Wednesday’s O’s Links: O’s, Woes, & Natty Bo…More Woes

Orioles pitcher Alec Asher puts his head down and hands on his knees as a White Sox player rounds first.

It just keeps getting worse. It was one thing to lose to the red-hot, AL East-leading Yankees, who are running roughshod over everybody. But getting smacked around – badly – by the Chicago White Sox?

The Orioles are embarrassing right now. They’re really, really bad.

How bad?

Well, let’s get to the links…

What if the Orioles are Actually Terrible?

An uplifting little number from Patrick Dougherty of Camden Depot. Graphs, charts, and discussion of run differential that way be.

The Orioles Have Lost their Winning Way. Can they Find it Again?

A *decent* rotation. A great bullpen, front-to-back. Avoiding “bad” players. DEFENSE. These things made the 2014 Orioles great. These things are all missing in 2017.

Bird’s Eye View Episode 205: Taking a Quantum Leap

Jake & Scott sat down two losses ago to try to make sense of things. They peer into a grim future and try to predict this year’s August lineup, should a fire sale occur.

Chris Tillman’s Slow Sink Drowns O’s

The Orioles could always count on the stability of Chris Tillman. He wasn’t the “ace” some tried to make him, but he was OUR ace, damn it, and he’d throw up quality start after quality start. Now, he just throws up. All over the mound. Andrew Stetka has more.

Are Josh Hader & Parker Bridwell the Next Jake Arrieta and Ariel Miranda?

I mean, I don’t think so. But as long as we’re getting dark around here, let’s dive even further into the abyss, huh?


See you guys on Friday. Hopefully the Orioles have won another game by then.

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