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A Scouting Update from Extended Spring Training

photo: Eric Garfield
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Yasmil Bucce: Pop-up skills not elite but the arm is. Sitting close to the field, you can hear the torque he generates with throws. Just whips throws through the zone & nails runners by feet. Throws to the correct side of the bag, presenting infielders with opportunities to make plays. Seems very fundamental with throwing game.

At the plate will take a walk. Short, direct upward stroke to the ball usually makes contact pull-side heavy. Able to find hole between fielders despite this tendency.

Braylin Tavera: First step in the OF is not only correct often but powered by good burst in the direction of the ball’s path. Just as quick on the bases as he is in the power alleys. Everything he does is athletic, from backtracking on fly balls to transferring the ball from glove to hand on the move.

Range in every direction is advanced enough to be trusted in center. These skills appear natural.

Demonstrates a great deal of patience at the plate. Has kept rallies going with walks and clutch hits from both leadoff and middle of the order spots. Has power enough to hit it over the fence through stiff winds.

photo: Eric Garfield

Aron Estrada: Confident hands and wrist hitter with accompanying elite level hand eye coordination. The kind of hitter who can time out any type of pitch and barrel it for a hit. Line drive, uppercut, extending for a high fastball away are all ways he’s been able to get hits. He has the quick bat to drive some of this contact to the wall and use his speed which appears top tier. Can steal even without a good jump as he gets into gear very quickly.

In the field seems to be entrenched as a 2B where he uses his hands to make plays while going in every direction. Very quick & athletic package of skills.

Zack Showalter: Getting strikeouts in good numbers & on a variety of sequences portend solid early development. Not a large innings load as of now but pitch counts are low due to efficiency.

Both handed hitters struggle failure against him so he’s not showing a tendency to locate or spin in any particular direction. He’s just beating bats at the complex level.

Confident mentally showing an ability to gather and reset through the small bits of adversity. Works quickly, trusts his defense & has the support of the entire roster in Sarasota, all positive signs moving forward.

Christian Benavides: The fluid corner with a good arm looks to have a bit of run producer in his profile too. Comfortable around the bag & in the hole more than coming in, there’s a lot of arm when he winds up to let it go.

Swing decisions are a work in progress but hard to blame him for aggressive cuts, he’s strong enough to hit it to and over the wall. His 1st HR on Tuesday vs TB was smacked 400 ft to center.

Luis De Leon/Jose Ramirez: A pair of left handed pitchers with high k rates for their sample size. DeLeon works with more of a heater based profile & Ramirez spins his way into the strike zone from the perimeter inward. Ramirez has a deliberate pace & works somewhat quickly while DeLeon has been both high energy & slow-paced.

Paired together because the club has featured them as starters. The two have demonstrated endurance getting up and down several times already in very hot conditions & going through lineups more than once.

Edwin Amparo: Speedy middle infielder with a loose bat. His first step has some explosion in it yet his frame suggests more athleticism will come as he fills out. Quick hands on transfers & tags really stand out on film, it’s easy to see why the scouting community has positive reviews. Seems content with walking & at the plate is more relaxed than patient showing a desire to get to first any way possible. Table-setter mentality at this point.

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