O’s Getting Little Bang for Their Buck

As the season comes to a disappointing end, I decided to take a look back at the production we got for our buck. Here is a glorious reminder of what we are paying some of our talent in 2017:

Chris Davis                         $21,118,782

Adam Jones                        16,333,333

J.J. Hardy                           14,000,000

Ubaldo Jimenez                13,500,000

Manny Machado               11,500,000

Zach Britton                       11,400,000

Mark Trumbo                    11,000,000

Chris Tillman                     10,050,000

Wade Miley                        8,916,668

Darren O’Day                     7,000,000

Just in case you are scoring at home, these 10 Orioles make up 68.42% of the 2017 Payroll…I’ll wait while you pick your phone or your body back up from the floor. Coming into Wednesday evening’s action, here are some interesting numbers that will help you bury this season into the books as we can’t wait to wake up in Sarasota.



If you are at the top of the money train, you deservedly are going to take – pitches right down the middle…I mean – heat, I mean…you get it… Look, we almost HAD to pay the guy to keep the fan base happy a few years ago after whiffing on any other significant moves that offseason. I think Crush is very underrated defensively, and a great teammate…however this may end up being our Ryan Howard deal.

Crush has racked up over $117,326 per strike out, or a whopping $879,949 for each long ball.



He’s our Cap10, and honestly he’s had a pretty nice season this year. The guy plays the game the way it should be here in Baltimore and is a constant in the community. The # that I think stands out the most with Jonesy are pies. I’m not 100% on this stat, but I think we only had about six pies this season. I saw numerous tweets from O’s faithful in disgust for the organization’s decision to get rid of what kind of became a tradition with this group.

At six pies this season, the cream and crust tallies a little over 2.72 MILLION DOLLARS per pie…SIMPLYunacceptable. Whoever is to blame!



We only saw #2 for 65 games so far this season, and he will most likely give way to Mr. Beckham at shortstop. I’m not sure what A-Rod was making in his prime, but a little over $2.33 Mil per game will pay some bills.



When your ERA (6.57) is higher than your wins (6) for the season, it will lead to a very frustrated fan base. $2.25 Million per WIN. It is not all bad, of course, as we heard throughout most of the year in the post-game interviews that Ubaldo “felt pretty good out there, thought my stuff was there.”

I’m glad he’s a great guy and all, but he just needs to go!



Pay the MAN…



Tough year with injuries and setbacks for Zach. He’s been as valuable as anyone on this team the last couple of years. It will be interesting to see what happens with him moving forward, as the game has placed such an emphasis on late-inning specialists. Even if we look at the $760k per save in 2017, it’s hard not to give him a pass. His record-breaking year last year had him accumulate $143,617 per save…so we owe him.



I wish I was writing the name Nelson Cruz above, and Orioles management must be thinking the same. My belief is the Trumbo signing happened because of the swing and miss with the Boom Stick. $500k per HR, and not even having to play in the field…where do I sign?!?!?!



Ohhhh Tilly, maybe the most disappointing on this list. Overall we have benefited such a great deal from the Tilly/Jonesy trade. It’s obvious he’s not healthy and there is probably plenty here that we will never know as outsiders.

The ERA is 7x the amount of wins…7! Our “ace” was only able to get out there on the bump 18 times, which comes out to $558,333 per start.



As bad as these numbers may turn out, one thing I like about Miley…he owns up to it. I have a feeling we are going to see the soft throwing lefty back in orange and black as well.

Let’s hope he produces a little better than the $1.11 Mil we shelled out per W this year.



Another guy who just wasn’t right from the get go. We got so spoiled with the outer space like maneuvers his sidewinder style produced.

Darren has a pass in my book, let’s hope he gets back into form and is healthy going into 2018.

submitted by Andrew Stoner

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