Section 336 Episode 198: Two More Years

Manny Machado and Buck Showalter

Today on the Show we are joined by Eric (@BarstoolRDT) from Barstool Sports to talk about all things Orioles, Ravens, and Terps.

Leading Off

We’re just two weeks from Episode 200. Starting next week, we’ll be recording on Mondays, so adjust your calendars accordingly!

Matt has to pick a name for his son. It’s fun…for now. However, it could get ugly really fast. Josh & Bert – who have both named three children – give him some advice.


O’s Talk

It turns out that Jose Bautista is headed back to Toronto, and all is right with the world. Back when the O’s were rumored to have been sniffing around him, how did you feel about it? Could you have ever rooted for that guy?

Chris Davis signed exactly a year ago. Do you still like the deal?

Are O’s fans just two years from hibernation?


One Call Away

Today we are joined by Eric from Barstool (@BarstoolRDT). Eric is a Titans fan, so he hated on Ray Lewis. Matt gives him the business for it.

He’s been on with Jerry Coleman on 105.7 lately. How did that come about?

How ’bout them Terps??

Eric also chimes in on Jose Bautista.


3 Up 3 Down

Don’t forget to check out to help out the show!

Bert – Me Undies is UP, the USPS is DOWN

Josh – Non-sports TV is UP, the Arena Football League is DOWN

Matt – iRobot (the book) is UP, the Apple Store is DOWN


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