About Andrew Syropoulos

Andrew Syropoulos

Andrew Syropoulos is a native Baltimorean and graduated from the Baltimore School for the Arts early in the millennium. He then received his BFA in Theater from Marietta College in Ohio before returning home. The Orioles are his first sports love and Camden Yards is his summer home, which he loves to show off giving his own impromptu tours of OPACY to people who have never been. He has had season tickets for four years in Section 84. If he’s not there for a game, he’s listening on the radio or watching MASN with his 2 year-old shepherd-lab mix, Wieters. You can follow on Twitter @Andropoulos7.

Opening Day: It All Starts Now

camden yards front entrance from view on other side of rod iron fence
I never received the email to get my Opening Day tickets. It was six days before Opening Day (last Tuesday for those keeping count) and I was still patiently awaiting my invitation to my favorite party of the year. “They should have sent that out by now,” my mom said. “I know, I’ve checked my email and spam folder and everything and I’ve got nothing,” I replied. “Maybe I’ll give it one more day.” I knew Bird – that’s my mom, Robin – wanted to go. No one loves Opening […]

First Week Musings – What’s with the Pitching?

orioles pitcher bud norris about to throw pitch
We’re all running for cover: the starting pitching rotation has pitched well enough to get only two wins through seven games and the once reliable bullpen has failed to shut down the opposing bats when they are needed the most. Wait! Step back from that ledge! Our bats are active! I’m glad! (The grass is greener, huh? Try this side. Now this side.) Mixed metaphors aside, it doesn’t matter that the Orioles are 1st in home runs so far when the 2014 studs in the ‘pen give up at least […]

O’s, Oriole Park, Snubbed Again for All-Star Game

man speaking at podium in front of empty stadium
“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Eternal words cried out by posthumous Academy Award winner Peter Finch in 1976’s hit Network. It sums up how most Orioles fans are feeling these days, watching inferior teams and ball parks rake in the accolades of the latest MLB All Star Game city announcements. If that sounds harsh, it is. Numbers don’t lie though and despite better numbers in attendance and wins and overall ballpark experience, Oriole Park at Camden Yards has been looked over for […]

Sports Cartoons Return: Ricig to PressBox

black and white photo of man sitting next to dummy in stands
If the local newspaper seems less animated than in the past few months, you are not mistaken. A one panel sports cartoon on the second page of the Sunday Baltimore Sun Sports section that had been there for more than 20 years was another casualty in budget woes affecting nearly every newspaper publication across the country, thanks mostly to the internet explosion of the last decade. Yet in the years before that there was a cartoon Oriole bird on the front of our Baltimore newspaper. About an inch tall, a […]

Here’s to Another Dominant Season from “Great Britton”

pitcher for orioles on mound before throwing pitch
It wasn’t supposed to be like this. When the Orioles drafted Zach Britton in the 3rd round of the 2006 MLB draft, he was going to be a part of growing farm system in which the left hander would be groomed to be a starting pitcher. He would bide his time and train and pay his dues in the minor leagues before getting an opportunity to move to the Majors and prove himself. Ultimately, he had limited success in that role, and was transferred to the bullpen. That’s typically the […]

Unoccupied Outfield

three men standing around baseball field with bats
I think we’re all pretty much over the initial shock of Nick Markakis going to the Atlanta Braves. He was one of our favorites, a good hitter and a marvelous defender. Markakis only had two errors in his last four seasons. I know one of those was abbreviated but I’ll just let you think about that. He has two Gold Gloves because of it and I would argue that he should have picked up another in 2013. Now that pillar is gone and Dan Duquette has already started to move […]

As FanFest Approaches, Birdland is Stirring

orioles fan wearing jersey holding sign in stands
Even with a fresh coating of snow on the field at Camden Yards this week, the smell and feeling of Orioles baseball is in the air. Tens of thousands will attend FanFest 2015 this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center, there has “finally” been a trade to quiet those fans thinking the front office wasn’t doing enough, and two dozen of our guys in orange have been in Sarasota, FL at camp shaking off the winter rust. Fans are doing the same. Official Spring Training is 22 days away and […]
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