Monday’s O’s Links: J.J. Hardy Latest Oriole to Head to DL?

J.J. Hardy checks his swing.
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Hey, a series win! If this team could just figure out how to win games on the road, they might be a problem going forward. Even after playing awful for the past month-plus, the Birds are just 4.5 games out of first place in the AL East, and a game back of the second wild card spot. I’m certainly not saying all is well – they’ve given up 5+ runs in 14 consecutive games and 19 of 22 – but things also aren’t as bad as they looked just a few days ago. As Mark Viviano always reminds us, it’s a #LongSeason.

To the links.

The Orioles Rotation is Awful

While *everything* isn’t awful, the rotation most certainly is. Dave Cameron of FanGraphs has the gory details, including this little bit of horror:

Since May 10th, however, when Jeff published his article, the Orioles rotation has posted a 6.70 ERA (29th) and a .401 wOBA allowed (30th). Yes, the average hitter has put up a .325/.395/.552 line against the Orioles starters over their last 30 games. That is like if every batter you faced was Miguel Sano for a month.

Does Dylan Bundy Have a Problem with Left-Handed Hitters?

In the above FanGraphs article, Cameron notes that Dylan Bundy won’t be an ace until he can figure out how to get lefties out more efficiently. But does he really have a problem with lefties? Camden Depot’s Nate DeLong challenges Cameron’s assertion on this point.

Ubaldo Gives O’s a Shot in the Arm

Jimenez against an NL team = success. His last win was against the Reds a month ago, and now this. Just the latest in my ongoing theory “The National League is a joke.” Anyway, Dan Connolly of Baltimore Baseball has thoughts on Ubaldo, the ball flying out of the Yard, and J.J. Hardy looking like he’s about to hit the DL.

Bird’s Eye View Episode 206: Carnac the Magnificent

Jake & Scott threw us a curveball this week by recording on Saturday night, so start your week off with some BEV, featuring the long-awaited (in my house anyway) return of FANTASY BOSS!

Hardy’s Absense Will Create a New Look in O’s Infield

Speaking of Hardy, in his weekly guest column at MASN, our own Andrew Stetka lays out what the infield will likely look like in J.J.’s absence. Count me as being firmly on Team Keep-Manny-at-Third.

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