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Jonathan French was born and raised in Augusta, ME and currently resides in Hallowell, ME. He wasn't an Orioles fan by birth, but became one on a class trip to Washington D.C. in 1993 when he decided to buy the team's hat as a souvenir and has been an avid and passionate fan since. He's been to multiple Orioles games both at Fenway Park and at Oriole Park at Camden Yards over the years and founded his own site, Orioles Anonymous, in December 2010. You can follow Jonathan on Twitter at @JTrea81 and read more of his thoughts at OriolesAnonymous.com.

Given a Chance, Sisco Flourishing

Hello Birdland! I am back after a bit of a hiatus, but I don’t think anybody could blame someone for not having much to write about when it came to the Orioles for the past offseason through the first part of the 2019 season, especially anything positive. Here we are at the All-Star break though, and the Orioles are what we thought they would be. However, we are finally seeing glimpses of the future in players that are finally making an impact in the present. This has finally inspired me […]

Offseason Review, Spring Battles to Watch, & ’18 Predictions

Colby Rasmus swings and watches the ball fly.
Hello again, Orioles fans!  It’s been a long offseason but once again hope springs eternal as the Birds are back in Sarasota getting ready to begin the 2018 season. There’s a cloud of uncertainty that surrounds the team though, as it looks like the end of an era is here as there will be a mass exodus of players, coaches and front office executives after the season ends. For now though the team is still together and has one last shot at ending the World Series drought in Baltimore before […]

No, the Orioles Shouldn’t Fire Dan Duquette

head shots of dan duquette with orioles manager
So here we are at the end of another disappointing season in Birdland, and fans are starting to call for the firing of Orioles’ Executive VP of Baseball Operations, Dan Duquette once again, just like they did back in 2015 after the Orioles missed the playoffs and narrowly avoided a losing season finishing 81-81.  This season, it would take a small miracle for the Orioles to avoid their first losing season under Dan Duquette’s tenure but  I defended keeping Duquette after 2015 so I’ll defend him here again. Why? As […]

The Hitter vs. The Slugger II – Hyun-soo Kim vs. Trey Mancini

Trey Mancini and Hyun-Soo Kim square off.
It’s happening again. Three years after watching Delmon Young win a spot on the roster for the Orioles and get consistent playing time over Steve Pearce, with the team almost losing Pearce to waivers when Buck Showalter inexplicably wouldn’t play him and wanted his roster spot for a pitcher, you would have thought Buck and the Orioles would have learned their lesson. Pearce of course went on to have a career year and was a big part of the Orioles winning the 2014 American League East Division title. However, once […]

A Plan for the 2017 Orioles

head shots of dan duquette with orioles manager
Happy Holidays, Orioles fans!  It hasn’t exactly been an exciting offseason as the Winter Meetings have come and gone and we have entered the deep freeze before things pick back up in January. There’s slim pickings left in what was a poor free agent market to begin with, with few useful pieces still out there (not Mark Trumbo) and the Orioles don’t exactly have a large inventory to make any deals. However, it’s not all bad news – the team still has a core of Manny Machado, Chris Davis and […]

How Showalter Bucked Up the 2016 Orioles

manager buck showalter out on baseball field by himself
I was originally going to write about how the Orioles should fire Buck Showalter, but although I think that this marriage with the Orioles and GM Dan Duquetteshould end,  it won’t as long as Peter Angelos owns the team. I would love to see the Orioles turn in another direction as Showalter has had three cracks at the playoffs and has failed to advance the Orioles to the World Series, and this year was clearly his worst managing effort of his tenure. However, Angelos will never fire him, so instead […]

Arming the O’s to Win it All: Sonny Gray or Ervin Santana?

Side by side of Sonny Gray & Ervin Santana.
The schedule has turned to July, and while that means this writer is another year older, it also means it is officially trade season in Major League Baseball. For 14 years, it was almost always a time to anticipate who the Orioles were going to be selling, only to be disappointed by the lack of movement when August rolled around. The exception of course was the 2000 “fire sale” that brought Melvin Mora – but little else – to the Orioles. Happier times are here with Dan Duquette, and every […]

This Oriole Fan is in Hyun-Soo Kim’s Corner

Hyun-soo Kim prepares to hit.
It didn’t have to be this way. After signing a two-year $7 million deal, Korean Baseball Organization star Hyun-Soo Kim was poised to be the Orioles left fielder for the near future. Kim was known as an on-base machine in the KBO and if you look at his nickname on his profile at Orioles.com it’s actually “Machine.” The guy was so popular, he even had his own theme song that Orioles fans were eager to adopt. The stage was set for fans to have another popular international player to root […]

One Trade to Rule the A.L. East

Andre Ethier and Alex Wood of the Dodgers.
The offseason is winding down, which is the time of year when Dan Duquette and the Orioles like to do their bargain shopping. While there are still names out there on the free agent market that could fill holes in the Orioles lineup and rotation, there is one trade that could fill all the holes at once, and it involves one player that I’ve coveted for the Orioles for several years now, and one relatively new name who has ties to a current member of the Orioles organization.  Who am […]

A Plan for the 2016 Orioles (With More Chris Davis)

head shots of dan duquette with orioles manager
It is the offseason in MLB, a time that agents love and general managers and owners hate, because over a billion dollars will be spent by the start of Spring Training by teams, each trying to win a championship. As for the Orioles, like it or not, Dan Duquette is firmly set as the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, so the organization should have an offseason with the only drama surrounding player transactions (Chris Davis), instead of in the front office. The Orioles have five remaining free agents this […]

Put Away the Pitchforks! Dan Duquette Deserves Another Shot

two men flexing arms one wearing cape and mask
The buzz around the Orioles as they wind down this disappointing season is that there is tension in the Warehouse and many fans expect and hope that Peter Angelos will fire Dan Duquette at season’s end. Fans are angry with Duquette over the past offseason, but as I wrote back in February, it is the Toronto Blue Jays, the now eventual winners of the AL East (ugh), that are ultimately to blame for torpedoing the offseason and with it the 2015 season, not Duquette. I would think it would be […]

COUNTERPOINT: MacPhail Really Was “MacFAIL”

orioles president sitting at desk
Perhaps it was the Duquette saga this offseason that got people waxing nostalgic for Andy MacPhail, but I had to respond to my fellow writer Geno Rodriguez’s piece on the former President of Baseball Operations. Geno echoed a sentiment held by many O’s fans, that MacPhail had the most influence in the Orioles’ turnaround, and that he “resurrected” the franchise. However, MacPhail actually held the Orioles back from reaching success sooner with the moves he made and the moves he should have made, but didn’t. Let’s start with the very first […]

Weighing in on Duquette, Snider, & More

orioles dan duquette speaking at orioles press conference
With another FanFest completed, the offseason is drawing to a close, and I want to weigh in on a few topics that have dominated the headlines for the Orioles. First, here’s my take on the Duquette saga: the blame for this is 100% on the Blue Jays and specifically, Ed Rogers. There’s no doubt in my mind Rogers was hoping that the seed he planted with Duquette would fester and cause such an uncomfortable situation for the Orioles, that they would willingly hand over Duquette in exchange for next to […]

Can Coolbaugh Change O’s Free-Swinging Ways?

texas baseball player in dugout holding up fist looking at other player
The Orioles finally did the right thing when they re-assigned hitting coach Jim Presley.  The club said that it was for “personal reasons” at Presley’s request, but it was pretty clear for the last few years that a move needed to happen, but never did. Perhaps last season was the breaking point. According to Fangraphs, in 2014 the Orioles ranked 4th in MLB in percentages of pitches swung at outside the strike zone (O-Swing%) and only 24th in their contact percentage when they swung at those pitches (O-Contact%).  In other […]

5 Options to Replace Nelson Cruz & (Maybe) Nick Markakis

dodgers baseball player holding helmet in hand
With the news that the Orioles will not have Nelson Cruz in an Orioles uniform for 2015 and beyond, after he has agreed to a four-year deal with the Mariners, the Orioles know that they need to figure out how they are going to fill the DH role.  However, we also learned yesterday that the Orioles may lose Nick Markakis as well this offseason, so now there may be holes in left field, at DH and in right field. Is it time to press the panic button in Birdland? Not […]

Offseason Moves to End the World Series Drought

dan duquette and buck showalter side by side talking
Earl Weaver said it best:  “You win pennants in the offseason when you build your team.” Dan Duquette and the Orioles have to do just that, as they come off a tremendous 2014 season that came skidding to a halt when they were ousted from the playoffs by their exact opposite, the Kansas City Royals, in a four game sweep in the ALCS. Identifying why they failed while the Royals advanced is pretty easy – the Orioles continued to have deficiencies in two areas that they have largely ignored since […]

Looking North for Another Potential Blockbuster

one phillies player walking up to philies pitcher
The trade deadline is rapidly approaching, and the blockbuster deal I was advocating for seems less and less likely to happen as the Rays continue to win baseball games. However, another team has emerged as a big time seller – the Philadelphia Phillies, who have just put their ace, Cole Hamels out on the market. Just like the Rays, they can also offer the Orioles an upgrade at second base in Chase Utley. Unlike the Rays’ targets however, Hamels and Utley are pricey, contract-wise.The Phillies’ lefty is owed $90 million […]

Time for the O’s to Make a Blockbuster Trade

tampa bay pitcher with arm back winding up for pitch
Well here we are. It’s almost time for the All-Star break and the Orioles sit in first place of the American League East.  Honestly I don’t think many expected this to be the case. I know I didn’t, but the American League East is no longer the monster division it once was, and as a result the Orioles do have a great chance at walking away with the division crown. However, the fact remains that the season is a long way from being over and the Orioles could also easily […]

Should the O’s Fire Jim Presley?

baseball player kneeling on ground while catcher from boston is walking away
I was holding off on writing this for a bit, but the ninth inning of Saturday’s Orioles-Royals game convinced me that now had to the be the time.  So here it is. Jim Presley must be replaced as hitting coach for the Baltimore Orioles. This isn’t some knee-jerk reaction, as the Orioles’ offense under Presley has been going backwards for a few seasons now.  Many also know I’ve talked about this before but I’ll compile everything here to make my case why it has to happen now. One thing we […]

O’s Welcome Back Underappreciated Steve Pearce

orioles player pearce running bases
The Orioles were able to re-sign 1B/OF Steve Pearce on Tuesday after he refused the waiver claim the Toronto Blue Jays had put on him earlier in the day.  The Orioles weren’t messing around either, and gave him a major league contract so they could have somebody to play first base that was actually a first baseman while Chris Davis remains on the DL. Perhaps they saw Nick Markakis’ botched rundown play this past weekend vs. the Royals and decided that they needed a better solution.  You can’t really blame […]
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