About Adam Mann

I'm a passionate O's fan that's bounced around the world most of my life. While I haven't spent much time in the state of Maryland, that's still where I call home when anyone asks. I'm married with three wonderful kids and transitioned from a traditional day job with the military to a full-time freelancing lifestyle in 2021! I currently reside in Clarksville, Tennessee, but plan to move again in the future. Exploring, writing, and watching the O's is what I'm all about! Follow me on Twitter @Bmoresportsmann for all my EutawStreetReport stories!

O’s Ready to Surprise in 2021

I’m a bit of a self-described homer when it comes to my sports teams. Every football season I believe the Ravens will win a Super Bowl – and you’re not going to convince me there’s a better front office out there. And that’s what’s made it hard for me over the past couple of seasons as an Orioles fan. I’m out here practically begging for a reason for short-term optimism, and over the last few seasons, I haven’t been able to find it. That’s what makes this Spring a little […]

Let’s Not Expect Too Much Too Soon from Trey Mancini

Expectation management has become a bit of a buzzword surrounding the O’s these days. No one expects the O’s to win more games than they lose this year. I don’t think anyone even expects them to squeak their way into fourth place in the division. In fact, if you’re planning on watching the games for the wins alone – it’s going to be a long season. So instead, we focus on the game within the game, and individual player performance is chief among them. Maybe this is the year DJ […]
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