About Geno Rodriguez

Geno Rodriguez

Geno Rodriguez is lifelong Baltimore resident and sports fan. He was born a diehard O’s fan and will certainly die as one. His love for the Orioles dates back to his childhood when he would catch two buses across Baltimore City to Memorial Stadium to watch the O’s play. His defining moment as fan came when he was pie’d by Adam Jones after the O’s clinched the AL East in 2014. He is equally as passionate about the Ravens. He emotionally invests himself in every game that either team plays. The only thing that brings him more happiness is watching his talented son play baseball. When he is not watching Baltimore sports, he is selling Baltimore real estate. Find Geno on Twitter at @GenoRodriguez19

He Won’t be an All-Star, but Cabrera Should Contribute

batter for orioles waiting on pitch
I seriously doubt that anyone would describe the Orioles off season as “active” or “aggressive,” but they did make one move that has me very intrigued – the signing of Everth Cabrera. I am very curious to see what Cabrera’s role will be over the course of the season. I believe he will certainly have a role but at this point I can’t say with any level of certainty what the extent of that role will be. Many O’s fans would like to see Cabrera win the starting 2nd base […]

Schoop Should be the Starting 2B

orioles player schoop up to bat after hitting baseball
I remember a few weeks ago it was a given that Jonathan Schoop was going to be the Orioles everyday 2nd baseman. Then the Orioles went out and signed Everth Cabrera. Fans speculated that he was brought in to compete with Schoop for the starting 2nd base job. I am not completely sold on that idea. Don’t get me wrong – I like the Cabrera signing, just not at the expense of Jonathan Schoop. I believe Cabrera was brought in as a much needed middle infield insurance policy and a […]

Machado’s Injuries Put Orioles in a Bind

manny machado injured laying on ground holding knee
In August of 2012 when Buck Showalter needed to fill a defensive void at 3rd base he made a call to Bowie and summoned his barely 20-year-old shortstop Manny Machado. Machado stepped in and played a gold glove caliber 3rd base despite having only played two games at the position prior to being added to the major league roster. At the plate, he put up a stat line that if projected out over 162 games would have put him in the same category as the top offensive shortstops in the […]

In Appreciation of Andy MacPhail

andy macphail speaking into microphone
Coming into the 2014 season the AL East was projected to be one of the more competitive divisions in baseball. Surprisingly (to most), it was the Baltimore Orioles who came out on top and did so decisively, finishing 12 games ahead of the 2nd place Yankees. How did a team like the Orioles that was just a few years removed from 15 straight losing seasons improve to a point that they could dominate a division like the AL East? In my opinion the person who deserves the most credit is Andy […]

Will the Real Chris Davis Please Stand Up?

Chris Davis smirks while in extended Spring Training for the Baltimore Orioles.
Who is the real Chris Davis? That will be the multi-million dollar question that will need to be answered – at the latest – sometime next winter when he enters free agency. Is he the guy who in 673 at bats hit .286 with 53 HR and 138 RBI and finished 3rd in MVP votes in 2013? He could be. Or, is he the guy who in 525 at bats finished with a stat line of .196/26/72 in 2014? He could be. Is the 2013 version of Chris Davis really […]
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