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Age-27 Rule is a Baseball Myth

Chris Davis trots around the bases.
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For a long time, it was said that baseball players reach their prime at the age of 27. It has, of course, been debunked as a myth – there is no rule that can ever state when an individual athlete reaches his or her peak age in sports. Besides, there is the new peak age for athletes in every generation, considering the ever newer and more efficient training techniques and nutrition regimens becoming increasingly widespread. This might be the reason why the peak performance of athletes in various sports has shifted toward an older age.

In baseball, there is something called the “Age-27” rule, stating that “a hitter tends to break out in his age-27 season.” This myth was largely based on an essay by baseball analyst and statistician Bill James, where he concluded that baseball players tend to offer their teams their peak performance around the age of 27. He recommended that, if a peak period has to be assigned to players, it should be the one between the ages of 25 and 29. Ultimately, James himself abandoned his method of assessing the performance of players this way, realizing that his methods failed to take into account players whose performance was deemed below major-league performance who stopped playing.

Author J. C. Bradbury, author of “The Baseball Economist: The Real Game Exposed”, has found another method of analyzing the performance of baseball hitters and pitchers, one that seems closer to reality, taking into account many factors James seemed to overlook in his essay. His results put the peak performance for both hitters and pitchers around the age of 29 – on average, that is. When it comes to specific tasks, like hitting, pitching, walking, and such, the ages of peak performance differ. “Hitters peak in batting and slugging average at 28 while continuing to improve in their home-run hitting and walking abilities until 30 and 32, respectively,” he wrote. “Pitcher strikeout ability peaks around 24, while walk prevention peaks nine years later. Again, veteran know-how appears to be playing a role in improving performance to compensate for diminishing physical skills.”

Even the averages Bradbury found seem not to apply to some of the players still active today. Bartolo Colón, a pitcher for the Texas Rangers (MLB), is still very much active at the age of 45, well after his statistical prime. Koji Uehara, who made his MLB debut with the Orioles in 2009, is still active at the Tokyo-based professional baseball team Yomiuri Giants at the age of 43. And Ichiro Suzuki, another Japanese professional outfielder who made his MLB debut in 2001, has just signed a one-year contract with the Seattle Mariners this March – at the age of 44.

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