About Joe DiBasilio

Joe DiBasilio

Joe is a lifelong Orioles fan, who grew up in Hamilton, and moved to Harford County where he and his family currently reside. He longs for another sporting experience like game 2 of the 2014 ALDS. A father and husband, Joe pays the bills by being a School Counselor and teaching Psychology classes at CCBC and Towson. He has played sports his entire life, but baseball was his first love, and he still plays in an adult league. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @jdibasilio

Examining the O’s Asinine International Strategy

Roch Kubatko, Dan Duquette, and Jim Hunter at the O's radio show.
I attended my first “Hot Stove” show last night, with special guest Dan Duquette.  The food and drinks were great… but ask me if a single shred of interesting and informative conversation took place? Well if you were listening, you already know the answer. But as I was sitting enjoying a beverage at reduced cost at The Orioles Grille at the Sheraton, I couldn’t help but wonder why the conversation never meandered over to the Orioles and their presence in the international market. I did some research, and I’m beside […]

Manny Machado or Jonathan Schoop?

Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop jog in Spring Training.
The hot stove has been heating up the past couple of weeks with some minor O’s chatter about the likes of Jason Vargas, Tyler Chatwood and Andrew Cashner. Those acquisitions would do very little to help the O’s World Series odds at the best sports betting sites, and are mere peanuts compared to the pending expiring contracts that the Orioles are facing from within; Manny Machado, Zach Britton and Adam Jones are all set to be UFA at the conclusion of the 2018 season, with Jonathan Schoop following just behind […]

In Addition to Pitching, O’s Must Address OBP Woes

"Negative. Target remains. I repeat, target remains." #ID4 #IDR #IndependenceDay2 pic.twitter.com/R97FIO1za5 — Independence Day (@IDResurgence) December 22, 2015 The Orioles’ ongoing goal of finding a high-On Base Percentage corner outfielder continues as we officially enter the 2017-2018 offseason – as they said on Independence Day, “Target Remains.” Want to make the playoffs? Get on base. Seems like a simple enough idea, but it’s one to which the 2017 Baltimore Orioles did not subscribe. Every single member of the 2017 playoffs had a team OBP in the top 12 of Major […]

O’s Primed for a Playoff Run in 2018?

empty baseball field with postseason 2014 written on field
What if I told you… that the 2018 Baltimore Orioles are primed for a playoff run? If you haven’t already clicked off this article in disgust, thanks for staying. After one of the most disappointing seasons of Orioles baseball in my lifetime, and their first losing record since 2011, it may seem a bit facetious to feel confident about a bounce back year in 2018. However, when you delve into the numbers, it all becomes a bit clearer. The 2017 squad had a historically (embarrassingly) bad starting rotation. Buckle up […]
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