About Steve Caimano

Steve Caimano

Steve is a St. Louis native who relocated to the Baltimore area in 1993. While his heart will always be with his beloved Cardinals, he is an O’s fan and (partial) season ticket holder because...baseball and Camden Yards on a perfect summer night. Steve retired from the US Navy after 23 years and is now working as a government civilian when he’s not thinking about baseball. You can follow him on twitter @CTRSteve.

Felix Pie, Cycles, and Things You’ve Never Seen Before

They say every time you go to a baseball game you’ll see something you’ve never seen before. This is my story about seeing three things I’d never seen before…all in the same night. On August 14th, 2009, I went to Camden Yards, along with several dozen fellow Chief Petty Officers, for a night at the ballpark. A chance to mix and mingle outside the workspace. Most of the people in attendance weren’t baseball fans and, in fact, would spend the game on the concourse socializing and having a few (too […]

O’s Have Started a Below-Average Pitcher in Over Half Their Games

Yovani Gallardo throws for the Orioles.
It’s no secret that the Orioles starting pitching has been bad this year. This morning I started thinking about a way to answer the question “How bad?” I decided one answer to that question is to figure out how many games have been started by a bad pitcher. There are a lot of ways to measure that but I decided to use ERA+. It isn’t the most comprehensive stat but it’s relatively easy to use and understand. ERA+ simply takes a pitcher’s ERA and compares it to the league average […]

So Far, 2015 Looks a lot like 2014, Believe it or Not

orioles team members with catcher and manager on mound
When Orioles fans went to bed on Friday night April 18, 2014, the team’s record stood at 8-7. Coming off the 2013 season (85-77, 3rd place in AL East, no playoffs) the local fans were in wait and see mode. Was the team settling into mediocrity again or would they find the magic of the 2012 season and compete for the playoffs? The first two weeks were full of mixed messages. Opening Day was great. A celebration of baseball and the team’s first playoff season in 15 years followed by […]

Ubaldo Jimenez and Sunk Costs

orioles player on mound after throwing ball
The definition of “sunk cost” is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. Long-term Major League Baseball free agent contracts are the very definition of a “sunk cost.” A team agrees to give (hypothetically) a veteran starting pitcher a four-year, $50 million contract and that money is spent the minute the contract is signed. You might as well set the money on fire on the mound at Camden Yards – it’s gone forever and the worst thing a team can do is let the fact that […]
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