#Staturday: So Many Dingers

Four Baltimore Orioles players celebrate after a grand slam.
Happy Staturday Birdland! October baseball is here and the stats keep coming! In the fifth inning last night, the Orioles exploded with three home runs, reaching 250 dingers on the season – an historic mark: The Orioles are only the fifth team in MLB history to hit 250+ home runs in a single season. They Orioles are the only team in MLB history with two seasons (’96 & ’16) of 250+ home runs. At 250 home runs, the Orioles have the fifth most home runs in a single season in […]

#Staturday: Grand Salami

Manny Machado stands in the batter's box.
Happy Staturday Birdland! It was grand week of baseball and today’s Staturday has a grand slam theme. Let’s get to it! On Tuesday, Manny Machado hit his third grand slam of the season, creating a slue of interesting stats: Manny Machado has three grand slams this season, tied with George Springer for the most in Major League Baseball. It’s not just Manny, the rest of team likes hitting grand slams too: Manny’s slam was the Orioles’ 22nd since 2013, the most in the Majors. Considering his age, hitting three slams […]

#Staturday: Manny Matches Cal

Manny Machado in front of sign at spring training 2015.
Happy Staturday Birdland! This week’s stats are all power-hitting themed, so let’s get to em! Last night, Pedro Alvarez smacked his 20th home run giving the Orioles have six different players with 20+ home runs – the only team in Major League Baseball to do so in 2016. Over the past few years, the Orioles have racked quite a lot of 20+ home run seasons: Since 2012, the Orioles have had 22 season performances of 20+ home runs – the most in the Majors. Manny is having another great season […]

#Staturday: Britton Falls Just Short of Olson’s Record

baltimore orioles player pitching
Happy Staturday Birdland! Let’s get right to this week’s stats! On Wednesday, Zach Britton allowed an earned run, proving Britton is after all human and ending his streak of scoreless appearances: Most consecutive outs recorded by relief pitcher without allowing an earned run, in MLB history: Gregg Olson – 126 Zach Britton 124 Joe Sambito – 122 On Tuesday, our beloved Chris Davis did what he always does: smacked a dinger. Coincidentally, Oakland Athletics outfielder Khris Davis also hit a home run. Turns out, it wasn’t the first time this […]

#Staturday: Three-Baggers & Four-Baggers

Mark Trumbo swings in a spring training game.
Happy Staturday Birdland! Another week of baseball means another week of weird and interesting stats: On Sunday Matt Wieters hit a triple that ended the Orioles’ triple-less game streak. Here’s a look at just how long that streak was: At sixty-seven games, the Orioles set the longest triple-less game streak in Major League history. Triples hit between May 31st and August 13th, 2016: All of Major League Baseball – 353 The Orioles – 0 The Os are starting to do what they do best – crushin’ the long ball: Last […]

Staturday: O’s Have Been MLB’s “Grand-est” Team Since 2013

Chris Davis in the batter's box.
Happy Staturday Birdland! Another week of Orioles’ baseball has passed and as always I have another round of awesome Orioles’ stats. On Thursday, Mark Trumbo smacked a grand slam against the A’s. Turns out, the Orioles have been pretty good at that over the past few years: Most grand slams since 2013: Orioles – 21 Red Sox – 20 Astros – 17 Giants – 16 Last night, Dylan Bundy added to his string of impressive starts: Dylan Bundy over his last 5 starts: 1.84 ERA, 15 H, 6 ER, 5 […]

#Staturday: Zach Britton & Pedro Alvarez Pace Orioles

side profile of orioles player britton holding glove by face before pitch
Happy Staturday Birdland! The Orioles are winning, Zach Britton is still nasty, and all is right in the world. Let’s get to this week’s stats! The Orioles have hit ton of home runs this year (163, to be exact) but have lacked triples: Last night, the Orioles set the MLB record for the longest streak without hitting a triple at fifty-nine games. The Orioles held the previous streak at fifty-eight games, set in 1999.  Zach Britton is setting records left and right. Here are just a few of them: Closer […]

#Staturday: Britton Dominant, Kim Living Up to Reputation

side profile of orioles player britton holding glove by face before pitch
Welcome to the inaugural Staturday! Every Saturday I’ll bring you the coolest and most impressive stats from the past week of Orioles’ baseball. A quick disclaimer before we get into it… When I mention “Orioles’ history” I’m considering the ball club and players since they’ve arrived in Baltimore in 1954. If I say “franchise history” I’m going all the way back to 1901 when they were the Milwaukee Brewers and eventually the St. Louis Browns. Generally records only go back to 1913 but I’ll be sure to let you know […]