Davis on Adderall Suspension: “A Moment of Weakness”

player batting at home plate during orioles game
photo: Craig Landefeld

For the first time, Chris Davis has opened up and spoken about his 25-game suspension for using Adderall without a therapeutic use exemption from MLB.

Hat tip to Roch Kubatko for bringing our attention to this interview that Davis did on WRBS-FM:

“I haven’t really talked a lot about it,” Davis said. “I didn’t want to take the focus off what the team was doing, but eventually I knew that I was going to have to address it and I wanted to. I think the fans deserve an explanation. I think they want to know what happened.

“Basically, in a moment of weakness I made a decision that cost me greatly. And it just goes to show that no matter how successful you’ve been in the past, no matter how much stuff you have, no matter how strong you are in your faith, the devil is going to continue to come after you.

“Looking back on it, it was probably the best thing that could have happened at the time, but it was definitely one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to go through. The first few days after the suspension came out, I was really down, I was really depressed because I felt I had let so many people down and had really just scarred my reputation to the point where everything that I had done wasn’t really going to count for anything, and God just kind of reached down and put His arm around me at that time and let me know it’s OK to stumble as long as you continue to get up and move forward and learn from your mistakes.”

The entire interview is here.

Davis has one game remaining on his suspension, but he’ll be able to practice and play with the team throughout Spring Training. Hopefully he rebounds from his disappointing 2014 campaign in 2015. Of course, even if he does, the idiots that hurl “STEROIDS!” accusations at him will be louder than ever, which is just disappointing. Unfortunately, Chris has nobody to blame but himself, and O’s fans will have to fight off trolls all over again.

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