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2022 Major League Baseball World Series Today: The Contenders

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Image Source: Unsplash

How quickly time flies: the 2022 MLB season has been underway for a couple of months. The dust has settled on Opening Day and early-season anxieties, and gamblers now have a very clear sense of where each team sits in terms of the MLB odds.

As the challengers and wannabes start to take root, we’ve seen some shocks — equally pleasant and unpleasant — as teams approach the 60-game mark of the campaign.

The Yankees appear to be in great shape and more challenging than they have in years, whereas the LA Dodgers and NY Mets are considered the League’s best teams. Although there is still time, creating an early hole like the Boston Red Sox have done could signal the death of their postseason hopes.

Below are the current 2022 world series MLB odds:

Teams                    Opening odd     Current odd

LA Dodgers          +550                         +380

NY Yankees          +1,000                     +500

NY Mets                  +2,000                     +750

Houston                +700                         +750

Toronto                  +1,800                     +1,000

Milwaukee           +1,600                     +1200

San Diego             +1,600                     +1,500

Atlanta                   +900                         +1,700

Chi. White Sox   +1,200                     +2,000

Tampa Bay          +1,400                     +2,500

St. Louis                 +2,500                     +3,000

LA Angels              +5,000                     +3,500

San Francisco +1,600                        +3,500

Philadelphia       +3,000                     +4,000

Boston                 +1,600                    +4,000

Minnesota            +8,000                     +4,000

Seattle                    +5,000                     +7,5000

Cleveland             +5,000                     +10,000

Miami                      +8,000                     +15,000

Texas                       +15,000                  +15,000

Chi. Cubs               +8,000                     +30,000

Arizona                   +20,000                  +30,000

Pittsburgh            +12,500                  +75,000

Detroit                    +8,000                     +75,000

Baltimore             +20,000                  +100,000

Oakland                 +4,000                     +100,000

Colorado               +8,000                     +100,000

Kansas City          +8,000                     +150,000

Cincinnati             +4,000                     +150,000

Washington         +6,000                     +150,000


Los Angeles Dodgers

It should go without saying that the LA Dodgers have been positioned as the obvious frontrunner to win the trophy at +380. They have just lost once in the last six years, are fresh off a 106-win season, and also have signed one of the best players in the game (Freddie Freeman) to a very powerful lineup.

Oddsmakers predict that the Dodgers will win the World Series in 2022 around 16.7% of the time.

They have been the only club with single-digit numbers heading into the season, although they have lots of good competition at the top, with five teams ranked between +500 and +1500. 

New York Mets

The Mets have a huge lead in the NL East, having begun the season with the second-best performance on the Senior Circuit. The team’s offense is playing exceptionally, and the squad as a whole is one to look out for, even without Jacob DeGrom. It’s unimaginable what could happen when he returns, or the Mets adopt a six-man rotation.

New York Yankees

The Yankees have found their stride and appear to be a formidable force after dominating 11 consecutive games. They have the best record in the league and one of the most formidable pitching staff in the campaign. Pinstripe fans certainly hope they can continue making strides.

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