About Carne Cabeza

Carne Cabeza

Carne Cabeza is the fat, shirtless, shameless, guy in the cape and tights you see at Ravens & Orioles games! He has been seen on many local and out of town radio shows and podcasts. Carne was featured on Fox 45's Cover Story and was seen on ESPN's Around the Horn. Once a high school newspaper editor and aspiring computer programmer, he is now relegated to managing an embroidery shop in Rockville, MD. Follow Carne on Twitter @LuchadOrioles or at www.facebook.com/CarneCabeza. You can also visit his website at CarneCabeza.com

#IChallengeAJ with the Best Food Item OPACY Has to Offer

In honor of the Orioles’ #IChallengeAJ contest, I have a confession to make: I have been sandbagging you guys this whole time. About three years ago, the same year Oriole Park at Camden Yards announced the now-defunct Gino’s, they also added some menu items to what was, at the time, The Jack Daniels Grill. Nestled just inside gate A on the field side of Eutaw Street, stand, which is now called the Eutaw Street Grill, still sits. The map on the Orioles.com website lists it near the flag court, but […]

Carne’s Camden Kitchen Reviews: TAKO Asian Bistro

The sign for TAKO Asian Bistro at Camden Yards.
Clearly, I am a big fan of tacos, and I am not just saying that because I am fat. Tacos are easily the best food you can fit in your hand. Meat, cheese, veggies, beans, or anything else you can throw in a tortilla and eat with your hands is A+ in my book. Ole’ Mole’ is not the only place at Camden Yards where you are free to put down your fork and knife and pick up a soft tortilla and enjoy a meal. [Related: Carne’s Camden Kitchen Reviews […]

Carne’s Camden Kitchen Reviews: The Crab Chipper

two men flexing arms one wearing cape and mask
Listen, I will be the first to admit that food and baseball go hand-in-hand.  Every game, during the 7th inning stretch we sing our love affair (some better than others) with ballpark food.  Peanuts and Crackerjacks, along with hot dogs, chicken tenders and nachos are almost guaranteed to be on the menu at every single ballpark. Sure, you know exactly what you’re going to get when you order chicken tenders and fries.  It’s almost the same everywhere, as if ballparks grow them on trees; you know how even the best […]

O’pening Day at the Yard with Carne Cabeza

Carne Cabez and fans on Opening Day.
Opening Day seems like a distant memory now, but it was the kickoff to the great start of the O’s season! I started the day off at Pickles and Silders, but unfortunately I went downhill from there with a horrible stomach bug. Thank goodness the O’s didn’t follow suit. After delays, then rain and more delays, the Orioles ended the day with a W to kick off the season. The boys were on a winning streak…which was awesome while it lasted! We are still off to a great start and […]

Carne’s Camden Kitchen Reviews: Ole’ Mole’

man with mask on flexing arms at concession stand
The Orioles have rolled out several new eatery options at Camden Yards for the 2015 and as Baltimore’s resident fat person, I feel compelled to try all the new offerings at the park and share my opinions.  Along with my cohort, Jess Goughnour, we shall be sampling all the best that Camden Yards offers throughout the season. This week I got my first taste of the new taco stand, located in the concourse area on the first base side, Olé Molé (a pretty straightforward wordplay on “Holy Moly”). As the […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: JOIN OPERATION HAGY!!

picture of guy with arms out wearing orioles straw hat
Bill Hagy was the undoubtedly THE best fan of any sports team that Baltimore has EVER seen.  He was an inspiration to many people in and around Baltimore, me included.  The energy and enthusiasm he brought to Oriole games was second to none! On one of my recent trips around the internet, I stumbled upon a post on the Orioles subdirectory of www.reddit.com.  Someone was trying to bring back that enthusiasm to OPACY.  Someone was trying to organize the fans to “take back the yard.”  His name is Sean, and […]

O’s Broadcaster Spotlight: “Drunk Gary Thorne”

Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer in the O's booth, Gary wearing a mother's day giveaway hat.
I was extremely excited and honored when Mr. Drunk Gary Thorne replied to my direct message.  I don’t think it would be presumptuous to assume that each one of us has dreamed that THE Mr. Drunk Gary Thorne would one day acknowledge their existence.  Well, my dreams came true and then some!  This is what he had to say: What’s your name and where are you from?  I’m Drunk Gary Thorne! The idea of me was conceived in Baltimore after Gary Thorne spent a whole inning discussing philosophy with Jim […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: O’s Sunglasses Guy

screen shot of fans in stands during orioles yankees game
We’ve all seen him before, whether you have realized it or not.  He is the guy that sits right behind the Orioles dugout and can be seen on TV everytime a left-handed batter steps up to the plate.  I found out he was on twitter, messeged him and set up an interview.  This is how it went down: (Note, I would like to apologize to Jonathan for getting this post up so late.  I had to cut some of his answers that were time sensitive.  I hope he understands, and […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: Capt O

orioles fans standing next to another guy with arm around him
I heard about Capt O before I actually got the chance to meet him. I had heard rumors of what appeared to be a Trojan in Orioles attire.  When I finally got to meet the man, it was an overwhelming experience.  Here is what he had to say: First, what is your real name, age and what neighborhood are you from: Clint Griggs, 39 , Hampstead, Md Tell me a little about yourself (like 100 words or so): I basically work anywhere that will pay me. I work on electronics […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: MachO Man

guy in orioles stands wearing orange macho costume and sunglasses
First, what is your real name, age and what neighborhood are you from: Will Sinnott, age 35. Born & raised in Westminster, I’ve lived in Hampden since 2009. Does your fan “character” have a name? MachO Man. Tell me a little about yourself (like 100 words or so): A lifelong Orioles fan, comic book geek, & wrestling fan. A graphic designer by trade. Using my Orioles fanaticism, I’ve converted my wife into a baseball fan. We are trying to see a game in every MLB ballpark; so far we’ve visited […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: Orioles Spastics

orioles spastics logo
I have been following the Section 336 guys (interviewed here) since I had the pleasure of interviewing them for Eutaw Street Report.  In one of their recent episodes, I noticed that another Orioles podcast had started beef with them, even going so far as to record an entire parody podcast.  That other podcast is none other than the Orioles Spastics, an Arrested Development-themed Orioles podcast.  I was able to contact them and they were gracious enough to delve into the beef and further expand on what they are all about: […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: Section 336

three guys sitting around for section 336 talking into microphones
I have talked to the people at Baltimorons.  I have talked to the people at Birds Eye View.  These are BOTH stellar Orioles podcasts.  I was missing something, however.  I have NOT talked to the people who claim to have Baltimore’s BEST podcast… well that is until now!  I took the time to listen to a couple episodes of Section 336, self-described as Baltimore’s BEST podcast, and decided I would like to hear it from their mouths (or keyboards… whatever).  Here is what they had to say: Describe your podcast […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: Bird’s Eye View

two guys kneeling down by street sign that says i heart orange
A couple of weeks ago, I featured the crazy people over at the Baltimorons Podcast.  After a great conversation with those guys, I decided I needed to talk to another GREAT Baltimore Orioles podcast, the Birds Eye View. These guys are a shining example of what it means to be an Orioles fan, nowadays: skeptically optimistic.  I found them, dropped them a line, and here are their responses. Does your fan “character” have a name? JAKE: We don’t really have characters, per se, but we tend to fall into set […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: The Baltimorons

two guys leaning up against railing for picture at orioles game
In this version of Orioles Fan Spotlight, I am going to switch gears and spotlight fans that you might not normally find in your trip to Camden Yards. Some background: I have recently become obsessed with podcasts.  An hour+ commute from Baltimore to Montgomery County and back leaves a crap-ton of time to listen to the world of online and streaming content.  In my resent searches for an Orioles related podcast, I stumbled upon the Baltimorons podcast. Sam Dingman and Alan Smith are two Orioles fans who currently reside in […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: The Orange Man

two people dressed in orange and yellow body suits holding up sign
In this edition of Orioles Fan Spotlight, we focus on a 24-year-old warehouse worker named “Petey” Luckenbaugh from York County, Pa. You may recognize Petey as the man who dons a bright orange full body suit at Orioles games.  He is often seen with a partner in section 82, getting the crowd pumped up for some Orioles action. I ran into Petey at Opening Day and asked him some questions: First, what is your real name, age and what neighborhood are you from: My real name is Ronnie Luckenbaugh., but […]

O’s Fan Spotlight: Jordan Collins

oriole fan with orange suit and face mask posing in front of concrete barrier
EutawStreetReport.com will be showcasing our craziest, most spirited fans sighted attending home games throughout the season. Name: Jordan Collins Age: 23 Occupation: Student Hometown: Perry Hall You may have seen Jordan towards the end of the season last year and in the playoffs.  You’ll immediately recognize him as the fan wearing the “Dumb and Dumber” outfit, complete with a Carne Cabeza standard issue mask.  I had the pleasure of interviewing him, and here’s what he had to say: Does your fan “character” have a name? It’s a toss-up right now […]
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