Friday’s O’s Links: Bidding War Emerging for Britton?

orioles pitcher with arm back and about to throw ball
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A four-game sweep! Who saw that coming? Not many of us, that’s for darn sure. The buzzsaw that is the Houston Astros come to town now though, so we’ll see how the hot Birds can stack up against a true contender. The bet here is that we’ll all by screaming “SELL!” again by Monday. That’s probably not a bad thing, because…

Bidding War Emerging for Zach Britton

Buster Olney says teams are bidding against each other for Zach. This is good news.

Caleb Joseph has Recovered Nicely

Matt Kremnitzer on Caleb’s bounce-back from his no-RBI season. Unfortunately, I don’t think the O’s can get much in return for Welington Castillo. I’d be fine with a Caleb/Francisco Pena/Chance Sisco backstop situation for the rest of 2017.

Chris Davis Continues to Hit for Power and Not Much Else

Hey, that’s why he’s here, right?

Dylan Bundy on Preparing for a Start

One doesn’t simply show up and start dealin’.

Last Time the Orioles Needed to Rebuild, they Refused to Do So for a Decade

Has Peter Angelos changed his stripes this late in life? We can hope, but O’s fans are damn sure nervous. O’s Uncensored’s L.E. Miller runs through the ugly history of why we have every reason to be.

That’s it for today…root for the O’s this weekend! But kinda don’t?

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One Cheer about “Friday’s O’s Links: Bidding War Emerging for Britton?

  1. avatarForrest Smith on said:

    If my O’s get rid of baseball’s top 3 closers, they are basically shutting it down for the remainder of the year! Yes, Ubaldo and Miley should have been released after the first month. There is so much missing with this team, that it is time for Buck to be cut loose. The O’s hit into so many double plays because he refuses to play small ball. The game requires sacrificing and hit and running. The O’s are run out of so many innings because of grounding into a DP, when a bunt would have removed it and put a baserunner in scoring position!

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