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Section 336 Episode 193: Phone Problems

Jonah Heim catches a pop up.
Have you ever been driving home from work and gotten the call that you have been traded to another office? That is kind of what happened to our guest today. We talk to Jonah Heim, the Orioles minor leaguer who was traded this summer for Steve Pearce. We also ask if the Ravens losing to the Patriots changes our opinion about this team, and finally we tell you exactly what the Orioles should do with Zach Britton.   Leading Off Are 336 and the intern growing apart?   Ravens Talk […]

O’s Would Be Wise to Trade Zach Britton

Zach Britton throws in spring training.
Many O’s fans were wondering what the front office was thinking when they traded Jim Johnson to the Oakland Athletics during the 2014 offseason. Johnson had led the Majors in saves in back-to-back seasons, totaling 101 saves in those two years. The main reason for the move was that Johnson was set for a significant raise that the O’s did not want to pay. With no other true closer on the roster, the O’s were taking a gamble on Tommy Hunter to close games. In the early months of 2014, […]

The Orioles Fan’s Holiday Wist List

Two weeks from today, millions of kids around the world will be waking up and racing to the tree to see if Santa brought them the things they want this Christmas. Most of them are asking for new toys to play with. As we get older, we don’t write to Santa – instead, we ask the Baseball Gods for gifts. This holiday season, Oriole fans want some new toys for Buck Showalter and to get rid of some old ones come the 2017 season. It should come as no surprise […]

Another Rule 5 Draft, Another New Oriole (Or Two)

Orioles fans hungry for the team to make a move at the Winter Meetings knew that our time was coming. While division rivals added ace pitchers or re-signed departed stud closers, the Birds were laying in wait, preparing for their moment to shine. The Rule 5 draft. Oh yeah. The event that has given us such fan favorites as Ryan Flaherty, T.J. McFarland, Jason Garcia, and Joey Rickard. So what did Dan Duquette scoop up this year? Let’s have a look. Move over Joey – you’ve got some Rule 5 […]

Section 336 Episode 192 – Pitch Receiving

head shot of kid wearing team baseball jersey
Will the Orioles make a move at the winter meetings? Do the Ravens have a chance against the Patriots? And How is Alex Murphy spending his offseason? Just a few question we ask on this week’s show.   O’s Talk The Red Sox already won the offseason, trading for Chris Sale. Ugh. Meanwhile, the O’s are doing nothing, not even trying to extend Manny Machado. They may, however, be working on extending Chris Tillman.   Alex Murphy What’s Alex been up to since we last talked to him in spring […]

Friday’s O’s Links: Talking O’s & the New CBA

Manny Machado writes in the dirt.
Greetings once again, Birdland. I know it’s been a while since we chatted here. Hopefully everyone’s NFL/NBA/NHL/NCAA or whatever teams are treating them well as we count down the days until the sweet sounds of the bat cracking the ball grace our ears again. MLB hammered out a new CBA recently, so let’s get into that and more as we kick off the first weekend in December and await the winter meetings. How the Orioles are Affected, or Not, by the new CBA Camden Chat’s Mark Brown has a nice […]

Section 336 Episode 191: Feet to Butt

Josh, Matt and Bumble talk about the new CBA agreement, the Orioles, and look ahead at the Ravens schedule.   Leading Off Should we take a trip down to National Harbor for the MLB winter meetings?   New MLB CBA Let’s talk about the new CBA and how it could affect the O’s. Do you have any interest in speculating over players the Orioles MIGHT sign?   Ravens Talk The first quarter is the only time worth watching the games these days. Was the “Safety Dance” clever or cheap? Let’s […]

Section 336 Episode 190: Trey Boom Boom Mancini

Trey Mancini tips his cap to the crowd.
It is Thanksgiving week but we are still focused on talking Orioles. Alan Mills gets the call up we’ve been wanting, should the Orioles trade Zach Britton? and Trey Mancini calls into Section 336.   Leading Off Turkey talk, of course.   O’s Talk Hey, some news! Roger McDowell is the O’s new pitching coach, and Alan Mills is the new bullpen coach. Thoughts? The most important thing, obviously, is another Orioles-Seinfeld connection. Players seem to love Alan Mills, so the guys are all in on this move. Of course, […]

Section 336 Episode 189: Intern’s Interns

Hyun-soo Kim prepares to hit.
Today on the Show the Intern is back, he fills us in on his last few months, the Ravens are back now that they won 2 games in 1 week, and the Orioles are, well never mind, we’ll talk Orioles anyway.   Leading Off Now that the election is over, the Intern is back (with his huge laptop). Where’s he been??   And now, back to sports… The Ravens have been on a little roll, winning two straight to climb atop the AFC North. They have the number one defense […]

Monday’s O’s Links: More Turnover in O’s Pitching Staff Ranks

Buck Showalter talks to pitchers and catchers.
Well, we heard about some signings over the weekend, as Toronto added both Kendrys Morales and a Cuban prospect. Nothing from The Warehouse though. Let’s see what’s up in the blog O’sphere. O’s Director of Pitching Development Rick Peterson Will Not Return Rick Peterson is out as O’s Director of Pitching Development. I’ll take this as good news – Rick’s “one size fits all” approach to pitching development has been roundly criticized. As Mark Brown of Camden Chat points out, it’s hard to find any real successes that can be […]

PiR: Will O’s Extend Qualifying Offers to Wieters/Trumbo?

Mark Trumbo prepares to hit.
Reality: With the Cubs and Indians making it to the World Series, the Orioles now have the 5th longest World Series drought. Perception: The Washington Nationals (Montreal Expos) franchise has the longest World Series appearance drought now. They have never been to the Series since their franchise began in 1969. The Seattle Mariners started in 1977 and have never been to the World Series. The Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t been there since 1979 and the Milwaukee Brewers since 1982. The O’s are next on that list, having not made it to […]

Wednesday’s O’s Links: Looking Ahead to 2017

Manny Machado in front of sign at spring training 2015.
Greetings again, Birdland. I know it’s been a while since we’ve spoken here. I finally got over that crushing loss to the Blue Jays in the Wild Card game though, and I’m ready to talk some Orioles again. Of course, it helped that the Cleveland Indians saved us all the indignity of watching those Jays in the World Series (after they saved us having to watch the Red Sox in even the ALCS a round earlier), and for that, we all need to thank them. I’ve been having a blast […]

Section 336 Episode 187 – Death

Today on the show we talk about what the Orioles can learn from the World Series, touch on Halloween, our ups and downs, and somehow…this all leads to death.   Leading Off – Spooky Time The Intern is still out on the campaign trail. Josh had some Halloween problems because he decided to ask kids to be honest and “take one!” from the bowl. The guys also have a long conversation about horror movies.   World Series Talk The Indians proved that the best team doesn’t always get to (or […]

Section 336 Episode 186 – Hot Dog Day

Today on the show, we talk World Series, Orioles, Ravens, pop culture and more.   Leading Off Let’s start with some World Series talk. Josh is wearing an Indians jersey. He has a really weird reason to be rooting for Cleveland. Bert says Go Cubs, but is fine with either team winning. Here’s to droughts endings. Maybe ours will some day… Matt’s rooting for the Cubs to not only win, but to do it in Chicago.   Ravens Talk The Ravens lost to…the Jets? SERIOUSLY? Man…maybe we’re worse than we […]

Section 336 Episode 185: RDT + JLC

Today on the show, what should the Orioles be learning from the teams left in the playoffs? The Ravens lose their third in a row, and we will have Eric from Barstool on the line to discuss awards for the Orioles. Leading Off Bert had a football-less Sunday last week. How’d that go? Matt is oddly optimistic about the Ravens’ chances the rest of the way. Bert also give us some World Series trivia.   O’s/Ravens Talk We can’t keep our topics straight, so let’s just throw them all together. […]

PiR: Sizing Up the O’s as the Offseason Approaches

Matt Wieters prepares to swing.
Reality: The AL East had three teams in the playoffs. Perception: Two of those teams, Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles, did not win a single game in the playoffs. The Toronto Blue Jays have won four games so far, but are currently down 2-0 to the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. Going into the postseason, the division had a 60% chance of putting a team in the World Series. I live in the south, where folks have this strange conference loyalty. When their team isn’t in it, they root […]

Section 336 Episode 184 – Clowning Around

After taking some time to come to terms with our grief over the Orioles we are back in section 336 and we are completely at peace with how the Orioles season ended…. Or not…. We talk to Ken McKusick about the Ravens’ decisions to fire Offensive coordinator marc Trestman… and finally, we will discuss McDonalds’ decision to bench Ronald McDonald… should they be giving into the recent hysteria or should more clowns follow their example… I’m looking at you Bozo… all that and more on this edition of Section 336. […]

PiR: All-Or-Nothing Offense Will Only Ever Get So Far

Chris Davis and Manny Machado give a low five after Machado's home run.
Reality: The Baltimore Orioles have won more games than any other American League team since Buck Showalter became the Manager of the team. Buck Showalter is Baltimore's greatest manager since Weaver. Buck Showalter made a horrible boneheaded decision tonight. Both can be true. — Dan J. Glickman (@DanJGlickman) October 5, 2016 Perception: That fact has been lost to many fans. Maybe it was only in the heat of the moment last week, but there were so many Orioles fans tweeting that it was fine to fire Buck in the 24 […]

How Showalter Bucked Up the 2016 Orioles

manager buck showalter out on baseball field by himself
I was originally going to write about how the Orioles should fire Buck Showalter, but although I think that this marriage with the Orioles and GM Dan Duquetteshould end,  it won’t as long as Peter Angelos owns the team. I would love to see the Orioles turn in another direction as Showalter has had three cracks at the playoffs and has failed to advance the Orioles to the World Series, and this year was clearly his worst managing effort of his tenure. However, Angelos will never fire him, so instead […]