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Anti-bunt advocate; Pro-bat flip; Just a kid from Maryland with an affinity for data, fine tequila and web gems. Baseball is the purest sport on the planet prove me wrong. “If you play for one run, that’s all you’ll get.”

Will Crackdown Put Means in a Sticky Situation?

John Means pitches.
Major League Baseball’s newest memo outlines a 10-game (with pay) suspension policy for any players caught using foreign substances or grip enhancement. The policy is in response to the growing concern around the league surrounding the use of different substances by pitchers to obtain a better grip on the baseball, resulting in better overall pitching performances and an even deeper disadvantage for hitters. The virtually toothless measure is likely just the first step in MLB taking a stand against pitchers using substances. In the league’s rightful push to create more […]

Perspective Matters in Birdland

sunset view of oriole park at camden yards
The perspective from which we view a situation can directly impact our assessment of it. In baseball, our opinions on gameplay could be influenced just by where were sitting.  Bang-bang plays, sweep tags, and the like; that blatantly missed third strike from the first base side could appear juuust-a-bit outside from behind home plate. Depending on the seat, things can look different. Orioles fans are pretty spread out these days, even with the recent return to full capacity at the Yard. Some prefer the nose bleeds, others the field level. […]

Forget Opening Day Lineups, Give Me the CLOSING Day Lineup

Cedric Mullins at bat
With Opening Day a week away, there’s no shortage of lineup predictions hitting the internet. No seriously, even Chris Davis couldn’t swing a bat without barreling a mock lineup around here. Lineup predictions can be fun for sure. But honestly, they’re not really all that interesting. Ceddy or Hays leading off in center? Don’t really care…I’m here for it. Will 2021 ROY Ryan Mountcastle open in left field or at first base? Doesn’t matter…I wanna see it. Right field? Third base? DH? 3/4/5 guys? Any combo is probably gonna get […]

Nicole Sherry’s Infield a Talent Draw for O’s

Oriole Park at Camden Yards infield
Oriole Park at Camden Yards holds a reputation throughout the league as a favorite for MLB hitters. It’s a reputation with statistical backing. Since 1992 the stadium at 333 W Camden St has also carved out a favorable reputation with fans, both home and away. The stadium repeatedly dominates in fan surveys and social media polls as one of baseball’s premier spots to catch a game. But last Saturday, new Orioles infielder Freddy Galvis shone light on another jewel in the crown at Camden. Aa a guest on MLB network […]

Counterpoint: Maikel Franco – Here’s Why

Maikel Franco finishes his swing
This morning at ESR, Danny Majerowicz wrote a terrific breakdown of the potential downside for the Orioles when it comes to signing Maikel Franco. The thoughtful and researched conclusion that a defensive downgrade at third base could have potential negative effects on the development of Baltimore’s young pitching staff is one I agree with. I only hope to offer a quick alternative perspective, if for nothing but the sake of optimism. While Danny recognizes the potential offensive upgrades Franco holds over Rio Ruiz, I believe he dismisses them too easily. […]

Do Spring Training Stats Matter?

It’s the same every spring…your favorite player’s success, mediocrity or outright failures are quickly draped in a caveat heard by each MLB fan every single year: “It’s only spring training.” Whether being weaponized by rivals or stockpiled for self-comfort, this swiss-army phrase comes in handy to most of us at one point or another. But the answer to the question of whether spring stats matter, like so many other things in baseball, is extremely contextual. Every player’s approach to the game is his own. Sure, things follow a general pattern […]

What Could Anthony Santander Fetch in a Trade?

Anthony Santander swings.
Pitchforks down everyone. I’m not openly advocating for Baltimore to trade away the fans’ favorite right fielder since Nick Markakis. I’m a huge Santander guy; I really hope the guy stays here for the rest of his career and wins a ring for every finger along the way. That being said, I’ve seen enough of the Mike Elias playbook to understand that a trade isn’t off the table. If the right team in the right situation presents the club with the right return, I fully trust Elias to do the […]

Matt Harvey Unimpressive in Debut

Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey took the mound for the Orioles Friday for the first time since signing a minor league contract with the club back in February. It did not go well. The 31-year-old right-hander allowed three runs on four hits, walked none and struck out none in two innings of work, tossing 31 total pitches between the two frames, earning himself a 13.50 ERA. Harvey’s standard box score line isn’t great, but the deeper metrics (the fuller story) are worse still. Leaning primarily on his 4-seamer (19/31) Harvey was hit hard, […]

Clock’s Tickin’

Yusniel Diaz finishes his swing.
With the rebuild underway, Baltimore fans have mostly settled in and begun to “trust the process.” They know that patience is going to be a theme in the coming seasons, as nobody is going to PowerPlay Sports Betting to lay any money on the O’s to win it all any time soon. However, there are a few clocks in Birdland ticking louder than the rest. DJ Stewart The signs of life for former first-rounder DJ Stewart can best be described as, “conflicting.” Stewart posted a 124 wRC+ in 2020. His […]
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