Friday’s O’s Links: Offense Not Pulling Their Weight Either

A panoramic shot of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.
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One out of four to the lowly ChiSox? Oof. The Cardinals are struggling as well, and the Birds are a different team at hope, so maybe we can hope for some better results this weekend.

To the links, if you dare.

99% Invisible: In the Same Ballpark

I pretty much only listen to Orioles podcasts. My wife listens to a million non-Orioles podcasts. This week, our worlds collided, as she pointed me to this episode of one of her favorites, 99% Invisible, that discusses the building of OPACY. Some cool tidbits in there that I either never knew or forgot.

O’s Position Players Aren’t Getting the Job Done Either

Yes, the pitching is AWFUL. Horrendous. Nobody is saying otherwise. But what doesn’t get enough attention is that this offense has been average-to-below-average for pretty much an entire season. Camden Depot’s Matt Kremnitzer lays out the ugly.

It’s Time to Make Hyun-Soo Kim the Primary Leadoff Hitter

Know what might help the struggling offense? Putting a guy who can get on base consistently at the top of the order. EARTH TO BUCK: You have that guy, and his name is Hyun-Soo Kim. Stop hating him. It sucks that it took injuries to Seth Smith and Chris Davis to make this happen, but hopefully Kim can seize his time atop the lineup and force Buck to make it a regular thing.

A Prolonged Absence by Davis Hurts the O’s Especially Defensively

It’s easy for O’s fans to poo-poo the loss of Chris Davis, because we’re so tired of watching him stare at strike three down the pipe. However, think of how many times he saves Manny Machado on scoops of errant throws in the dirt. I’m not saying Trey Mancini CAN’T make those plays – he made one the other day – I’m just saying it’s not realistic to expect him to make them as consistently as does Davis. Dan Connolly of Baltimore Baseball says just that in his column this morning.

As Orioles Flail, Fans Worry About Future

Colin Campbell of the Baltimore Sun talked to a bunch of Orioles fans – including me! – about the team’s struggles this season and their uncertain future.


Here’s to a better weekend, Birdland.

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