About 1057caller


The voice of Baltimore's most popular local sports radio station's callers. 105.7 Caller is Eutaw Street Report's version of PFT Commenter.

105.7 Caller: Last Place, Here We Come!

close up of baltimore orioles Matt Wieters scowling
This is meant to be satire. To poke fun at the funny folks who call into local sports talk shows. I’ll put this in bold letters, but it still won’t get through to some of you. Oh well. Go ahead and leave comments about how wrong this is anyway. The Orioles lost again today…no, wait, I’m sorry they TIED. Are ties even allowed in baseball? No, they’re not, but somehow the Orioles have managed to TIE twice this spring. You know what is allowed in baseball? WINNING. Someone should tell […]

105.7 Caller: Greedy Athletes Are Too Greedy

Chris Davis looks swings and hits a pitch, but he has dollar signs and dollar bills on his jersey on top of the various Orioles logos.
Now that the Ravens are officially eliminated from playoff contention, 105.7 Caller has some thoughts on the baseball team. Don’t take any of this seriously, kids. If you aren’t blaming Chris Davis for not coming back to Baltimore, you aren’t paying attention. Baseball players these days make way more money than they should. They’re doing something that they have been dreaming about their whole life, so why should they be making more than me? It’s absurd and I can understand why a lawyer who argues about ceiling chemicals for a […]
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