league product has been uncompetitive for five seasons.  Certain players who showed promise during the COVID-shortened 2020 season have regressed.  There’s a lot of Orioles games that have been objectively tough watches, and any frustration is justified.  When things […]

John Means is Everything Good About a Reuild

John Means celebrates his no-hitter
Orioles fans are in a position of privilege. On the surface, that statement may sound blasphemous; the team has been nothing but poor since 2017. The previous front office did several disservices to the player development pipeline, via imprudent trades and anachronistic methods and philosophies. The team refused to engage the international market in a meaningful way. All of that, though, led to the situation in which the Orioles currently find themselve. In a weird, convoluted way, they HAD to suck for this to happen. A full reset, led by […]

Birds Sweep BoSox in Beantown

Cedric Mullins in spring training
The unstoppable, infallible juggernaut that is the Baltimore Orioles came out of the gate perfect, starting their season with a sweep of the Boston Red Sox which was capped by an 11-3 drubbing on Sunday afternoon.  Each department of the team took the chance to shine throughout the weekend, so much so that it’s nigh impossible to pick one thing to be impressed by more than the others.  As an esteemed Orioles fan and Opinion Haver, I came away from this series at Camden North with three main takeaways: John […]

Five O’s to Add to Your Fantasy Squad

While fantasy owners sit down on draft day with the primary goal of building the best team possible, the inherent bias in most of us leads to trying to work as many of our favorite team’s players into the mix that we can.  I mean sure, Gleyber Torres is an elite fantasy player, but what fun (or shred of morality) accompanies rooting for a Yankee?  The things we do to hit a lick. One small problem that Orioles fans have encountered in recent years is that valuable fantasy players have […]

John Means to the Moon!

John Means pitches.
Supporting your favorite baseball team in the midst of a rebuilding phase can be a grind, especially when the team does so in the unapologetic, scorched-earth fashion the Orioles have over the course of the past three seasons. It can do funny things to your brain; I recently reminisced about the 2007 summer of Erik Bedard, romanticizing a season during which the Orioles record was *checks notes*…69-93! Yeah, it’s been a little rough; however, one of the best parts of a rebuild, along with the proliferation of the top prospects […]
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