Hawaiian Shirt Highlights 2018 Promotional Schedule

O’s fans continue to sit and twiddle our thumbs waiting for the team to toss us any sort of bone to get excited about in 2018, and today the team finally made an announcement!

No, they didn’t sign anybody you’ve ever heard of – or anybody you haven’t, for that matter. They haven’t signed Manny Machado or Jonathan Schoop to extensions. Ditto Dan Duquette or Buck Showalter.

This “news” doesn’t even come from the front office as a matter of fact, but from the Marketing & Promotions department.

Here are your 2018 promotion and giveaway highlights at Oriole Park at Camden Yards:

Sunday April 1 vs. Minnesota: Retro Oriole Bird Bank (fans 14 and under)

Orioles retro bird bank

Sunday May 13 vs. Tampa Bay: Mother’s Day Pashmina Scarf (first 20,000 fans 18 and over)

Monday May 28 vs. Washington: O’s Memorial Day T-Shirt (all fans)

Wednesday May 30 vs. Washington: O’s Cooler Backpack (first 20,000 fans 15 and over)

Tuesday June 12 vs. Boston: Dylan Bundy Bobblehead (first 25,000 fans 15 and over)

Friday June 15 vs. Miami: O’s Floppy Hat (first 20,000 fans 21 and over)

Sunday June 17 vs. Miami: O’s Necktie (first 20,000 fans 18 and over)

Monday June 25 vs. Seattle: Buck “Snow”alter Snow Globe (first 25,000 fans 15 and over)

Saturday June 30 vs. Anaheim: Birdland Hawaiian Shirt (first 35,000 fans 15 and over)

Orioles Hawaiian Shirt

Finally! The O’s first did this giveaway a few years back, and fans who missed out on them have been kicking themselves (ourselves) ever since. You can STILL get them for 150+ on eBay.

Saturday July 14 vs. Texas: Maryland Flag Script Jersey (first 35,000 fans 15 and over)

Orioles black script jersey.

The Birds gave away this jersey in white last year. I grabbed one, and was impressed with the quality – the letters are sewn on, not printed. My one complaint this year (assuming the jersey will be the same quality): last year ALL fans got them. This year, first 35,000. Why not just order those last 8,000 or whatever to ensure everybody gets one?

Apply this complaint of mine to just about every giveaway here, but especially the “first 35,000” ones.

Saturday July 28 vs. Tampa Bay: Trey Mancini Bobblehead (first 25,000 fans 15 and over)

Sunday July 29 vs. Tampa Bay: Orioles Garden Gnome (first 25,000 fans 15 and over)

Saturday September 15 vs. Chicago (AL): O’s Lightweight Hoodie (first 35,000 fans 15 and over)

Friday September 28 vs. Houston: O’s Coaster Set (first 20,000 fans 15 and over)

Orioles coasters

Saturday September 29 vs. Houston: O’s Puffy Vest (first 35,000 fans 15 and over)

Sunday September 30 vs. Houston: O’s Duffle Bag (first 20,000 fans 15 and over)

Last year, the Birds had several great giveaways where ALL fans in attendance received the item. In addition to the script jersey I talked about above, all fans also got the Manny Machado starting lineup figures and the 25th anniversary OPACY replica ballparks. This year, every giveaway on the list – sans t-shirts – are limited to the first 20,000-35,000 fans.

In a year when the team looks, by all indications, to be…let’s say, “challenged,” to fill the park, you’d think making fans coming to the park for these giveaways certain that they will be able to get their hands on them without showing up hours early would be a no-brainer.

Not in Birdland, of course.

Here are other notable dates on the promotional calendar:


Fireworks Dates

Friday May 11

Friday June 1

Friday June 15

Friday June 29

Friday July 13

Friday July 27

Friday August 10

Friday August 24


Kids Run the Bases Dates

Sunday April 1, 22, 29

Sunday May 13

Sunday June 3, 17

Sunday July 1, 15, 29

Sunday August 12, 26

Sunday September 16, 30


T-Shirt Dates (all fans)

Wednesday May 9

Monday May 28

Thursday July 26

Wednesday August 15

Thursday September 13

See the entire calendar here.

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